Pixie is always a bold decision, no matter which version you prefer. By 2023, many variants of this spectacular hairstyle have been invented, from classics to fashionable asymmetries. Who suits a pixie haircut and how to choose a shape that will definitely suit your face?

Pixie haircut features

The women's pixie haircut has a remarkable contrast. On the one hand, many people associate ultra-short strands with masculine style. On the other hand, the hairstyle can look quite feminine, as in the photo below.

Take, for example, the same pixie haircut with long bangs: depending on the styling, the hairstyle can set a different tone. will complement both a business suit and a sports one.

And the strands laid using the brushing technique will make a great trio with an evening dress and matching makeup.

Pixie for short hair

There are many different “projections” of pixies on short hair. It’s easier to experiment with thick hair: no need to chase for extra volume. You can safely try styling with strands thrown back or a variant with torn bangs. But for girls with thin strands, it does not hurt to add texture to the hairstyle. This can be done in two ways: through enhanced thinning of the hair and with the help of texturizing products, such as Web modeling paste from L'Oréal Professionnel.

Pixie with medium length hair

You will be surprised, but you can also try on a pixie haircut for medium hair - and without strong losses in length. The elongated version of the pixie, when viewed from all sides, looks very impressive. Variations of such a haircut are shown in the photo.

Who suits the pixie cut?

It is believed that every girl can find her pixie. It is only necessary to take into account some features of appearance, including the shape of the face.

For a round face, a shortened version of a pixie or an option with an elongated bang-curtain, which favorably conceals the cheek area, will be a harmonious solution. Asymmetric pixie variations are capable of softening the features of a square face. The proportions of a triangular face will balance laconic haircuts without excess volume at the crown and temples.

Owners of an oval face are not limited in their choice. At the same time, without exception, it is important for everyone to take into account the structure of the hair.

Without this, it will be extremely difficult to achieve optimal styling. We, for our part, are ready to recommend proven styling products. The products below are just what you need to style a pixie haircut on short hair.

Pixie haircut photo ideas: trends-2022

Discussing a pixie cut without photo-reinforcement is somehow frivolous. It is always good to have a ready-made example on hand that you can show the stylist as a reference for your dream hairstyle. We have collected popular pixie options and are happy to show photos of this haircut from different angles.

Classic pixie

Some people think that the pixie classic is a slight difference in length and the absence of bangs. Others are sure that the obligatory attribute of this haircut is bangs.

Ripped pixie

The hairstyle that was popular in the 90s is back on the fashion charts. To look trendy, complete the haircut with a trendy shade of hair.

Asymmetric pixie

Distortions are not always perceived with a minus sign. In the case of pixies, they will earn you double points for style.

Pixie with shaved temples

Boldly? Yes! But such courage will require discipline in the future, because it is advisable to go to the stylist for an update every 2-3 weeks.

Pixie Shaved Head

The beauty of a smooth transition of length can be emphasized by staining in a complex technique. Suitable, for example, California highlights or shatush.

Pixie with shaved temples and nape

If audacity is your personal characteristic, then you will enjoy trying on an ultra-short version with areas shaved almost to zero.

Pixie haircut options with bangs

Girls who wear pixies love bangs - that's a fact. No wonder, because the strands near the face add chic to this haircut. Consider the most successful options in more detail.

Pixie with long bangs

Recall that long strands that go to the cheek area are most often advised to owners of a round face. But not only they can try on elongated bangs - in the 2022/23 season, such bangs are at the top of the list of fashionable stylistic solutions for a variety of haircuts.

Pixie with short bangs

The pixie haircut with bangs on short hair has a very specific target audience. These are athletes and girls who simply do not like to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror.

Pixie with oblique bangs

Pixie haircut rhymes perfectly with sideways bangs. This year, the strands of the face will not hurt to add texture.

First iron them out, then finish off with a styling spray.

Pixie styling options

Don't know how to style a pixie haircut? Then you've come to the right section for inspiring styling ideas.


Get a blow dryer, a round comb and L'Oréal Professionnel Full Extra Volume mousse to replicate your photo.


Hair to hair is not about pixies. The implemented ideas, on the contrary, clearly hint that you can create an artistic mess on your head using texturizing gel and inspiration.


If you decide on a combination haircut that combines pixie and bob elements, we recommend trying on a cap of small curls.

Slicked back

This option can successfully complement both a business suit with a casual bias and an evening dress. By the way, you can repeat the styling in a couple of minutes. To do this, apply Super Fixer gel to the curls and comb the curls back with your hands.

One way

Side parting on the first try is not fixed for everyone. However, if you enlist the support of Matrix Extra Strength Clay, this problem will cease to worry you.

With a scythe

Thought it was impossible? No matter how! Girls with long pixie cuts can do braids too, albeit short ones.

Pixie technique

Female pixie haircut requires not only skill, but also experience from the stylist.

That's why you shouldn't even try to repeat this form yourself. We hope our step-by-step instructions will convince you of this.

  • First of all, the stylist draws two partings from the hairline at the temples to the back of the head, thereby creating a conditional triangle on the crown of the head.

  • Further from the top of the resulting triangle, two vertical partings are made at the top of the head.

  • Then the stylist separates the control strand and cuts at a 45 degree angle. Further, the hair in this area is worked out from a shorter length to a longer one, moving towards the face, making parallel vertical partings one by one.

  • The pixie haircut doesn't have a uniform reference line, so you'll have to match the previous curl.

  • Going to the temple area, the master checks the length, grabbing the hair with his fingers on both sides of the head.

  • In the middle of the haircut, texturing and edging are done on almost dry strands.

  • First, the master works on the short temple and the area behind the ear, and then moves on to the neck. Then a comb with tightly set teeth lifts the strands and cuts off the excess length with a clipper. Later, you can do the same, but using special scissors for thinning using the point cut technique.

  • Processing the crown during the pixie haircut is a mandatory action, and it doesn’t matter if asymmetry is planned in the hairstyle or not.

  • The area is zoned with parallel partings and, pulling the hair at an angle of 60 degrees, the strands are milled.

  • Each subsequent strand is cut, comparing with the previous one. The master advances, making successive parallel partings.

  • The parietal region is cut according to the same principle: moving from parting to parting and focusing on the last strand. The only difference is that the curls are cut first at 45 degrees and then at 90.

  • At the end, dry your hair thoroughly and profile the triangle and crown zones again.

Editor's Tips

Pixie haircut for short hair is a great option for women who want to take a break from worries with long hair, making a light and stylish hairstyle. In the meantime, you decide which option to give preference to: ultra-short or still with closed ears, we will answer a few questions from readers.

How to style a pixie with long bangs?

It must be admitted that the elongated bangs are rather capricious. Usually it is laid on its side, so you can not do without a fixing agent. We recommend using L'Oréal Professionnel's Transformer Universal Gel Mousse. It has a medium degree of fixation, which allows you to keep the bangs in the right position, while maintaining the naturalness and mobility of the hair.

Will a pixie haircut suit a 15 year old girl?

Pixie is not the most popular haircut among teenagers. However, fashion has become so variable that in high school, many are repelled when choosing hairstyles not so much from trends as from their own preferences. If you want to try on short pixie hair, why not indulge in this little experiment?

Tell me, please, are pixies with shaved temples and graduated strands on the back of the head still in trend?

The peak of popularity of shaved temples has passed. This version of the pixie was actively chosen a few years ago. But if you add a platinum blonde haircut, you can create a completely fashionable look.

Recommend a pixie hairstyle for thin hair. Can a haircut create volume at the roots?

Most likely, a pixie hairstyle of a cascading type, on a leg, will suit you. Such a combo in combination with high-quality styling will allow you to lift the hair at the roots and make the styling more magnificent.

What should be a pixie haircut for owners of a round face?

Experts recommend choosing two options: an ultra-short haircut with open ears and a pixie cut with side-length hair that partially hides the periphery of the face.