Youth style is a separate and very interesting topic. Let's talk about trends and see what the latest hairstyles for boys look like

Youth men's haircut: 2023 trends

The fashion of recent years cannot but rejoice. First, it has become closer to people and the demands of their daily lives. Secondly, the range of trends due to this circumstance has become much wider.

This also applies to men's youth haircuts. If earlier, for example, the popular half-box and Canadian were recommended to everyone, assuring that these options are at the height of fashion, today a fanatical commitment to trendy proposals is not welcome.

It has become much more important when choosing a youth hairstyle for guys to take into account the individual characteristics of the face, hair and lifestyle - without discounting trends.

Model variation of hairstyles from the catwalk these days can and should be adapted to yourself. And we will tell you what fashionable youth haircuts for guys are offered by trendsetters.

Short youth haircuts

It just seems that in the fashion charts, short men's youth hairstyles are repeated from year to year. Professionals monitor the dynamics in this segment - let's figure it out together.


If you do not know how to cut your hair, and all the stylist's suggestions do not find a positive response from you, choose the option in the section of classic youth hairstyles for guys.A very smooth, barely noticeable transition in length and short bangs that can be styled depending on the mood (down or up) are the top option for young people with an oval face shape.


Anderkat is a male hairstyle, more typical for young people. She can be recognized by the voluminous crown and shaved temples. Such a contrast is shown for owners of a round face. Hairstyle visually stretches the oval. By the way, at the beginning of 2023, experiments with shaved graphic lines are relevant, which can be placed symmetrically with respect to the face or asymmetrically.


The sides are short, and the hat on top is the most comprehensive description of the youth men's hairstyle that we show in the photo. Crop refers to creative haircuts that give out in their wearers people who are well versed in hairdressing.


Youth men's haircut with bangs is at the height of fashion this season. Relevant and curly bangs, and straight. The main thing is to observe one condition during the haircut - to refuse an even cut in favor of options with torn strands near the face.

Machine haircut

In the photo below you see a youth men's haircut, which is done while working with a typewriter.

An option for those who save time: such a haircut will take much less time than the option that requires working with scissors.

And the need to update the hairstyle will not come as soon as in other cases.

Trendy haircuts for guys based on medium length hair

According to our observations, the male half of the youth population more often chooses haircuts based on medium length hair.


Side view shows how important volume is for this haircut. If the hair itself does not hold it, products from the High Amplify range from Matrix will help.


Not always comfortable, but still spectacular and relevant haircuts with oblique bangs are very popular among young people. The most daring ones complement the hairstyle with coloring, but if you are not ready for experiments, you can wait a little with changing colors.


Curls are on trend. At the same time, it is not necessary to achieve elastic curls - it's good when the styling looks as natural as possible.


The mullet first entered the territory of women's fashion, and now a year later we are already seeing it on young people. It makes no sense to copy star images. For everyday life, a simplified version is much more suitable, as in the photo.

Square cut

This haircut always attracts attention and adds visual volume to the styling. The main thing is to make sure that the hair is always clean.

Youth hairstyles for guys based on long hair

For men who do not accept short haircuts, we have collected trendy youth hairstyles for long hair.


The rating of youth men's haircuts based on long hair this year is headed by the option with a central parting. Models with “second freshness” styling were seen on the catwalks, but this is not the most suitable example for life. On the contrary, with a significant length of hair, from our point of view, additional care will not interfere. We recommend using not only shampoo, but also hair balm. You will see how much easier it will be to comb your hair, and the reward for your efforts will be a well-groomed look.

Surfer hairstyle

For guys who are looking for a youthful haircut for curly hair, a long bob with thinning will be a winning option. It is better to style such a hairstyle with the effect of wet hair. Make it easy with a gel or sea s alt spray.

With a tail

Convenient, practical, relevant. Fashionable youth appreciates men's haircuts that allow you to collect hair in a ponytail or, alternatively, in a bun. This is an unconditional trend.

Long bangs

The two-sided styling option will be left for girls this season, and for young people we will advise torn bangs of any convenient length.

Extra Long

If you don't remember when you last cut your hair, it doesn't matter: with long curls you can try on more than one current trend of the autumn-winter season - 2023/23.

Stylish youth hairstyles

You can find trendy youth men's haircuts in a couple of minutes, but it will most likely take much more time to style the chosen option. We hope that our instructions will simplify and speed up this process.

  1. Wash your hair first. Almost any styling begins from this stage. If you have long tresses that often tangle, use a smoothing balm - for example, from the Elseve line from L'Oréal Paris.

  2. Gently dry the strands with a soft towel and apply the necessary styling product. If you have curly hair and want to bounce your curls, look no further than L'Oréal Professionnel's Bouncy & Tender Gel. Oil Wonders from Matrix will help smooth curls. And to pacify coarse hair and set them in the right direction is possible with Matrix Super Fixer Modeling Gel. It usually only takes a little to style medium length hair.

  3. Use your hands and/or comb to style your hair and let it dry naturally. You can fix the result with hairspray - for durability.

Editor's Tips

The topic of fashionable youth haircuts for men is almost revealed. It remains to answer a couple of questions from readers.

Recommend an elongated youth haircut for a man with curly hair.

The surfer's famous haircut suggests itself. Make an elongated cascade without bangs and learn how to style it correctly. For example, L'Oréal Professionnel has Beach Waves Sea S alt Texturizing Spray, which helps mimic the natural styling of vacationers on the sea or ocean coast. Apply the product to semi-moist hair after washing and collect the strands into large bundles. Wait for them to dry, loosen the bundles and comb the strands with your fingers.

Do trends change quickly when it comes to youth haircuts for guys?

Trends in the world of haircuts and styling do not change as quickly as in makeup or fashion for clothes and accessories. Therefore, you can safely choose a haircut for the next year or two.

What stylish men's haircut would you recommend for coarse hair, if you choose from youth options?

The problem with coarse hair is that it is often difficult to style. However, this problem is removed by the right choice of haircuts and high-quality styling. Our recommendations are a classic short haircut or a semi-box without bangs. The first option does not require styling, and for the second, Matrix paste is useful, which easily fixes the curls in the desired position.