It's not just girls who dream of waking up with a perfect hairdo. Young people are also not averse to reducing the time of morning preparations. Well, nothing is impossible! Let's tell you what men's haircuts are good on their own, without styling

Features of men's haircuts that do not require styling

The number of barbershops is steadily growing, which means that modern men try to look not only well-groomed, but also stylish. They are trendy and ready to change their look, and a haircut is the easiest and fastest way to freshen up your look.

But this approach has some costs: after visiting a stylist, many young people have to master the art of styling - otherwise, the hair does not always look the way the master intended. Most do not see this beauty routine as a problem, especially if you have the time and the right styling products.

But if a man wants to do without styling, then the choice of haircut should be approached with passion.

Men's haircuts that do not need to be styled are a real gift for those who are always in a hurry.

However, no one is immune from a broken alarm clock or other force majeure circumstances that can undermine the reputation of a fashionable but sophisticated men's haircut.

Tips for men's hairstyles

What should men look out for when opting for no-styling hairstyles?

  • The shape of the face. Owners of a square or oval face are recommended simple haircuts without complex details (including without bangs). It is worth avoiding only ultra-short hairstyles and an overloaded top. Young people with an elongated face are shown short haircuts without volume at the crown. It makes sense to select only the side zones. And chubby men, on the contrary, go for stylish haircuts with shaved temples and a slightly loose top.

  • Hair structure. Men with straight thin hair can opt for haircuts with geometrically sharp angles. For owners of thin and curly hair, a semi-box will be a winning solution, which visually makes the hair thicker. And for those who have thick curly curls, asymmetric hairstyles with torn ends will suit.

  • Image. Let's say a man found a haircut that does not require styling, but it involves long, stylishly careless strands. It is clear that such a choice does not correspond to the business style.In this case, you can use the non-standard advice of our fashion colleagues: find attractive movie characters of your profession and be inspired by their images.

  • Trends. We did not accidentally carry this block to the end. Of course, you shouldn’t cut your hair like in the 19th century, but you don’t have to follow the latest fashion of 2023 either. Choose the golden mean, and even better - the classics. If you find in these categories men's haircuts that are ideal for you and do not require styling, then you will not have to look for new options in a year - your choice will still be relevant, which, of course, is convenient and practical.

Short men's haircuts you don't have to style

When it comes to men's straight cuts, short haircuts are the first thing that comes to mind.


It is logical to start looking with hairstyles popular among athletes. They certainly know how to choose a low-maintenance haircut that will look attractive after three tennis sets and after an hour of running.These hairstyles include classic boxing. Hair should be short around the entire perimeter of the head, and even shorter at the back of the head and temples.

Half box

Another men's haircut that looks great without styling and is suitable for every day is the half-box. The hairstyle is almost identical to boxing, but there is still a difference: as a rule, the length of hair with a half-box is 3-4 centimeters longer.


Remember Justin Timberlake and his neat short haircut. The singer and actor often appeared in public, demonstrating the Canadian - another popular men's haircut that allows you to do without styling.


The same ultra-short hair length around the entire perimeter of the head is a hedgehog. As you and I understand, there is no need to talk about styling here.


The photo shows that the haircut divides the head into conditional zones. The first is the temples, which are shaved almost to zero, the second and third are the short and neatly trimmed back of the head and crown.

Men's medium length haircuts that look great without styling

Yes, it's possible. Men's medium length haircuts can also have a complete look without any styling. What are these "pearls" ?


If a man has rather coarse hair, then a polka should be considered as a medium-length haircut. There is, however, some doubt that it will be possible to do without styling at all: after all, the strands at the crown are quite long and someone may need additional fixation. However, putting a couple of drops of gel on the palm of your hand and combing the strands in the right direction is not so difficult, right?


And again, quite long hair at the crown, which will keep its shape in two cases: 1) if you initially have obedient hard curls; 2) if you're willing to spend a couple of minutes guiding your strands with mousse or gel.


Any fade is the smoothest possible transition from ultra-short strands to medium or long ones. To make styling easier or avoid it, it is better to limit the length of the strands to average values.

Top Knot

For owners of a small tail on the back of the head, styling takes at most 2 minutes. Agree, this is nothing compared to the effect that this hairstyle has on others.

Long men's hairstyles that don't need to be styled

Thought this section would be empty? But no - long hair can also lie beautifully without help.


If you have coarse hair, then an experienced stylist will easily prove that the cascade can be quite obedient hairstyle.

But if you have doubts or something went wrong, use a moisturizing hair balm: with it, the curls will not only become more obedient, but will also look well-groomed.


Men's bob is a hairstyle that can look casual and elegant at the same time. Yes, stylishly disheveled strands suit romantic heroes, and nothing can be done about it.

Side parting

You ask, how can a parting affect the discipline of a hairstyle? Professionals explain that even a slight asymmetry reduces the requirements for styling rigor. A trick that doesn't hurt to take note.

Hair back

Men's haircuts "without styling" sometimes still require minimal adjustment. For example, if you choose a haircut with strands of different lengths, then after washing your hair, we recommend combing your hair back and waiting until it dries in this position.

Unstyled haircuts for naughty hair

Are the so-called unstyled men's hairstyles available to owners of naughty hair? The experts nod in the affirmative. Moreover, they believe that the willfulness of the strands can be stylistically in good stead if you choose haircuts such as graduated bob and polka. But here, of course, it is important to find a talented stylist: working with long hair is already not easy, and if they are also naughty, then the experience and skills of the master are doubly important.

Pro Tips

We love the Q&A section for useful additional information and helpful tips in specific cases.

What men's haircuts are relevant in 2023 and look beautiful without styling?

Many experts agree that half-boxing and boxing is a classic that this season occupies the top lines in the fashion haircut ratings. Well, the fact that they are unpretentious in styling, we have already discussed above.

What men's haircut would suit a young man with curly hair if he wants to go without styling?

Happy owners of elastic curls can choose a haircut with bangs, such as British or Polka.

Men's no-styling hairstyles exclude bangs?

Not at all! Although, of course, your doubts are not unfounded: for the most part, men's haircuts that do not require styling involve an open forehead. But there are exceptions. Try long side swept bangs if your hair is straight and short if you have curly hair.