Elegant, stylish and trendy - this is what a bob looks like on short hair. What is the secret of this hairstyle and who should take a closer look at it?

What does a short bob look like?

Usually a cropped bob reaches the neck, but in some variations, the haircut can end even higher.

It is easy to recognize a short bean by its characteristic voluminous nape and elongated strands on the sides.

Benefits of a haircut

There is nothing surprising in the fact that many girls are happy to try on a bob hairstyle for short hair. Why is this haircut so attractive?

  • It allows you to achieve the effect of volume even on hair that can hardly be called thick.
  • Short bob creates a graceful look, favorably emphasizing the individual features of appearance.
  • A beautiful accent on the neck is another nice feature of such a haircut as a very short bob.
  • This haircut is in harmony with a variety of coloring options. Bold and bright colors make the haircut stylishly daring, while natural shades give it aristocracy.

Cropped bob: who suits?

The absolute advantage of a female bob haircut based on short hair is that any girl will find her own version of the hairstyle. The main thing is to take into account the individual characteristics of appearance, hair type and age.

We will discuss the nuances of choice depending on the shape of the face.

  1. Chubby girls can try on youth bob-car options for short hair - why not consider the option with bangs?

  2. Owners of an oval face should not strive for emphasized volume at the crown.

  3. From the massive chin, long strands will distract the face.

If we talk about the type of hair, then there are also some peculiarities.

  • Thin hair shows graduated and layered short bob options.
  • If you have thick curls, then it makes sense to opt for a cropped bob with a straight cut.
  • Stylishly casual stepped bob will look good on curly or wavy hair.

As for age, the bean suits both young creatures and older ladies. Girls can afford to experiment with clipped temples and different color options. Older women are more suited to classic cropped bob haircuts.

Cropped bob: photo with ideas for cutting and styling in the trends of 2023

Which images will be especially relevant? Introducing our selection of bob haircuts for short hair.


Classic is always in fashion, you can't argue with that. High back, straight cut and slightly elongated front strands - this is what the classic short bob will look like in 2023.

Very short bob

Different interpretations are allowed here. Choose from boyish pixie cuts or romantic 1920s haircuts.


If you don't have the thickest hair, then a short graduated bob haircut will not only advantageously lie on short hair, but also add volume to it. It is necessary to do graduation professionally - it should look as natural as possible.

Short neck

A bob with a short nape or a short top is also shown to owners of hair devoid of natural volume. However, on thick curls, such a haircut looks no less attractive.

With extension

If you don't like extremes and prefer to give up a very short bob, then take a closer look at the haircut with elongated front strands.


Short bob rhymes well with asymmetry.

Ragged Bob

Such an option as a ragged short bob looks especially interesting in combination with complex coloring in light shades.


If you want a trendy haircut, then choose a layered short bob.


Geometry is an absolute trend! This is proved by the round cropped bob. Just look how stylish he looks!


Step hair from the 1990s is making a comeback. The master cuts the strands in steps without any graduation or thinning.


And here the thinning of the tips is of fundamental importance. And deeper than usual. It is she who determines the specifics of a careless short bob.

Short bob haircut technique

Women's bob haircut based on short hair should be done exclusively by professionals. Without the appropriate skills, you will not be able to cut your hair beautifully on your own.

Let's talk about the short bob hairstyle technique and list the main haircut steps.

  1. First, the whole mass of hair is divided into several parts by horizontal partings, separating the crown area from the lower levels.

  2. Start cutting from the lower levels - alternately separating strand by strand with a horizontal parting, the hair is cut with a pull, achieving an even cut.

  3. Next, the crown area is treated. Each next strand is left a little longer than the previous one, as a result of which the hairstyle acquires the necessary volume.

  4. To give the haircut dynamics and lightness, the master necessarily works through the entire mass of hair with special thinning scissors.

Of course, in detail, the process of cutting a cropped bob is much more complicated. In our instructions, we only outlined a diagram so that you get a general idea of \u200b\u200bhow the wizard will work.

How to style a short bob?

Styling is at least half the success of a haircut! How to quickly and beautifully style a bob-car based on short hair? There are several proven ways


If you don't have a round comb at home, then it should be your first purchase after you leave the salon with the coveted short bob. It is thanks to the styling in the brushing technique that the bob haircut based on short hair acquires its signature volume.

  1. Apply heat protectant to wet hair after washing and blow-dry strands.

  2. Spread a small amount of L'Oréal Professionnel Full Volume Extra Mousse evenly through hair.

  3. Separate the top part of the hair and secure it on top with a hair clip (it is better not to use elastic bands and crabs so that there are no creases on the hair).

  4. Wire the lower levels with a light pull over the round comb.

  5. Do the same with the hair at the top.

  6. For extra volume, apply Matrix's Height Riser powder to the roots.

Styling that emphasizes the structure of the hair

For everyday styling of curly hair, various texturizing products will come in handy. For example, L'Oréal Professionnel's Siren Waves Cream will define your curls and give you a neater overall look.

Light waves

Laying "like on vacation by the sea" is also relevant for a short bean. She will help out when there is absolutely no time to wield a brush. Just spray Beach Waves on your hair and the trendy light waves are ready!

Short bob haircut: stylists' answers to popular questions

How not to damage your hair by regularly using short bob styling?

Styling doesn't have to be done often if you use dry shampoo occasionally. It will perfectly support and prolong the freshness of the hairstyle. In this case, you can style your hair only once or twice a week.

I really want to make a cropped bob, but I'm not sure if it will suit me. How to choose the right haircut?

You need to mentally and visually prepare. Try to make a photo selection of bob haircut variations from different angles (not only from the front, but also from the back) and view it from time to time. In addition, you can always seek advice from a professional stylist.

How often do you need to update a women's bob haircut based on short hair?

Even if the hair grows slowly, you need to update the cropped bob regularly, otherwise it will stop being shortened pretty quickly.

Visits to the hairdresser should be scheduled at least once every 2 months.

How do I collect my hair if I make a short bob haircut?

You can use bobby pins and any other hairpins to fix the front strands and open your face. If desired, you can make a malvinka on the crown, and leave the lower part of the hair uncollected.