What's new in the 2022/23 season?

Which makeup trends are holding back from last year?

The main trend for several years now is to preserve your individuality and choose from fashionable and relevant only what you feel most comfortable in. When it comes to color, make-up artists and beauty brands insist on bright saturated colors on the lips - the impact of the pandemic is taking its toll: we have been wearing masks for too long and can not play enough with red, wine and plum shades.

Zoom meetings are as relevant as they are during the pandemic. The most suitable makeup is neat eyeliner and bright lips.

80s and 90s continue to be fashionable: thin eyebrows, brown shades on the eyes and lips, a clear contour, matte skin. For the eyes, it is most relevant to use pure monotones without complex combinations and shadings.

In the shadows, I recommend giving preference to cool colors: blue, steel, gray, pink, silver and even white.

For contrast, combine them with a well-developed inter-lash line or arrow and carefully colored eyelashes.

What trends have just appeared?

One of the most controversial new trends is bleached brows. This, of course, is not suitable for everyone - only the most desperate fashionists will be ready to try it for themselves. For everyday makeup, you can choose a less radical solution - eyebrow mascara in a slightly lighter shade. Lucky for natural blondes with light eyebrows: this season you can leave everything as it is and not draw new eyebrows for yourself.

" Something like complex coloring for eyebrows is on trend."

Another trend also concerns eyebrows - thin "threads" . Here, too, I ask you to be careful and not chase fashion. I can't count how many stories I've heard about plucked eyebrows when I was young from my clients who asked for wider brows.

What recent trends are gone?

There is a feeling that trends do not replace each other, but only accumulate: new ones appear and the “menu” for daily choice only expands depending on lifestyle, dress code and… time to get ready.

Makeup saturation depends on the dress code and the time to get ready.

Can we talk about any antitrends?

I'm noticing that the changes in trends are not about color or makeup technique, but rather about texture. This is not to say that highlighters have ceased to be fashionable, but they have become completely different.Dry textures with a metallic sheen “that can be seen from space” are replaced by creamy textures with subtle reflective particles and a wet or oily finish. If earlier matte very persistent lipsticks were in fashion, now the priority is the comfort of creamy and caring ones. skin without pores and relief.

It's fashionable to keep your face "alive" , not to spend an hour every morning on makeup and styling - it's more important to get enough sleep, and makeup can be a little sloppy.