The secret of this wonderful bang is that it can make even the most ordinary haircut trendy. Let's tell you how it works, using specific examples and share laying life hacks

Who suits the long bangs?

Want to try on long bangs but not sure if it will suit you? To reduce the risk of disappointment to zero, it is necessary to take into account such individual features of appearance as the shape of the face and hair type.

  • A face with a round or triangular shape, long bangs visually slightly stretch and adjust the proportions.
  • Elongated bangs-curtain will help soften the contours of a square face.
  • Stylists recommend the oblique version of the elongated bangs to owners of a high forehead.
  • If we talk about the quality of hair, then girls with lush hair will suit any kind of long bangs. For those whose hair is not thick, it is better to choose a graduated version.

Are there any contraindications for hairstyles with long bangs?

  • If you have a narrow elongated face, then it is better to refuse a long bang: it will emphasize this feature.
  • On thin hair, long bangs are difficult to style as they should, so it makes sense to prefer shorter options to her.
  • You should not make long bangs and girls with curly hair.

Short haircuts and long bangs

Contrast always attracts attention. It is thanks to the contrast effect that short haircuts with long bangs look very attractive. This is easy to verify on specific photo examples.


The pixie is still in style, and the elongated bangs are the perfect complement to this bold haircut. We recommend laying such a bang on its side to create a fashionable asymmetry.

Bob with long bangs

If you are looking for a delicate and feminine look, then a bob haircut with long bangs will be a great solution, and in this case it is better to choose a beveled bang.

Square leg with long bangs

Another short haircut that rhymes beautifully with long bangs is the French bob.

Finish a stylish look with spectacular coloring. Try platinum blonde!

Elongated bangs with medium length haircuts

What hairstyles with long bangs can I try on medium hair? Answers in our selection of photos.

Kare with long bangs

A bang-curtain or a straight bang on two sides can successfully complement a bob haircut. Stylists recommend styling using the brushing technique using a large diameter brush. To fix your hair, choose products that do not stick your hair together. Tecni.ART Air Fix Pure spray from L'Oréal Professionnel will do. It will fix the styling and keep it flexible and natural.

Mullet with long bangs

For a mullet haircut, an elongated bang with a parting will be a particularly good addition.

Textural styling will emphasize the beauty and originality of the hairstyle. Spray L'Oréal Professionnel Beach Waves will help to make it. It is designed to create beautiful beach curls.

Long bangs and long hair

Do you want to make your haircut more relevant, but you are not ready for a radical change yet? There is a solution - elongated bangs for long hair.

What haircuts are in harmony with long bangs, we will tell below.


This haircut can be considered one of the most beautiful on the basis of long hair. Any elongated bangs: curtain, oblique bangs or bangs laid to the side - will only decorate the cascading haircut.

The beauty of the cascade will be emphasized by coloring in natural shades.

Long straight haircuts

An even beautiful cut on long hair looks very neat, but sometimes you want to make your hair a little more lively and light. Complement a straight long haircut with a ragged long bang or a bang-curtain and get a new stylish look.

Long bangs haircuts: fashion trends

We have collected for you hairstyles and styling with long bangs that will be in fashion in 2023-2023.

Haircuts with bangs laid on two sides

Bangs on two sides and a bang-curtain are not going to give up positions. We are sure that they will be relevant for more than one season.

However, without styling, such bangs lose their attractiveness.

We have prepared a small instruction, following which you can easily style an elongated bang so that it acquires a stylish volume.

  1. Pull the bulk of the hair into a ponytail or remove with hairpins so that they do not interfere with the styling process.

  2. Apply a thermal styling spray, such as L'Oréal Professionnel's PLI (designed to create long-lasting volume), to slightly damp bangs.

  3. Using a round brush, lift the bangs at the roots and dry the root zone with a hair dryer for 30 seconds.

  4. Then, brush your bangs away from your face.

  5. So that the bangs do not fall apart and lose their shape during styling of the bulk of the hair, wind it around large-diameter curlers and secure it with an invisibility.

  6. At the end of styling, remove the curlers and divide the bangs into two parts with a straight parting. Lightly spray your bangs with hairspray (we suggest using Infinium Pure Strong) - do not overdo it to eliminate the risk of hair sticking.

Slanting bangs

Slanted elongated bangs are successfully combined not only with classic haircuts, but also with daring short hairstyles.

Styling such bangs does not require much effort. But care should be chosen as competently as possible. If your curls are frizzy and tangled, use a smoothing shampoo and hair conditioner. Garnier Fructis Triple Recovery Strengthening Shampoo and Balm will do.

Garnier Fructis Cucumber Freshness for hair prone to oiliness.

Ragged bangs

An elongated version of the torn bangs is a smooth transition from long strands on the sides to short ones in the center. You can style such bangs using the brushing technique or on curlers.

How to cut long bangs?

Many are wondering how to make an elongated bang at home. The easiest way is to twist the selected part of the hair into a tourniquet and cut to the desired length. But even in this case, it is useful to know some tricks and life hacks.

  • Hair must be clean, so be sure to wash it before cutting it.
  • It is recommended to cut dry hair, especially if you are doing it yourself for the first time. So you will not be mistaken in calculating the final length of the bangs.
  • The optimal length is to the middle of the face or slightly lower. In this situation, the bangs will not bother you (if necessary, it can be removed behind the ears).
  • Cut with a little extra length so that you can correct unevenness and profile the bangs.
  • Don't leave the bangs too thick - it can make the face visually heavier.

Now you know how to cut long bangs at home.

Elongated bangs: stylists answer readers' questions

I really want to cut my long bangs, but I have oily skin. Will bangs get dirty?

Unfortunately, this happens. In owners of oily skin, the hair really gets dirty faster. A temporary but effective solution to the problem can be dry shampoo, which instantly absorbs excess oil on the hair.

How often do you need to do the correction of elongated bangs and can you handle it yourself?

Renew bangs is recommended every 1-2 months. At home, trimming bangs is not so difficult - just watch a few training videos on this topic.

Which style is best for long bangs?

It is best to use products with a light texture. Such styling will not overload the hair. Choose mousses, sprays and varnishes with a medium degree of fixation.

Can I leave out long bangs?

It is not necessary to wind bangs every day using the brushing technique or do more complex styling. Long bangs are good because they can always be removed behind the ears or stabbed with invisible people.