A few winter tips for flawless makeup

1 | Should I change the shade of the foundation with the onset of winter? If so, how to make the right choice?

With the onset of winter, the shade of foundation really needs to be changed. There are two main reasons.

  • Your tan is fading or has already vanished.

  • Most of the time in winter you are under artificial lighting - this makes changing the shade understandable and necessary.

The best solution is to choose a foundation a shade lighter than your natural tone.

How to do it right?

Go to a beauty store without makeup on your face. Yes, it is not always possible to do this, because most often we go to stores after work or study. In this case, if you experience difficulties, contact a professional consultant. Remember that the shade should not be tried on the arm or wrist, but on the area between the contour of the face and the neck. Lancôme has a unique tool for determining the texture and shade of foundation called the Shade Finder. In a matter of minutes, he considers the needs of your skin, offers the right texture and determines the right shade.

It is very convenient to demonstrate a palette of shades on the hand, but in order to find the right tone for yourself, you need to test it in the area between the contour of the face and neck.

2 | Do you need changes in your overall facial makeup routine due to the winter season?

Yes! The main transition in makeup concerns the change of foundation. First, pay attention to the texture of the foundation.The winter season with constant temperature changes is very harsh on the skin. Think about it: with the onset of sub-zero temperatures, we wear coats and hide our hands in gloves. Therefore, the face needs to be “wrapped up” in a foundation that is denser in consistency. So it will create a good barrier on the way of bad weather, cold air and snow to your face. There is no need to apply a denser tone all over the face. Do it locally, so that you are comfortable. To prevent the tone from looking like a mask on your face, apply it evenly by choosing a convenient application method: brush, sponge, beauty blender or your own fingertips.

The texture of foundation should remain comfortable no matter the season.

UV radiation will not go anywhere in winter. And what's more, it can increase due to the reflective properties of the snow. That's why foundation should still contain sunscreen.

And of course, pay attention to the composition of the foundation.The skin of the face needs extra care more than ever: due to the frost, its natural protective layer suffers. Therefore, moisturizing becomes another important function of foundation. Deep hydration will provide components such as hyaluronic acid and oils in the composition.

3 | Is bronzing powder appropriate in winter? How to use it to look harmonious?

Sunburn is largely responsible for the effect of a rested face. Probably, you yourself noticed that a drop of a “tanned” tone or a bronzer in a matter of seconds “revives” the face, makes it younger and more attractive. What to do when the use of bronzing powder is no longer appropriate?

Feel free to use powder two or three shades darker than your main one and apply it along the contour of the oval of the face and on the area under the cheekbone, imitating contouring. This will give your face the effect of a light tan, but it will look natural, without exaggeration.

4 | How does lip makeup change with the onset of winter? Is there a preference in terms of lipstick texture?

With the onset of cold weather, absolutely any woman's cosmetic bag lingers on two products: lip balm and lipstick. The purpose of the first is skin care, additional moisturizing, relieving irritation and healing chapped lips. Balm, rather, the need for lips in the winter. And lipstick is the answer to your desire.

Lip balm is one of the must-have items in your winter makeup bag.

Modern lipsticks, meeting the needs of women of the 21st century, are practically not inferior to balms in terms of moisturizing effect and perfectly combine care and lip coloring in a wide variety of shades.

For several years matte lipsticks have been very popular. The matte effect on the lips is often paired with a feeling of lack of moisture. Therefore, the balm may well act as a primer.

So that matte lipstick does not dry out lips, use a lip balm as a primer!

With the onset of winter, lip makeup changes. This applies to lipstick color and, of course, texture. Beauty trends dictate richer color schemes to subtly emphasize some pallor and lack of tan. FW22/23 trends dictate red, wine and coffee shades.

If we talk about the formula of lipstick, we need a thicker and denser texture and saturated - for moisturizing components. For example, L'Absolu Rouge Cream moisturizing creamy lipstick. The lipstick formula protects the skin of the lips, creating a creamy coating and providing up to 18 hours of amazing comfort and a feeling of nourishment. It is also notable for the fact that almost 60% consists of a moisturizing balm with rose extract.

5 | A few winter makeup hacks

  1. I put a little more concealer on the tip and wings of the nose, as well as in the nasolabial folds. I use a denser and more resistant texture that will "keep" the onslaught of bad weather and keep makeup throughout the day.

  2. I use calm shades of blush, such as soft pink or beige-peach. Leave berry and raspberry shades until the next warm season, because red cheeks are already enough in winter!

  3. For eyelashes I use mascara with the maximum effect of volume and curl. Against the background of layering in clothes, the focus of attention can easily shift, and makeup will be lost. Therefore, there should be a lot of eyelashes so that they peek coquettishly from under the veil of woolen or fur scarves and hats. I love waterproof mascara. With it, I can be sure that during the snowfall the mascara will not be on my cheeks.