The main thing in home coloring is confidence in a successful result. We decided to share our rating of colors, which, judging by our experience, are guaranteed to give your hair a beautiful color, and you a great mood

Excellence Crème, L'Oréal Paris

Not only color! Long-wearing Excellence Crème is capable of so much. Girls who choose this product can also count on its caring properties during a change or renewal of hair color.

In addition to effective pigments, pro-keratin and protective serum were added to the composition.

The paint comes with a special shampoo and mask - they are used after dyeing to fix the color.

As for the palette, recently the extensive Excellence collection was replenished with six nude shades. They are in harmony with any type of appearance, and if it is important for you to hide gray hair, then they will successfully cope with this task.

Olia, Garnier

Looking for ammonia-free paint? Please! Garnier made it their mission to formulate without these ingredients without compromising the quality of the pigments.

And do you know what they were replaced with? Floral oils. The brand's experts explained that each oil has its own superpower and, if combined correctly, you can achieve an outstanding effect.

In Garnier Olia cream-paint, oils simultaneously nourish the hair and conduct coloring pigments in them. The result is a beautiful color and shiny curls.

Color Naturals, Garnier

This well-deserved paint has admirers who remain faithful to it for many years.

How did she earn such trust? The paint is comfortable to use, is represented by a wide range of shades, effectively neutralizes gray hair, and - the cherry on the cake - contains a complex of oils (avocado, shea, olive, cranberry and argan), which gives the curls extra shine, and the color - a special depth.

Preférence, L'Oréal Paris

With Préférence cream paint, it's easy to feel like a professional colorist even at home. You have to mix all the necessary components of the product in a special bottle, shake the contents like in a shaker, and start creating (without forgetting, according to the instructions, in advance to exclude the risk of a possible allergic reaction to the composition).

The kit comes with beautiful matte gloves, which are convenient to work with an unusual gel texture.The paint should be kept on the hair for the time strictly recommended by the brand's specialists, then washed off with a balm - and enjoy the result for up to 8 weeks.

Excellence Cool Crème, L'Oréal Paris

If you're dreaming of a new beautiful hair color, it makes sense to get to know the Excellence Cool Crème collection of ashy shades better. There are six of them, from light chestnut to dark blond. The paint formula will appeal to girls who are not ready to regularly visit the salon to solve the problem of unwanted yellowness. You will maintain the beauty of the ashy color in the process of washing your hair. How? Along with the paint, you will receive a set of shampoo and mask, which contain high concentrations of purple pigments. They will not allow the treacherous manifestation of yellowness, while maintaining the nobility of the fashionable hair color in its original form.