In April, finally, you can put a warm winter hat in the closet. Now everyone will see your new beautiful hairstyle and / or spectacular coloring! Here are the best days to cut and color this month.

Auspicious days for a haircut in April 2023 according to the lunar calendar

Before you go to your favorite stylist, be sure to check the lunar calendar: the heavenly bodies will accurately indicate the best date for an appointment in a beauty salon. So, according to this source of information, the most favorable days for a haircut in April 2023 are1, 2, 7, 8, 10–12, 14, 17, 19, 21, 22, 24–26, 28and29 of the month.

It is worth noting separately that18 of April is considered a neutral day for haircuts and coloring.

Unfavorable days for a haircut in April 2023 according to the lunar calendar

Some dates are categorically not suitable for hair manipulations - and it's better to know about it in advance. Unfavorable days for a haircut in April 2023:3–6, 9, 13, 15, 16, 20, 23, 27and30 April. You should not plan a visit to the hairdresser for these dates.

Lunar haircut calendar: April-2023

Here is a detailed lunar haircut calendar for April 2023.

Moon phases

New Moon:April 20
Full Moon:April 6
Crescent Moon :April 1-5, April 21-30
Waning Moon: April 7-19

Date, day of the week

Moon day

Moon in the sign of the zodiac

Long comment

April 1, Sat

11th, 12th lunar days

Growing Moon in Leo

Especially auspicious time for cutting hair, even if it's just trimming the ends.It's also a good day for a baby's first haircut.

April 2, Sun.

12th, 13th lunar days

Growing Moon in Virgo

A haircut made on this day will retain its flawless original look longer. The same is true for the staining procedure.

April 3, Mon.

13th, 14th lunar days

Growing Moon in Virgo

The day is favorable for hair coloring. But it’s better not to sign up for a haircut.

Tue April 4th

14th, 15th lunar days

Growing Moon in Virgo

Today is exactly the opposite: not the best day for a haircut, but a good time for coloring, especially in natural shades.

April 5, Wed

15th, 16th lunar days

Growing Moon in Libra

Unfavorable day for cutting, coloring and any other hair manipulations (including shampooing).

Thursday, April 6th

16th, 17th lunar days

Full Moon

Reject all hair treatments if possible.

Fri April 7th

17th, 18th lunar days

Wanning Moon in Scorpio

Good day for a haircut, especially if you have weak, thin, brittle or dry hair.

April 8, Sat

18th, 19th lunar days

Wanning Moon in Scorpio

The day is suitable for a haircut, as well as for any wellness procedures for hair: the use of nourishing oils, serums, balms.

April 9, Sun.

19th lunar day

Wanning Moon in Sagittarius

Please note: cutting hair on this day can lead to unpleasant consequences - from styling difficulties to dandruff. If possible, it is recommended to refrain from even washing your hair.

April 10, Mon.

19th, 20th lunar days

Wanning Moon in Sagittarius

Great day for haircuts, hair coloring and in general any experiments with hairstyles. And a good mood is 100% guaranteed!

Tue, April 11th

20th, 21st lunar days

Wanning Moon in Sagittarius

Any hair treatments will benefit and bring a nice bonus in the form of admiring glances from others. In addition, there is no better time to strengthen hair in the coming month.

April 12, Wed

21st, 22nd lunar days

Wanning Moon in Capricorn

Great day to fight split ends and unruly strands: any haircut will look great. Choose calm, classic, not too pretentious options. And one more important note: after a haircut in the days of Capricorn, you can forget about hair loss.

Thursday April 13th

22nd, 23rd lunar days

Wanning Moon in Capricorn

If you want to keep your new haircut for a long time, reschedule your appointment with the hairdresser for another day. Hair will grow back very quickly and will cause a lot of trouble.

Fri April 14th

23rd, 24th lunar days

Wanning Moon in Aquarius

This day is suitable for a haircut, as well as any experiments with the shape and color of bangs. Perfect results are guaranteed by a revitalizing and firming scalp massage.

April 15, Sat

24th, 25th lunar days

Wanning Moon in Aquarius

The result of a visit to the stylist can be completely unexpected: either the perfect hairstyle or a complete fiasco. So it's better not to risk it.

April 16, Sun.

25th, 26th lunar days

Wanning Moon in Pisces

If the risk is that the hairstyle made on April 16, you will quickly get bored. Better take the time to care.

April 17, Mon.

26th, 27th lunar days

Wanning Moon in Pisces

Schedule for a haircut, coloring or perm on this day will be a good decision.

Tue, April 18th

27th, 28th lunar days

Wanning Moon in Aries

Neutral day for cut and color.

April 19, Wed

28th, 29th lunar days

Wanning Moon in Aries

Today is a great day for unusual haircuts and extravagant styling. Experiments with unusual toning or coloring in any bright color will also be successfully completed.

Thursday, April 20th

29th, 30th, 1st lunar days New Moon

New Moon in Aquarius

An unfavorable day for both cutting and coloring. To freshen up the image, it is better to resort to "safe" methods - for example, try on a new version of the make-up.

Fri, April 21st

1st, 2nd lunar days

Growing Moon in Taurus

Moon in Taurus is a great time for a haircut. The condition of the hair during this period improves, the hair acquires a he althy shine and well-groomed appearance with minimal effort.

April 22, Sat

2nd, 3rd lunar days

Crescent Moon in Gemini

Great time to visit a beauty salon. A new, truly spring haircut will definitely lift your spirits and self-esteem!

April 23, Sun.

3rd, 4th lunar days

Crescent Moon in Gemini

An unimportant day for cutting and coloring hair.

April 24, Mon.

4th, 5th lunar days

Crescent Moon in Gemini

Great time for any hair manipulation - haircuts, coloring, highlighting.

Tue, April 25th

5th, 6th lunar days

Growing Moon in Cancer

Haircuts made on April 25 will keep their shape for a long time. Plan an appointment with a specialist for this day!

April 26, Wed

6th, 7th lunar days

Growing Moon in Cancer

Suffering from split ends? Get a haircut today to forget about the problem for a long time.

Thursday, April 27th

7th, 8th lunar days

Growing Moon in Leo

Planning a haircut for today is not worth it, it will not live up to expectations. But you can safely sign up to the master for coloring!

Fri April 28th

8th, 9th lunar days

Growing Moon in Leo

Successful and effective will be any hair operation, whether it be dyeing, cutting, perm or treatments with the prefix "spa" .

April 29, Sat

9th, 10th lunar days

Growing Moon in Leo

Don't put off a visit to the hairdresser until better times. This day will be one of the most successful for those who signed up for a haircut.

April 30, Sun.

10th, 11th lunar days

Growing Moon in Virgo

On this day it is better to refrain from a full haircut, but you can safely experiment with the color and shape of the bangs.

Beauty horoscope: April 2023 haircuts for all zodiac signs

Should we listen to the opinion of heavenly bodies in such a delicate matter as cutting hair? For those who answer yes to this question, we have compiled a detailed horoscope - with tips for each zodiac sign.

Water signs: Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio

Pisces Bohemian hairstyles seen in movies and on red carpets are definitely a good idea for Pisces in April 2023. Take a closer look at the hairstyles with braids, and to enhance the effect, use care products to enhance the shine of the hair.A great solution would be light highlighting, which will make your look more fresh and youthful.

Cancer This month we do not recommend cardinal haircuts for those born under the sign of Cancer, but any experiments with hair color are welcome. In order for the result to be not only impressive, but also persistent, be sure to add products for colored hair to your daily care. The minimum set is shampoo, balm and mask. It is better if all products are from the same range, for example, Elseve "Color Expert" from L'Oréal Paris.

Scorpio Emphasize the complex nature of Scorpio with a hair color that leaves no room for compromise. One of the options is platinum blonde, which instantly creates a sophisticated and chic look. Home coloring products that guarantee exactly this result are available in the L'Oréal Paris, Matrix and L'Oréal Professionnel lines.

Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Aries Like any other representatives of the fire sign, Aries are unusually self-confident, and besides, they are not afraid of loud statements. Daring ragged bangs, short fuchsia haircut, cosmic coloring - these are just a few sensible suggestions for Aries in April 2023. Leave it to the pros or (as usual!) take matters into your own hands: home color products promise great results when used correctly.

Leo Lions love spectacular gestures, which, however, do not violate their spiritual comfort. We advise you to pay attention to one of the fashionable coloring options in 2023 called babylights. This technique does not radically change the image, but provides the desired wow effect. Don't take your eyes off!

Sagittarius Perhaps, more than anything else, you value freedom - and in the spring you especially strive for freedom. Long walks around the evening city, a weekend in nature, a party with friends for no reason: to keep your hair flawless in these conditions, you need faithful beauty assistants.Look for products that promise long-lasting hold and protection.

Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Taurus Of course, Tauruses are most known for their stubbornness, but who said that this is bad? This season, give preference to a haircut that will emphasize the strength of your personality. These include, for example, a luxurious classic bob.

Virgo Is it far from vacation? Fake it Till you make it! Shatush or balayage coloring imitates natural highlights, like sun-bleached hair: let everyone think that just yesterday you were relaxing on the beach. By the way, such coloring can be done on your own: paints for home use will help.

Capricorn You are ambitious, but at the same time practical, so any highlighting option suits you. Such coloring is unpretentious in care, but at the same time it looks aristocratic and elegant.

Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Gemini You are not at all afraid of change and, as a bright representative of the air sign, you are easy-going. You love to experiment with styles and looks: so that your hair does not suffer from these experiences, add oils and leave-in balms to your basic care. These additional products will help keep your hair in perfect condition.

Libra You love order, balance and order in everything. And you know better than anyone that simplicity and minimalism work better than excess luxury. Therefore, any perfectly even haircut is so suitable for you, which is very easy to bring to perfection. Keep on hand masks and balms that give your hair a well-groomed look.

Aquarius A rebel like you should have a bold haircut that matches your daring character - for example, ultra-short. Add to your arsenal tools that help you style your hair in different ways: gels, mousses, pastes. Who said short hair is monotonous and boring?

Fake it until it's true