When going to the hairdresser, pick up photo references: they will help the master understand your idea. Also, study the haircut lunar calendar for March 2023 and highlight the days that are most suitable for your business. Heavenly luminaries do not advise bad!

Auspicious days for a haircut in March 2023 according to the lunar calendar

When exactly to cut hair is not an idle question. And it suggests a very specific answer: the most favorable days for a haircut in March 2023 are2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 16, 19, 21, 22, 23, 25 , 26, 27, 29and31 of the month.Feel free to sign up to the master in these - the most successful - periods.

If you want to get an ultra-short haircut, schedule a visit to a specialist on24or25 March: these are the best days for subsequent rapid hair growth . So you can quickly grow short hair for further beauty experiments!

Unfavorable days for a haircut in March 2023 according to the lunar calendar

When is it better not to cut your hair in the first month of spring? Unfavorable days for a haircut in March 2023 are1, 6, 7, 8, 11, 15, 17, 18, 20, 24, 28and30numbers. Strange as it may seem,8 March is considered the worst and unfortunate day. But it's for the best: International Women's Day can be celebrated in other beauty ways, in addition to a new haircut.

Lunar haircut calendar: March-2023

The haircut lunar calendar for March 2023 is as follows.

Moon phases

New Moon:March 21st at 8:23pm
Full Moon:March 7th at 3:40pm
Wanning Moon:March 1-6 and March 22-31
Wanning Moon: March 8-20

Date, day of the week

Moon day

Moon in the sign of the zodiac

Long comment

March 1, Wed

9th, 10th lunar days

Growing Moon in Cancer

Planning a haircut, coloring or extravagant styling is not worth it: the hairstyle will quickly lose its shape. However, this day is great for any spa treatment for dry and damaged hair.

March 2, Thu

10th, 11th lunar days

Growing Moon in Cancer

Any hair manipulation will be successful, whether it's cutting, styling, dyeing, toning or bleaching.

March 3, Fri.

11th, 12th lunar days

Growing Moon in Cancer, transition to the constellation Leo

Good day for haircuts of any format, but not for perms.

March 4, Sat

12th, 13th lunar days

Growing Moon in Leo

On this day, not only haircuts are good: feel free to use nourishing masks, sign up for a relaxing head massage.

March 5, Sun.

13th, 14th lunar days

Growing Moon in Leo

In addition to various haircuts and styling (including various options for short haircuts), any additional hair care procedures are shown on this day. For beautiful, lush and silky strands!

March 6, Mon.

14th, 15th lunar days

Growing Moon in Leo, transition to the constellation Virgo

If possible, avoid all hair treatments, including shampooing.

March 7, Tue

15th, 16th lunar days

Full Moon

Hair cut on this day takes a long time to grow back, is frizzy, and generally doesn't look too neat.

March 8, Wed

16th, 17th lunar days

The waning Moon in Virgo, the transition to the constellation Libra

Any haircuts on this Wednesday are contraindicated. But this is a great day to use any moisturizing hair products - shampoos, balms, oils and masks. The effect will be especially impressive.

Thursday March 9th

17th, 18th lunar days

Wanning Moon in Libra

After a haircut on this day, the hair will grow faster. But don't expect them to instantly become docile and smooth. To do this, you will have to use additional funds.

Fri March 10th

18th, 19th lunar days

Wanning Moon in Libra

Haircuts made on this day will look great and keep their shape for a long time.

March 11, Sat

19th, 20th lunar days

Wanning Moon in Libra, moving into the constellation Scorpio

Refrain from cutting, coloring and curling your hair. This day is much more suitable for beauty treatments.

March 12, Sun.

20th lunar day

Wanning Moon in Scorpio

Almost all hair procedures will be successful and effective: haircut, dyeing, perm, any kind of styling.

March 13, Mon.

20th, 21st lunar days

The waning moon in Scorpio, the transition to the constellation Sagittarius

Feel free to sign up for a haircut! But spa treatments today will not bring a tangible effect: the hair will look the same before and after.

March 14, Tue

21st, 22nd lunar days

Wanning Moon in Sagittarius

It is better not to schedule a coloring procedure for this day. But haircuts, on the contrary, are welcomed by the stars.

March 15, Wed

22nd, 23rd lunar days

The waning moon in Sagittarius, the transition to the constellation Capricorn

Stop cutting and coloring today. The heavenly bodies are advised to devote the day to home care.

Thursday, March 16th

23rd, 24th lunar days

Wanning Moon in Capricorn

On this day, it is useful to visit the hairdresser not only for a haircut, but also for care: there is no better time to strengthen hair.

March 17, Fri.

24th, 25th lunar days

Wanning Moon in Capricorn, moving into the constellation Aquarius

Coloring and toning on this day will be extremely successful. What can not be said about the haircut.

March 18, Sat

25th, 26th lunar days

Wanning Moon in Aquarius

Any experiments with different coloring options, including balayage and shatush techniques, will be crowned with success. In addition, you can try staining in a bright color that is not typical for you. You can start by coloring the ends of your hair.

March 19, Sun.

26th, 27th lunar days

The waning Moon in Aquarius, the transition to the constellation Pisces

Today is a great day for unusual haircuts and extravagant styling.

March 20, Mon.

27th, 28th lunar days

Wanning Moon in Pisces

The stars whisper: don't make an appointment for a haircut or coloring.

March 21, Tue

New Moon

Crescent Moon in Pisces

Chemical effects on the hair, perm or dye, can adversely affect the condition of the hair. It is worth focusing on hair care procedures or slightly trimming the ends.

March 22, Wed

1st, 2nd lunar days

Growing Moon in Aries

Dyeing, hair restoration procedures, toning will be successful. Haircuts are also not forbidden.

March 23, Thu

2nd, 3rd lunar days

Growing Moon in Aries

Despite the fact that this day is listed as auspicious in the lunar calendar of haircuts, a head massage will bring the greatest benefit today. Blood flow to the roots of the hair will accelerate their growth and improve the overall condition.

March 24, Fri.

3rd, 4th lunar days

Growing Moon in Taurus

Haircut and coloring on this day promises to be successful. Life hack of the day: use hair products containing collagen: the effect of their use will please.

March 25, Sat

4th, 5th lunar days

Growing Moon in Taurus

The constellation Taurus has a positive effect on the condition of the hair: any haircuts, procedures for painting over gray hair, as well as strengthening and lightening hair will be successful.

March 26, Sun.

5th, 6th lunar days

Crescent Moon in Gemini

Enter this date in your personal calendar: the stars say "yes" to any haircuts! And one more tip: to get the best effect from wellness treatments for hair, it is not necessary to visit a beauty salon: use homemade hair masks.

March 27, Mon.

6th 7th lunar days

Crescent Moon in Gemini

During this period, the absorption of hair increases, various masks, nourishing balms, caring sprays are most effective. Haircut and coloring procedures will take place without incident.

March 28, Tue

7th, 8th lunar days

Growing Moon in Gemini, transition to the constellation Cancer

Hairstyle on this day should be light and airy. Coloring and cutting are best avoided today.

March 29, Wed

8th, 9th lunar days

Growing Moon in Cancer

Great time for haircuts, coloring and - especially! - highlighting: you can count on a lasting effect.

Thursday, March 30th

9th, 10th lunar days

Growing Moon in Cancer

Good day for a hair bleaching routine. Alas, the same cannot be said for haircuts.

March 31, Fri.

10th, 11th lunar days

Growing Moon in Leo

Great period for cutting and coloring.

Beauty horoscope: haircuts for March 2023 for all zodiac signs

Here is the haircut horoscope for March 2023: in this section we talk about the features of hair care for different zodiac signs.

Water signs: Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio

Pisces Creative and dreamy nature, you look for inspiration in small things. A new styling or coloring in an unusual shade can instantly cheer you up in the first days of spring - and even improve your well-being! Check out L'Oréal Paris Colorista rinse-off products for a quick wow effect.

Cancer Life speeds up considerably in spring. However, for those born under the sign of Cancer, it may seem that hair does not grow back as quickly as we would like. To fix this, use a special hair growth serum. Vichy has one just like that.

Scorpio Start spring with a radical coloring in one of the mysterious and bewitching dark shades. The choice, fortunately, is huge - from the trendy option "dear brunette" to chocolate. New hair color - new opportunities!

Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Aries Bright, rich hair colors are one of the hottest hair trends this year that Aries will love. Delicate lavender, pastel pink or fatal red? The choice is yours.

Leo "Hollywood wave" , well-defined large curls or "small imp" option - embossed styling will once again emphasize your indomitable, leonine disposition. To achieve the perfect result, rely on reliable assistants: gels, mousses, styling varnishes at your service.

Sagittarians Sagittarians are always eager to experiment! Take a look at hair dyes for home use - they are easy to use and will help keep your spirit of adventure alive.

Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Taurus Don't want to get out of the house once again into the March slush? Home hair care products will do just as well as salon counterparts. Check out the options below.

Virgo In March, Dev will be drawn to travel - and in no case should you deny yourself this pleasure. Stock up on your favorite hair care products in travel formats to keep your hair looking perfect even at the end of the world.

Capricorns For an idealist like you, perfection is the most valuable and necessary quality. Hold-up fixatives will help support it.

Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Gemini This month you have a lot of things to do, life goes literally on the run. Choose hair products that promise fast results!

Libra You always choose the best, and this position in life is definitely worthy of respect.Add L'Oréal Paris Préférence Long Lasting Color, Matrix Total Results So Silver Purple Shampoo and L'Oréal Professionnel Absolut Repair Gold Mask to your haircare kit.

Aquarius In March, much more important feelings await you than constant worries about the condition of your hair. Try products from the Elseve Hyaluron Filler line to forget about the problem of dry hair: moisturized, well-groomed, beautiful curls are provided.