At first glance, making bangs is not so difficult, but how exactly to proceed step by step? There are nuances that you should know about before picking up scissors

What do you need for independent work?

Let's deal with the tools, without which it will be problematic to cut your bangs beautifully. So what do you need?

  • Special hairdressing scissors. If you decide to experiment at home, then this is a must-have purchase. Using clerical or, even worse, kitchen scissors, you will seriously complicate the process of cutting.
  • Elastic bands or hair clips. Ordinary crocodiles are suitable: they are convenient to grab and fix hair.
  • Fine, wide-tooth comb (for parting) and wide-tooth comb.
  • Spray bottle for hair wetting (hair must be damp throughout the cutting process).
  • Big mirror and good lighting.

If all this is available, you can proceed.

How to cut straight bangs?

This bang has a horizontal even cut and suits girls with straight thick hair. It goes well with both bob haircuts and long hair. Her contour can reach the eyebrow line or go a little higher.

How to cut bangs evenly? Catch step by step instructions!

  • Determine a conditional point on the crown, which will mark the beginning of your bangs. From this point, draw two parting lines with a thin comb so that they are directed to the outer corners of the eyes.
  • Gather the remaining hair in a ponytail or remove it with hairpins.
  • Comb your hair in the resulting triangular area, spray it with a spray bottle and decide how long your bangs will be.
  • Cut the hair from the right edge of the bangs to the middle, then do the same on the left side.
  • Comb the resulting bangs and, if necessary, trim the hair.
  • To lighten the bangs a little, it should be slightly profiled. Hold the scissors vertically and carefully work through the very ends of the bangs.

How to style straight bangs

Straight bangs are not at all difficult to style, but it is important to use high-quality styling.

For smooth bangs, we recommend Smooth Setter cream from Matrix. It perfectly smoothes and disciplines the hair. Apply a little cream to wet strands, then dry the bangs with a hairdryer, directing the air stream in the direction of hair growth.

For a change, straight bangs can be laid to one side: secure the bangs with a hairpin or invisible and fix the result. Style Fixer by Matrix is perfect for this purpose.

How to cut ragged bangs?

Ragged bangs can make any hairstyle creative and fashionable. This solution is suitable for girls with thin hair, as it gives visual volume to the hair.

Let's tell you how to cut your own tattered bangs.

  • Ragged bangs are cut on dry hair.
  • Determine the point on the crown, which will mark the beginning of the bangs, and draw two partings from this point, directing the lines to the outer corners of the eyes.
  • Comb the hair in the resulting triangular area and outline the desired length of the future bangs, then make a straight cut.
  • Make small vertical cuts of different lengths along the entire cut line and slightly profile the bangs additionally.

Put torn bangs

To make ragged bangs look beautiful, you need to emphasize its texture. Make it convenient with the help of special sprays. L'Oréal Professionnel's Constructor texturizing spray will do the job perfectly. It can be applied to damp hair and dried while blow-drying.

You will get a no less successful result if you work through the bangs with Depolish reconstructing paste.

How to cut oblique bangs?

Slanting bangs create a very feminine and romantic look. It can be recommended to girls who want to soften facial features a little.

How to cut off fashionable oblique bangs, we'll tell you right now.

  • On wet hair after washing, make a side parting on the right or left side (the shortest part of the bangs will be here).
  • Separate part of the hair intended for bangs, and remove the bulk back or collect in a ponytail.
  • Then dry your hair and comb the future bangs.
  • Pinch it with your fingers and pull the hair towards the side parting.
  • Cut the pulled hair so that the cut is horizontal.
  • Comb the bangs with a thin comb and profile them with scissors.

Slanting bangs

It's easiest to style slanting bangs with a round comb and hair dryer. This method is good for anyone who wants to get voluminous bangs.

  1. On slightly damp hair, apply a heat-protecting fixative such as L'Oréal Professionnel's PLI Thermal Modeling Spray.

  2. Roll the bangs over the round brush towards the face and blow dry in parallel.

  3. At the end, fix the result with a medium hold hairspray so that the bangs remain mobile and crumbly.

How to cut your own bangs-curtain?

Curtain bangs are the most popular bangs of recent years. She looks amazing when done right.

How beautiful to cut a bang-curtain? Follow our recommendations.

  1. From the point on the crown, draw two partings (mentally directing these lines to the corners of the eyes) and separate the part of the hair outlined by these lines. Try not to take too much volume so that the bangs do not come out very thick.

  2. Comb your hair and then twist it into a ponytail.

  3. Cut to desired length and unravel.

  4. Comb your bangs and trim your hair if needed.

  5. Slightly profile the bangs by making small vertical cuts.

Styling bangs-curtains

When styling bangs-curtains, you can not do without a round brush and a hair dryer. Yes, yes, we are talking about the brushing technique that you are familiar with.

Apply styling product to slightly damp bangs and dry it with a hair dryer and a round brush, winding hair around it in the direction from the face. Fix the styling result with L'Oréal Professionnel Fix Design spray.

Self thinning bangs

Thinning is necessary for almost any bang, because it is thanks to this procedure that the hair will lie naturally.

Professional craftsmen use special thinning scissors with teeth. Of course, it would be nice to learn how to use them at home, but this will take time and instructions from the master.

You can make your own thinning with ordinary hairdressing scissors. Let's describe the procedure step by step.

  1. Dry hair thoroughly and comb through.

  2. Pinch the long part with clips so that it does not interfere with the process of thinning the bangs.

  3. Grab the bangs with a thin comb with often planted teeth, then use scissors to work the very ends of the bangs vertically. Try to do it carefully so as not to cut off the excess.

Keep in mind that when thinning, the length of the bangs should remain the same, since thinning is just thinning hair to create texture and achieve a light effect.

How to trim an overgrown bang to yourself?

The bangs have grown, but there is no opportunity to go to the hairdresser? We'll tell you how to trim it yourself.

  • Spray a little water from a spray bottle onto clean bangs after washing your hair and comb it.
  • Pull back the center part of the bangs and cut to desired length.
  • Do the same with the side pieces.
  • Comb your bangs, dry your hair completely and trim if necessary.

Bang haircut: stylist life hacks

If you missed some recommendations, then it is possible that you will find the missing information in the stylists' answers to specific questions from our readers.

How to cut bangs with your own hands on curly hair?

Curly hair needs to be handled very carefully, because cutting curly hair is not so easy. For a smooth and beautiful bangs in this case, it is better to turn to professional stylists.

If you still decide to do it yourself, then before the procedure, be sure to straighten the curls and follow the instructions in the article. But even in this case, the result of the haircut may be far from ideal.

How to cut bangs so that they do not have to be updated often?

If you don't plan to grow your bangs after cutting, then you will have to renew it anyway about once a month or two.

How can I cut my own bangs if I have no experience at all?

Masters advise beginners not to cut bangs too short. It is desirable to leave a length that allows you to easily remove the bangs behind the ears and leaves room for further maneuvers in mastering the art of cutting bangs.