Several years ago, men's hairstyles with a tail literally burst into fashion ratings, and very soon they could be seen not only on trendsetters. How are things going with this styling in 2023? Let's show the most up-to-date versions with concrete examples

Ponytail hairstyles for men - who will suit them?

Some people think that a man's hairstyle with a ponytail speaks of a certain character, others are sure that this is just a practical and fashionable solution. Well, both are right.Let's start the discussion of the topic with illustrative examples that show how different men's haircuts with a tail on the back of the head can be. Young guys often complement the haircut with shaved temples. And many athletic men believe that a samurai tail or bun is an integral part of their style.

But do all men have tails? We conducted a mini-investigation and came to the conclusion that the men's hairstyle with an elastic band is the most popular among those who wear a beard. men with a variety of ideas about beauty can pick up a style-forming ponytail.

Let's start with creative professions. Artists, journalists and photographers love freedom. They appreciate it in work, in lifestyle and, of course, in self-expression. Not everyone is ready to visit the barber once every 3 weeks in order to trim the undercut or box. It is much easier to tie a ponytail on top, agree!

Men's haircuts with a tail are also relevant for athletes. Firstly, it's convenient: most of the hair is collected at the back, and the strands that break out are easy to style with a gel (by the way, the excellent Fix Max extra-strong styling product is presented in the L'Oréal Professionnel line).

Besides, it is worth recognizing that many football players and tennis players like this hairstyle very well. For a long time she was preferred by David Beckham, who, along with his wife, does not leave the lists of the most stylish couples in the world.

If we talk about the current season, men's haircuts with a ponytail can also be seen in business centers. Yes, free style is not accepted in every company, but in 2023 meeting a successful IT specialist with a ponytail is a common thing. As for the world of cinema and show business, the stars took to the red carpet more than once in elegant suits, complementing the image with such a hairstyle.

Types of men's ponytail hairstyles: 2023 trends

We offer to dive into the topic thoroughly - to see exactly how men's hairstyles with a ponytail can look, who they suit and how to style them so that the image is neat and stylish.


Men who wear long hair below their shoulders just need some simple styling skills and a set of elastic bands.

You can collect strands in different ways: some prefer an even parting, others prefer slicked back hair. But for both, it is important to use a balm after shampoo, which will facilitate combing and make the strands more obedient.

This task will be handled by the product from the Elseve Hyaluron Filler line. It should be applied to the hair only along the length (indented from the roots) and washed off after 1-2 minutes.

Ponytail and shaved temples

It takes a certain amount of courage for men to wear long hair. With shaved temples, the situation is similar. By the way, if you decide on this option, keep in mind that the stylist will not be able to skip the scheduled session unnoticed: the hair on the temples grows quite quickly and may look untidy.

Ponytail on top

The high ponytail has a lifting effect not only for women, but also for men.

It is not necessary to pull the hair tight at the same time (this negatively affects the condition of the bulbs) - you can do a texturizing styling using literally a drop of clay or paste in the root zone.

Tail on the back of the head

Hair collected a little lower is not so common. This option can be advised to men with an elongated face. At the same time, shaved temples should be avoided, keeping a small volume on the side zones. Hair mousse or powder will help with this.

The first is easy to apply to damp hair before drying, and the second is easy to use throughout the day.

Weave hairstyles

It's hard to imagine a more practical option for men with long hair. You can braid one braid, but a combination of several braids of different widths, arranged in a chaotic manner, looks more stylish.

If suddenly you have already mastered independent weaving, do not forget to sprinkle the result with hairspray at the end.

Ponytail combined with loose hair

" Assembled, but not all" - this is how the male version of the Malvinka looks, and it looks, admittedly, quite brutal. The loose style of the hairstyle is in line with the image of a surfer or a sailor, and it is easy to make it at home.

If you use a sea s alt spray, your hair will look like after a day at the beach.


This is what the hairstyles of Japanese samurai were called, but in the modern world, men-bun means various options for men's haircuts with a ponytail or a bun. As a rule, they are fixed at the crown, and the hair near the face must be strictly removed. The Matrix Super Fixer modeling gel will handle the last task.


To make a top knot, the length of the hair at the back of the head should be at least 15 centimeters, while the sides and back at the bottom are cut shorter. How to collect hair - in a ponytail or a bun - choose to your taste. By the way, in recent years, this haircut is also done for boys. It looks especially cute if the child's dad wears the same haircut.

Chinese style tail

The oriental variation of the male hairstyle with a tail looks very concise. The length and location of the tail is optional, but what is unchanged is the obligatory shaved temples. In addition, it is important to keep the haircut in perfect condition, giving the curls extra shine with hairspray.

Classic bun

Young people with medium length hair can choose this hairstyle - it should not be a voluminous bun, but a small and neat knot.

How to make a ponytail (bun) for a man?

Men's ponytail hairstyle is pretty easy to do. It is not necessary to sign up for a barbershop - we will tell you how to style your hair at home and what products and accessories will help with this.

  1. Wash your hair. Recall that young people with long hair, in addition to shampoo, should use conditioner - so the strands will become softer and more manageable. It is enough to keep the product on the hair for 1-2 minutes, after which it must be washed off.

  2. Lightly dry your hair by blotting it with a towel, and apply styling mousse to the strands, trying to distribute the product as evenly as possible.As a rule, a small portion of the volume of a golf ball is sufficient for medium length. Dry your hair with a hair dryer, brushing it back.

  3. Use a comb to gather the hair at the back of your head and secure it with an elastic band so that it is held tight yet comfortable.

  4. Finish your hair by spraying hairspray on the roots. The bottle should be kept at a distance of 30–40 centimeters from the head.

Pro Tips

Ready to continue discussing men's ponytail hairstyles? If so, let's move on to our traditional Q&A section.

How to make a ponytail for a man so that his hairstyle lasts all day?

Several factors influence the result. First, you need reliable accessories. Avoid elastic bands of small diameter: it is difficult to style your hair with them.Secondly, if you have hard or fluffy strands, you should use professional styling. Our editors trust the Matrix and L’Oréal Professionnel brands, which have products for hair of various types in their arsenal. For a secure hold, use a specialized product twice: first after washing your hair, and then after you collect your hair in a ponytail.

What is the samurai-inspired ponytail hairstyle for men called?

This men's ponytail haircut has an unusual and memorable name - "men-bun" (see above). From English, by the way, it is translated like this: “male bundle”. But in Russia, experts call only a certain type of beams that way.