Effective cream, foam or styling spray can provide an invaluable service. What to choose means for creating curls for curly hair, and which ones for straight hair, we will tell in this article

Types of tools for creating curls on straight hair and not only

There are not so many professional cosmetics for shaping curls. As a rule, stylists use classic styling products with a fixation effect to create curls, and experienced craftsmen succeed in excellent styling with their help. We offer to evaluate the results and at the same time be inspired by scrolling through the photo gallery below.

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If you are new to this business, then you will have to select foams and mousses by trial and error. To shorten your search time, focus on narrow hair products. In this article, we have collected proven tools for creating curls and curls. Trusted by experienced stylists all over the world.


It's hard to find a more versatile styling tool - it is also suitable for styling curls.But if you dive into the topic, it becomes clear that foam foam is different, and even in the assortment of one brand in this category there are products of different effects. For example, L'Oréal Professionnel has two mousses: Full Volume Extra and Transformer. The former is for fine hair that lacks volume, while the latter is for those who need to hold their hair or emphasize curls.


Spray products are the most convenient to use, including as styling to create curls. The reason is obvious: you can apply the product without practically getting your hands dirty. For example, with the Tecni.ART Beach Waves texturizing spray, it is easy to achieve the effect of beach curls. The key to this natural result is sea s alt, the main active ingredient in L'Oréal Professionnel.

Thermal protection

Curl curlers are more than just cosmetics for transforming and fixing strands.

Whether you want to straighten or curl your hair, before styling with hot tools it is important to apply high-quality thermal protection to the curls.

Today it is quite common to find multifunctional tools in this category. The products of the same L'Oréal Professionnel will not disappoint. Their Blow Dry cream not only protects hair from the traumatic effects of high temperatures (up to 230 degrees), but also has a memory function, that is, it helps to return curls to a given shape if, for example, you crushed them with a hat.


Products for creating curls on straight hair must have the function of super-strong hold - otherwise, your work aimed at curling may be almost in vain.

Fixatives for curls and ringlets, of course, include hairspray. We also recommend adding Matrix's StyleLink Fixer to your basic styling kit.

How to create curls without a curling iron: step by step instructions

Women with wavy and curly locks have an advantage over girls with straight hair: it is easier for them to achieve bouncy curls without the use of hot tools. Still, such hair is a priori ready to fit into curls - it remains only to help them with this.

Catch a simple step by step guide to creating beach curls. Tools that will be useful for this are attached.

  1. Wash your hair. Girls with straight and slightly curly hair can do it in the classic way, but for those with curly strands, we advise you to comb your hair right in the shower - immediately after applying hair balm (this way you minimize the risk of injuring your curls).

  2. Then apply heat protection cream to the dried strands and partially dry the curls with a hair dryer.

  3. Arm yourself with a beach curl tool. Generally, these products are suitable for both curly and straight hair.

  4. Dry the strands with a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment: it will help to give the strands the very shape that produces the effect of "after the sea" .

  5. Fix with hairspray (if you think the curler needs a boost).

Types of care products for curled and curly hair

If your hair is curly on its own, it needs special care. Because curly hair has a special structure. The finer the curls, the more porous the hair, the more prone it is to moisture loss. What products for curly hair to pay attention to, we will tell below.

Curl Shampoo

What cleansers should be used to make hair curly, more precisely, to make it easier to curl? First of all, soft. As a rule, the formulas of such shampoos do not contain sulfates, and therefore do not foam. Not everyone knows, but L'Oréal Paris has three sulfate-free care shampoos in the Elseve range - for colored, dry and damaged hair.

If you feel that such a light cleansing is not enough, periodically alternate "low shampoos" with classic products.

And remember: even if you have long hair, shampoo should only be applied to the root zone, after lathering it in the palms of your hands. To cleanse the hair along the entire length, the resulting foam will be enough. This washing technology prevents overdrying of strands and split ends.

Balm Conditioner

It is used in the second stage of shampooing to smooth the hair cuticle. For curly hair, it is of particular importance, because the means for creating curls work better on prepared strands. need to. So a conditioner is a must.

You can find this in the Garnier Fructis Superfood range. For example, a product with aloe, according to brand experts, does not weigh down curls, which is very important for owners of playful curls.


With regular styling with tongs and curling irons, we recommend adding a variety of masks to your home care. They can be alternated: in the first week, use a moisturizing, for example, with Garnier aloe vera, in the second, a firming one (we vote for an arginine product from L’Oréal Paris), and in the third, a nourishing or restorative from the Botanic Therapy series.

Indelible cream

Another way to strengthen weakened curls is to use leave-in products after each wash. L’Oréal Paris has an interesting serum in its exclusive Botanicals Fresh Care cosmetics collection. For example, the Brittle Hair Serum contains a range of beneficial ingredients, from coriander and sunflower seed oils to ginger extract and coconut oil.

Did you ask? Answer!

Inspired by photo ideas, they gave instructions on what products to buy - they told me. The remaining space will be dedicated to answering specific questions.

Which curl product gives hair volume at the roots?

We recommend choosing foam or mousse curling products. Apply them not only along the length of the hair, but also on the root zone and dry the strands first in the upside down position, and then with a tunnel comb, lifting the strands up and to the side.

Can curl products tame frizz?

If your goal is to discipline curly strands and make them more manageable, try applying a gel with fixing properties to wet strands before styling with a curling iron. Our editors vote for Super Fixer Modeling Gel from Matrix.

Recommend good products for styling curls that give curls elasticity.

For beautiful curls, experts recommend L'Oréal Professionnel's Spiral Queen mousse. It can be applied to the strands before blow-drying or before drying naturally. For girls with naturally curly hair, it's even easier: they can apply the product on dry hair, which will give curls the definition that many strive for.

Which curl products are good for curly hair?

If your hair is curly enough, it makes sense to shift the focus from fixation to extra care.Why not, for example, give the curls extra shine, more "obedience" to maintain elastic curls? L’Oréal Professionnel Siren Waves Elastic Cream from L’Oréal Professionnel will do the job.