Sometimes just one element can give the image a harmonious completeness, and ragged bangs are just in this category. Let's talk about the haircut technique and the variety of available stylistic solutions using specific examples

Who suits tattered bangs?

Which one to choose - thick asymmetrical or corrugated to the eyebrows? When you dive into the topic, you understand how different, but always effective and stylish, options for tattered bangs can be. If you are consciously approaching your appearance, then before a haircut you will probably think about which option to give preference to.Doubts are justified, because, unlike even long bangs, many variations with torn ends are not so easy to remove with the help of invisibility or other accessories, if, for example, the end result did not suit you (or there is simply no time for styling).

Considering the above, we suggest not only looking at photos of fashionable versions of ragged bangs, but also listening to the advice of experts. All of them are unanimous in the opinion that such a haircut is shown to those who are ready for change. And now we can move on to more specific recommendations.

  • Slanting ragged bangs are recommended for women with thick straight hair - especially if they want to draw attention to the eyes.

  • Ragged bangs with elongation will soften the proportions of a square face.

  • Short torn bangs make the haircut touching and remove the question of the need for styling strands near the face from the agenda. Such bangs with active thinning are suitable for girls with thin hair.

Ragged bangs look great with both bob and long hair. I would like to call it a win-win choice, and yet we cannot but mention some features of such a solution, which may not suit everyone.

  • Small selection of styling options for short bangs.

  • Needing to adjust the length regularly and doing it yourself is not a good idea.

Anastasia Kirillova Makeup artist Giorgio Armani beautyRagged bangs do not cover the eyebrows and forehead, so it would be appropriate to focus on the upper third of the face - the eyes and eyebrows. It can be different options for arrows, accented eyelashes. I recommend being inspired by photos from the 60s: wide graphic and feathered arrows, Twiggy-style eyelashes, an emphasis on the lower eyelid, and even colored smoky, for example, in pink.

Ragged bangs options

We have collected five options for ragged bangs, from conservative straight to trendy oblique. In general, for every taste and color (yes, there will be examples with complex coloring too).

With extension

Ragged bangs with lengthening are pure joy for the eyes. This has long been understood by stylists working with stars. With such a haircut, Hailey Bieber, Eva Longoria, Kendall Jenner, Dakota Johnson and others were published. First, it's beautiful. And secondly, the bangs, which partially cover the eyebrows, serve as an excellent base for coloring using California highlighting and shatush techniques.


Slanted ragged bangs, laid to the side, is such a hello from the 1990s: girls in short tops, denim skirts and music videos on TV immediately pop up in my memory. However, such bangs can also fit into the fashion agenda of 2023. Pair it with a pixie cut and style it with texturizing products for a look that is as effortless as the photo.


If the stylist does everything right, then the image with a short ragged bangs will be very flirtatious. By the way, the length should not be ultrashort. The option to the middle of the forehead will help to focus on the eyes. The appropriate make-up will enhance this accent.


Uneven ragged bangs are recommended for girls with asymmetrical features. For example, if you are worried that one eyebrow is slightly higher than the other, this hairstyle will help visually correct the difference.


On the one hand, this is almost a classic straight bang. But a professional will immediately pay attention to a cut that cannot be called textbook straight, because the ends of the bangs are torn.

This feature gives the hairstyle a twist. The effect can be compared to the situation when instead of black ink you use blue. The impression is changing. A slight refinement of the classic image allows you to look at yourself differently, and who knows, perhaps you will like this angle more than usual.

Jagged bangs haircuts and trendy styling options in 2023

Another plus of tattered bangs is how easy it is to adapt to different hairstyles. Haircut can be any: short, medium or long - the main thing is that it is chosen taking into account the type of hair and features of appearance.

Ragged bangs with bob

Our love is an elongated bob with an elongated, again ragged bangs. By the way, styling such a hairstyle is not at all difficult if you follow our instructions.

  1. Wash your hair and apply thermal protection to semi-moist strands - this way you will protect curls from damage during hot styling.

  2. Comb your hair gently, apply a hold product, and start drying your hair on the sides and back. To do this, switch the hair dryer to a warm setting and, directing the air jet at the strands, pull them out one by one with a round brush.To make the ends look as well-groomed as possible, give them a slight bend (3-5 centimeters) during styling.

  3. Put the bangs at the very end. Pull it down while drying, slightly pulling the strands forward from the face to add volume to the hair.

  4. Wait for the curls to cool, finalize the styling with your hands and fix the result with hairspray.


It is quite logical that short bangs are combined as organically as possible with a short haircut. It’s easy to remember, but it’s better to save a photo with an example of a hairstyle: it’s easier to explain to the master what result you are waiting for.


Even those who are not yet ready to give up long hair are breathing unevenly towards the pixie duet and oblique ragged bangs. Matrix clay with a fairly strong degree of fixation will help achieve the desired styling.


Cascading hairstyles have been very popular with it girls in recent years. As a rule, such a haircut is complemented with a bang-curtain, but who said that you can’t add variety to this trend? Ragged bangs, as in the photo, on medium-length hair will be an excellent company for the current cascade.


On long hair, torn bangs can be straight, oblique, and diverging to the sides. And to add volume to both her and the hair in general, use Matrix's High Amplify Root Zone Spray.


Elongated tattered bangs and shaggy haircut look like they are made for each other. As a rule, a little (and sometimes not so much) mess for such a haircut is the norm. But we suggest moving away from the stereotypical options and styling the hairstyle a little more systematically, gathering the strands at the back into a ponytail and laying the bangs on two sides.

Even cut

Straight ends and torn bangs make for a stern look. In this form, it is quite possible to go to an interview. The hairstyle will organically complement the image with a laconic trouser suit. And don't forget the classic makeup!

How to cut ragged bangs?

It's one thing to style a torn bang on your own, and quite another to cut it. In our opinion, the probability of failure is too high.

Even professional stylists prefer not to take risks and refuse to work independently, turning to their colleagues for help. Haircut torn bangs takes place in several stages. Instructions may vary. Here is one of them below.

  1. Dry your hair and divide it into two parts with a horizontal parting. One part is the strands that are destined to become bangs, and the second is the bulk of the hair. Secure the back with an elastic band.

  2. Cut the hair near the face, making a straight cut and leaving the length slightly longer than the planned length of the bangs.

  3. Thinning scissors work through the strands, holding the tool vertically. Take your time: it is this stage that ultimately determines the result and reflects the professionalism of the stylist.

Pro Tips

Let's finish the discussion of tattered bangs with the Q&A section.

How to cut torn bangs if I have long hair and ombre coloring?

You shouldn't refuse a beautiful color transition. In 2023, the bangs may be the same shade as the roots of the hair.

How to discipline torn bangs if they are frizzy?

We have a separate article where we talked about how to style fluffy hair. But let's give a couple of tips here.First, use styling products both before and after drying your bangs. First, apply a cream that disciplines curls, and then fix the result with hairspray. Secondly, try to stretch the bangs with an iron: high temperatures can straighten even very curly curls. Just don't forget about thermal protection!