This hairstyle is always eye-catching because it looks elegant and stylish. Let's discuss who suits the square on the leg and why this haircut will be relevant for more than one decade

What does a square on a leg look like?

To immediately get an idea of the subject of discussion, we suggest that you first look at the photo.

A voluminous crown and elongated front strands are characteristic of a haircut on a leg. The areas at the back of the head and closer to the neck are cut as short as possible, as a result of which the hair lies in a cap and creates the effect of that same leg.

This is how the hairstyle looks from the front:

If you look at the photo of the rear view of the bob on the leg, you can easily notice the contrast between short hair at the back of the head and longer hair at the top.

Pros and cons of hairstyles

First, let's take a closer look at the advantages of a women's bob haircut.

  • This type of square looks great on thin hair: visually, the curls acquire the missing volume.
  • The hairstyle makes the look elegant.
  • A haircut can be worn at any age.
  • Square on the leg does not lose relevance and maintains positions in the fashion charts.
  • The hairstyle is quite practical, because it does not cause much trouble in styling.

We will not hide the disadvantages of such a choice, especially since there are few of them.

  • The haircut will have to be updated regularly, otherwise it will lose its special charm.
  • It is desirable to lay a square on a leg. It is recommended to do this in the brushing technique with a hair dryer and a round brush. It is not so difficult to develop the necessary skills, but systematic practice is important.

Who suits the square on the leg?

Haircut has no targeted contraindications. But it is important to choose the version of the square on the leg that is right for you. To do this, take into account the individual features of appearance.

Face shape

  • For chubby girls, a variation with elongated front strands is suitable - this solution will help to visually stretch the oval of the face. A good choice for a round face would be a bob with bangs.
  • With a square face, we advise you not to make too even and graphic caret. Smooth transitions and layered haircuts will give a win-win result.
  • The oval face rhymes with any variation of this hairstyle.
  • The proportions of the triangular shape of the face will be balanced by the version with bangs.

Hair Type

  • A cascading option or a graduated bob on a leg will suit girls with thin, devoid of natural volume hair.
  • Happy owners of thick hair are recommended to try on the classic version of the bob on the leg - with an even cut and a slight elongation of the front strands.
  • Curly young ladies are shown a bob-car on a leg.


We have already noted that the square on the leg knows no age restrictions. But we still dare to give some recommendations. Ultra-short daring bob varieties look as organic as possible on young girls.

For mature age, calm, elegant bob options on the leg, without shaved temples or super-short hair in the back of the head, are suitable.

Legged bob: 2023 trends

Don't know what hairstyle to choose to look fashionable in 2023? Our selection of photos is already waiting for you!

Classic leg bob

An option for those who love laconic classics. Straight bob will be an excellent choice for medium or short hair.

Bob with legs

Volume at the crown and long strands in front is a beautiful combination that distinguishes the legged bob from other types of bob.

Elongated square on the leg

This is a great way to make your hair more interesting while maintaining the length. If you make a side parting, the haircut will look even more spectacular.

Square on a leg with bangs and a voluminous nape

Supplementing the haircut with bangs (daring torn or elongated romantic) is a good idea. Particularly interesting with bangs and a voluminous nape looks short bob on the leg.

Square on a leg without bangs

The lack of bangs can also be justified stylistically. A square on a leg without bangs is recommended for girls with a low forehead.

Graduated square on the leg

Graduation will make the hairstyle more airy, due to which additional visual volume will appear. At the same time, it is important to cut a graduated square on a leg with smooth transitions, otherwise there is a risk of getting the effect of a torn swift, which will not look very neat.

Short leg bob

You can make a trendy haircut by reducing the usual length of the caret. A shortened bob on the leg will adorn the brave and self-confident girls who can afford a hairstyle with open ears.

Asymmetrical version of the haircut

When choosing asymmetry, the front strands on one side will be much shorter than the strands on the other side. No less interesting effect can be achieved with oblique bangs.

Square on a leg with shaved temples

The most rebellious interpretation of such a square is with shaved temples. In combination with bright coloring, this hairstyle makes a splash.

Shaved head

But with a shaved nape, a square on a long leg looks gentle and even aristocratic, which is greatly facilitated by open shoulders and neck.

Bob haircut technique

Let's describe the main steps of the process for everyone who wants to have an idea about how to cut a bob on a leg.

  1. The haircut starts with the formation of the legs: the strands of the lower level are cut short, and the area around the neck is treated with a hair clipper.

  2. Next, a hat is formed: with horizontal parting, the strands are separated row by row and cut to the desired length.

  3. All subsequent rows are cut at an angle of 45 degrees.

  4. The temporal zones are left slightly longer than the main mass of hair.

  5. The last step is hair thinning along the entire length. This is done to get the effect of added volume and lighten the contours of the hairstyle.

Note that this instruction only schematically describes the haircut procedure in the salon. In fact, everything is more complicated and requires great professionalism from the master.

Options for laying a square on a leg

Don't know how to style a square on a leg? Let's explain with concrete examples.

Volume bob styling on the leg

For volume styling, you need a round comb and hair dryer.

The hair is twisted in a row on a comb and dried with a hairdryer. This styling method will not only give the curls extra volume, but also make them smooth and shiny.

If your hair doesn't hold volume well, try Matrix's High Amplify Wonder Boost Root Lifter before styling. It will provide long-term volume to the hair without sticking or weighing down the hair.

We also recommend care products that can lift the hair at the roots and maintain a given volume. Matrix High Amplify shampoo and conditioner work on this task (still at the stage of hair cleansing).

Style for curly hair

If you have curly or curly hair, we recommend emphasizing its texture. What is the best way to do this?

  1. After shampooing, it is important to wait until the hair is about 70% dry.

  2. Then apply L'Oréal Professionnel Spiral Queen mousse to slightly damp curls to contour the curls.

  3. Next, dry the curls with a hairdryer with a diffuser attachment.

  4. To get more defined curls, it makes sense to distribute Siren Waves cream through the hair.

If you regularly use styling products, don't forget to use deep cleansing shampoos once a week.

Kare on the leg: questions for stylists

How to keep the volume of the bob hairstyle on the leg, if in the cold season the hair is constantly crushed with a hat?

Styling loses volume if you wear too tight hats. Try wearing a trendy scarf or scarf instead of a hat. You can also carry hair powder or dry shampoo in your bag. With the help of these products, you can return splendor to your hair in a couple of minutes.

Can I update my bob haircut on my own?

We do not recommend doing this in order to avoid disappointment. Only a specialist can create an impeccable square on a leg and update it.

What shade of hair goes best with a bob haircut?

You can recommend a square on a leg regardless of hair color. Yes, the haircut will look different on brunettes, blondes, redheads and blond girls, but the result will be stylish in any case.

Who shouldn't have a bob cut?

Perhaps this solution is not suitable only for those who do not like and do not want to style their hair. In this case, it is better to choose haircuts that do not require styling at all.