Beautiful, fashionable, modern and, of course, relevant in 2023 - all these epithets can be attributed to the haircut cascade. We will tell and show how it can look, and you decide for yourself which hairstyle option is better to choose: elongated, frontal or maybe torn

What does a cascade haircut look like on long hair?

It is long hair that allows this haircut to fully live up to its name, although, admittedly, the cascade looks great at any length. Finding this hairstyle in 2023 is not exactly a difficult task, especially if you visit the most fashionable places in the city.A haircut is distinguished by layering and multi-leveling. On long hair, a cascade of artistically falling strands looks simply luxurious, especially if the haircut is styled using the brushing technique.

Reason for popularity

Of course, a cascading haircut on long hair is valued not only for its figurative component. We list other pluses of hairstyles.

  • Cascade allows you to add missing volume to your hair.

  • Lightens the overall weight of the hair mass.

  • Inspires styling experiments. The fact is that without styling, a cascade on long hair is not able to reveal the beauty of a haircut. It makes sense to get a round brush to twist at least the ends.

  • Cascade based on long hair can look different. There are options without bangs, asymmetrical, double and triple, which means that you can always find the best solution, taking into account individual features of appearance.

  • A properly chosen cascade is a haircut that allows you to hide the flaws in your appearance and emphasize its advantages.

Who suits the cascade hairstyle for long hair?

The main advantage of the cascade on long hair is that girls with a variety of data can choose their model, be it straight thick hair or thin and curly.

For some girls, the master will offer soft, almost imperceptible length transitions and the absence of bangs, for others - a daring version with torn strands near the face.

But it's up to you, because in practice it is you who will have to style your hair, so focus on the easiest cascade option for styling long hair.

Let's talk about choosing the optimal solution in more detail, because a lot is determined by the shape of the face and hair type.

If you have straight hair

Experts do not recommend playing sophisticated layering, otherwise styling can become a serious problem. It is better to follow the path trodden by Jennifer Aniston, who on her long hair showed a cascade with smoothly short strands in front.

If the hair is curly

Cascade rhymes perfectly with curly strands. We advise you to test the "curly" styling method, which will allow you to achieve more textured, defined curls. The tools from the selection below will help in this matter. They are able to turn messy frizzy locks into trendy, crisp curls in 2023.

If you have thick hair

Cascade, designed for smooth lengthening, will save girls with thick hair from excessive weight of the hairstyle without losing hair length. With such initial data, you can decide on a two-level high cascade, as in the photo below.

If the hair is thin

Not all girls with thin hair are recommended by stylists to use a cascade. The offer is relevant only for those who are willing to allocate time for styling. Without it, the hairstyle may look untidy. Beauty, as they say, requires some sacrifice. But they are worth it, trust me. And is it a sacrifice to dedicate a little time to yourself after every hair wash? By the way, the curls will become denser if you use the tools below.

If you have a round face

Those who want to visually stretch the face can choose a low cascade with elongated strands near the face.

If you have an oval face

With such initial data, all options are good, so we recommend experimenting - for example, to complement the haircut with a fashionable bang-curtain.

If the face is square

An asymmetric cascade with added basal volume in the central zone of the head will help soften the features. The recipe will work on both long straight and curly hair.

Fashion ideas for cascading haircuts for long hair

For those who perceive visual information better, we have compiled a selection of the most successful cascade options.


The balance between sharp and smooth transitions in length both in front and behind, plus the obligatory graduation around the entire perimeter - this is the formula for the classic version of the cascade on long hair. Oh, and don't forget about brushing!


In the photo we see a haircut without a bang, which does not immediately determine that it is a cascade or a short flight of stairs on long hair. A smooth transition in length is identical. But still, a more chaotic arrangement of strands speaks in favor of the cascade.


You can sit on figurative two chairs if you try on an elongated version of the cascade. In fact, one part of the hair will be of medium length, allowing you to form a kind of cap at the roots, and the other will remain long, which will reconcile girls who are not ready to say goodbye to what they have grown for so long.


The unusual name of the haircut is easy to explain: in the frontal cascade, bangs set the tone. The length of all other strands is correlated with its length. Why not try on the most fashionable options - tattered bangs or curtain bangs?


To achieve a voluminous hairstyle on long hair with just a cascading haircut without proper styling is unlikely to succeed. But prepare the base for this as much as possible. Lush hairstyles are obtained when the master manages to achieve spectacular contrasts in the length of strands of different levels.


With such a haircut, it is not necessary to abandon the side parting to which you have become attached, and the work of stylists is proof of this.

How to cut a cascade on medium length hair?

To try on a classic cascade for long hair, it is better to turn to the pros. This layered haircut is considered to be difficult, and its successful execution requires considerable experience. It will be easier for you to evaluate the work of a stylist if you read the step-by-step instructions for a haircut.

  1. The hair is divided into three zones: parietal, top and back of the head.

  2. Separate the strand at the back of the head, pull it out at an angle and cut to the desired length. Focusing on this control strand, they also work out the rest of the hair in this zone.

  3. Then, the strands are cut at the temples and crown, "checking" with the already cut hair.

  4. At the end, the ends are thinned and styled using the brushing technique.

Laying an elongated cascade

A haircut cascade based on long hair with styling looks completely different than without it. It may even seem that these are two different hairstyles. And, of course, the one with the styling wins. We'll tell you how to style your hair yourself.

  1. Wash hair, apply heat protection cream or spray and blow dry as usual.

  2. Make seven or eight ponytails in random order.

  3. Wind the ponytails alternately onto tongs or an iron - the tool in this case is of secondary importance, the main thing is that you feel comfortable.

  4. Loose your hair and straighten it with your fingers. If desired, fix the result with hairspray.

Editor replies!

Agree, it's hard not to fall in love with a hairstyle like a cascade. But deciding on such a haircut can be no less difficult. Perhaps our answers to readers' questions will help you make the right decision.

How to cut a cascade on long thin hair?

When it comes to choosing the most suitable option, we recommend giving preference to the option without bangs and with smooth, but noticeable length transitions. In addition, you can freshen up the color by making complex coloring using the California highlighting technique.

Which women's haircuts for long hair look like a cascade?

Most often a cascade is confused with a ladder, although the difference is obvious in most cases. The ladder assumes geometric linearity in the transitions from level to level, while the cascade does not imply a rigid binding to such a scheme.

Do they do a cascade on very long hair?

Note that only the low cascade will look good in this case. More layered options at a length reaching the waist are unlikely to be advantageous.