Christmas gifts? Of course, cosmetics! Discover with us

We think that beauty products and advent calendars (as an idea) are just made for each other. Every day you can open a new window in anticipation of a pleasant and useful surprise. It is also a great gift idea, which this year we offer to collect yourself. And don't get hung up on the calendar form. Wonderful things can be found anywhere! Let's talk about 12 tools that will please not only at the time of unpacking.

Paradise mascara, L'Oréal Paris

What kind of decorative cosmetics can be more practical than mascara? Another ink! Especially if it's Paradise by L'Oréal Paris.

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We never tire of repeating that any French brand mascara is good, but this beautiful copy has taken a special place in our editorial hearts. Using this tool is a pleasure. It lengthens eyelashes, makes them thicker and more voluminous, along with providing them with care (it contains vitamin B5 and flower oils). Due to the bristles of different lengths, the brush paints over everything, even the shortest cilia. In general, give five to me and my girlfriends!

Garnier sheet masks

Trust the beauty editor's experience: it's calmer when you have a strategic and tactical beauty supply of sheet masks at home.

You never know: unexpected peeling of the skin due to an increase in the degree of heating, 6 hours of sleep instead of the prescribed 9, or you just want to cheer yourself up. Garnier sheet masks do the job with a bang. And it's also convenient to hide them in a random advent calendar, so take note!

Lip Gloss, Signature L'Oreal Paris

Just the other day I discovered the Signature gloss in a transparent shade No. 400 and immediately prescribed it in a cosmetic bag that I carry with me. The reason is simple: in a matter of seconds, the product removes peeling of the delicate skin of the lips and hides microcracks that appear due to frost.

But he also has super strength: after application, a slight tingling sensation is felt on the skin, blood rushes to the lips - and they become visually more plump.

Texturing powder Height Riser, Matrix

For the second time in a month we sing praises to this unusual styling product in a weightless bottle. Airy white powder lifts hair at the roots like mousses and foams.

Obvious advantage - the ability to refresh "yesterday's" styling, because the powder works great on dry hair. Quite a suitable format for our calendar - write it down!

Elseve Hyaluron Filler range, L'Oréal Paris

We don't know what the "window" of the advent calendar should be in order to hold a set of four L'Oréal Paris products, but it's worth looking for such an opportunity. At least for the effect of easy combing, which promises a duet of shampoo and balm.

And if this base is supplemented with a mask and indelible serum "Elseve Hyaluron Filler" , you can (without weighting!) make hair visually denser and well-groomed.

Excellence Cool Crème hair dye, L'Oréal Paris

Some people appreciate Excellence paint because it covers gray hair, others appreciate its convenient format (the photo below shows that you can dilute the product in a special dispenser that is included in the kit), and we also appreciate the stylish range shades.

The new Cool Crème collection deserves special attention. It includes six ash colors, from light blond to dark chestnut.

Great gift idea, including for yourself! Why not experiment early in the year?

Instacure spray, Matrix

Raise your hands those who, along with us, believe that hair care should not end with shampooing. Your hair will thank you if you spray it with Instacure after your shower.

Firstly, the product protects the strands from breakage. Secondly, it moisturizes the hair. Thirdly, it disciplines fluffy strands. Fourth, it normalizes the pH balance. And fifthly, envelops with a magical composition of May rose, cedar, lemongrass and freesia. It's just some kind of holiday!

Macara Million Lashes Balm, L'Oréal Paris

Second mascara on the calendar? Yes! Million Lashes will be appreciated by those who love the effect of extended eyelashes in its most delicate and most natural manifestation.

The texture of the mascara resembles a balm, which envelops the eyelashes with a rich composition, lengthens them and makes them thicker.

Brand research confirms mascara can achieve up to seven times the volume of lashes.

Testing Million Lashes, we made sure that the tool copes well with monomakeup when there is no time to draw arrows or create an artistic composition with the help of shadows.

Matte Eyeliner Matte Signature, L'Oréal Paris

If the eyeliner ends up in the calendar window a couple of days before the New Year, the recipient will have time to learn how to draw beautiful arrows. Matte Signature won't let you down.

It has a liquid texture, thanks to which it is easy to draw a thin line in one stroke, filling at the same time the space between the eyelashes. And yet - a waterproof formula that can not even cry of joy and delight.

Blow Dry Thermal Protective Cream, L'Oréal Professionnel

In our opinion, this is one of the most easy-to-use thermal protective products ever.

Blow Dry has a light creamy formula that makes it easy to distribute the cream over damp strands.

The tool is practically not felt on the hair and has a miracle property - it helps curls to remember a given shape. Very relevant in the season of scarves and hats!

High Amplify Dry Shampoo Matrix

This gift is hard to overestimate. Dry shampoo is a lifesaver when your alarm clock doesn't go off or when your Pilates workout is more intense than expected.

The baby in the blue bottle is a real invisible. Anyone who regularly uses dry shampoo will appreciate the transparency of High Amplify. After applying the product, there is no white coating left on the hair, which in other cases has to be combed out (and not always successfully) with a comb. Here you get the desired result without any costs!

Garnier Hyaluronic Aloe Gel

Absolutely transparent facial gel with a pleasant texture and natural composition (96% consists of ingredients of natural origin).

It takes seconds to spread, and the effect promises to please for days: according to Garnier, the skin will be hydrated for up to 48 hours.