In 2023, you can meet a young man with an undercut haircut on the stadium podium, at business negotiations, and at a fashion premiere. What does this current hairstyle look like, who does it suit and what styling is useful for styling?

What does an undercut haircut look like for men?

The length of the hair in the parietal region reaches 5 centimeters or more, while in other areas it remains more than short. It was this sharp transition that the undercut men's haircut (from the English undercut) became famous for. If you study the photo from different angles, it will be obvious that the classic undercut is always a contrast of short and long strands.

Advantages and disadvantages

Men's undercut haircut can look different - for example, with shaved temples, with a relatively smooth transition in hair length, or with oblique bangs. Such variability suggests that young people with a variety of external data can choose an undercard. Let's list the general advantages of a haircut.

  • Style versatility. The haircut goes well with both a sports uniform and a business suit.

  • Different ways of styling. With the help of styling products, you can create a slicked back undercut, try a bun option or opt for a retro style.

  • Visual hair volume. The difference in length can hide the lack of hair density.

  • The contrast between long hair on the crown of the head and short hair at the back of the head and temples is a winning solution for those who would like to visually stretch their face.

If we talk about the disadvantages of such a hairstyle as an undercut, then there are few of them, but they should not be ignored.

  • Waking up immediately laid-groomed will not work. As a rule, elongated strands require additional care. One shampoo will not be enough. It is worth adding a balm to everyday care and high-quality styling should not be neglected. A cream, gel or foam will come in handy - depending on the specific styling tasks.

  • The male undercut requires regular updates, especially in the shaved version of the hairstyle.

Who is the undercard for?

The undercut hairstyle is a winning choice for men with beards and round faces. Who else would like this haircut?

An elongated undercut is advised for young people with pointed facial features: as a rule, the haircut in this case is made asymmetrical, which helps to shift the focus from the shape of the face to the hair.

Undercut with side parting is shown to men with straight strands. If you have wavy hair, then a strong hold wax will solve the problem of creating the desired shape.

Anderkat haircut photo ideas: trends-2023

Choose your favorite version of the undercut hairstyle in our selection, and we will show you how to present it correctly.


Underkat was invented in the 20th century, and its classic version does not change: long strands on the crown of the head contrast with short hair at the temples. How to style such a haircut? Apply a heat protection spray to semi-moist (long) strands, followed by a volumizing mousse (such as Full Volume Extra by L'Oréal Professionnel).

Take a hair dryer and a round comb and dry your hair with a directional airflow, combing it back. If it seems to you that you have gone too far with the volume, or it turns out that some strands fall out of the total mass, a special wax will help smooth the curls.


He is also called military. A short undercut also features a length transition, but not as obvious. It is customary to style the strands so that not a single hair is knocked out of the hairstyle. Usually a gel helps with this.


Those who have grown long hair can try an undercut with a forelock or with a pigtail. But it will be much more relevant to lay the strands on one side with the help of an extra strong fixation gel.

With a sharp transition

This is an undercut option for men with a round face, a men's haircut with short hair at the temples and long hair at the crown (as in the photo) - perhaps just what you need. We advise you to regularly update your haircut and style the strands with Matrix 3 in 1 Over Achiever, which acts as a wax, cream and paste.


This is a more formal option, which is often chosen by business people who prefer business suits. Naturally, such a haircut should look perfect, and the help of Fix Max gel from L’Oréal Professionnel in this matter can not be overestimated.

Laid on its side

Such a neat undercut has a lot in common with the semi-box loved by many. The hairstyle will be appropriate both in everyday format and for special occasions, and styling can be limited to one tool - Super Fixer modeling gel from Matrix.


If you make an undercut with a parting, then choose only the side. A comb with often planted teeth will allow you to carry it out neatly. To fix the hair in the desired position, if you are trying a new place for parting, only a strong hold is capable of.

Long bangs

In this case, the length of the bangs is a loose concept. The most patient men can demonstrate options right up to the chin and below. The only advice is that it is important to keep the bangs clean. And for emergencies, when there is no time to wash and dry your hair, get a dry shampoo - for example, High Amplify from Matrix.


In the 20th century, a neat haircut usually meant that a man had just left the salon. Today, creating the same hairstyles is easy at home - thanks to modern styling tools!


We call this kind of undercut the casual version. It is a good choice for vacation or meeting with friends. Style with sea s alt spray and volumizing mousse.

For kids

Children's undercut haircut is no different from an adult's. If a child asks for a hairstyle “like daddy”, it will not be difficult to make his wish come true.


Men's undercut hairstyle with a pattern is one of the ways to express yourself. The image can be made symmetrical by placing it on both sides, or you can make a curly haircut only at the back.

Undercut for men: haircut technique

Men's undercut is not the easiest model haircut. It is important to make the transition of length masterfully, adhering to a certain step-by-step scheme. Of course, each stylist has his own handwriting - we will describe the general procedure.

  • First of all, they wash their hair and lightly dry their hair.

  • The strands on the crown are temporarily fixed with an elastic band so that they do not interfere with the work with the hair at the lower levels.

  • Using a machine, remove the length of loose hair at the very bottom.

  • Then, with a larger nozzle, they work out the area higher: on the back of the head and on the temples. An even larger nozzle is needed to create a smooth transition to long strands.

  • At the end, let down the hair on the crown and work it out with scissors.

How to lay the undercard?

Styling a men's undercut haircut, as in the photo below, can be done at home if you follow a simple step-by-step instruction.

  1. Wash your hair using not only shampoo, but also balm. Garnier's Aloe Superfood line works well to smooth and discipline the strands.

  2. Towel dry hair lightly and apply Matrix Smooth Setter.

  3. Use a wide-tooth comb to style your hair and let it dry naturally.

  4. Set with hairspray. We trust L'Oréal Professionnel Infinium Extra Strong. Hold the product at arm's length while spraying. Done!

Editor's Tips

The variety of undercut options excites the imagination: short, curly, textured, slicked back or without a transition in the usual place… It's no wonder that after analyzing the topic, readers have additional questions.

How do I style an undercut if I have curly hair?

It all depends on the desired result. If the goal is to smooth the strands, then use a balm in the shower (for example, Elseve), and then apply the Steampod serum from L’Oréal Professionnel to the strands. Shape semi-moist hair into the desired shape and wait until the strands dry. If you want to emphasize the beauty of wavy hair, then it makes sense to focus on their texture - using a sea s alt spray.

Which undercut is suitable for young people with a square face?

Stylists recommend paying attention to the undercut with side parting. Move the long hair on the crown of your head to one side and fix it with a wet styling gel.

How to style an undercut with a long bang?

The strands around the face need to remain mobile, so choose styling products with a light effect. The Barber Club styling cream from L’Oréal Paris will do just fine. The product, by the way, is universal - designed for styling hair, and for putting things in order in the mustache and beard area.

Will an undercut haircut suit a man with coarse hair?

Definitely! Take a closer look at the long undercut: of course, after a shower with loose hair, you will have to tinker, but under their own weight, long strands hold their shape better, unlike short ones, which often resemble a high Mohawk without styling.