Today we will dispel the myth that short hair limits girls in experiments. We have collected the most interesting, in our opinion, ideas that will be relevant in 2023

Easy hairstyles for short hair: ideas for every day

Short haircuts are good because it takes incomparably less time to create a hairstyle than in the case of long curls. At the same time, hair can look cool and unusual, even if you spent no more than 5 minutes styling it.


Among the beautiful hairstyles designed for short hair, there is also a concise low bun. Depending on the wishes, a comfortable and practical hairstyle can look elegant and strict or more casual.


Classic bob is a short hairstyle that looks great in many variations. We note at the same time that the waves (smooth or outlined) on strands of this length look especially attractive. Charlize Theron and Emma Stone will not let you lie.


For those who are looking for original options, it makes sense to consider such an option as a textured pixie haircut. A rather simple-looking hairstyle gives short hair a noticeable visual volume.

Hyaluron Filler range from L'Oréal Paris (hair will become denser) and Height Riser from Matrix (one of our editors' favorite products for root volume) will help to consolidate the effect of thick styling.

Long bob

Of course, an elongated bob can simply be pulled out as a standard, but it is much more interesting to make broken curls - we are ready to recommend this hairstyle for every day.


For those who appreciate lightness in hairstyles, we advise you to pay attention to the bob haircut - another popular choice for short hair. Styling is a breeze: L'Oréal Professionnel's Blow Dry Thermal Protective Cream, blow dryer and round brush are all you need to achieve photo-perfect results.


Listing beautiful hairstyles based on short hair, in 2023 you can not miss the cascading haircut. But it is important to remember: such a hairstyle should be supplemented only with actual coloring, otherwise the cascade will look like a styling from the 1990s that has not been rethought and “modernized”.


Properly designed garcon surprisingly emphasizes the beauty of the eyes. This was clearly proven by Emma Watson, Anne Hathaway and Zendaya.

Beautiful evening hairstyles for short hair

Not everyone knows how to style short hair if a gala evening event is planned. And there are many such ideas. We have collected different ones, from tender to funny - choose!

Cold wave

For girls who are going to a party in the style of Gatsby, a hairstyle called "cold wave" will come in handy. At the same time, it is not necessary to wind the curls taken back - separate part of the hair from the face and work with hot tools only on it.

Texture styling

If you decide to step by step try on all available hairstyles for your short hair, we advise you not to pass by texture styling. Additional volume is provided a priori, and what emphasis should be placed: on the root zone, on the length or combined - see for yourself.


If you have short hair, try braiding braids with your own hands - this way you will add an option to the piggy bank of hairstyles that will be appropriate not only for every day, but also for evening events.

Radial volume

It's no secret that girls often switch to short lengths just for the sake of voluminous styling. And it works! Add L'Oréal Professionnel Mousse and Matrix Spray to your beauty arsenal for a boost.


Curls on short hair is an option for red carpets. The stars prove it year after year. To make this hairstyle last all evening, at the end of the styling, fix the result with extra strong hold hairspray.


Brushing short hair is much easier than long hair. Do not forget to distribute a heat-protective cream over the strands before drying. And be inspired by our selection of evening hairstyles that are easy to repeat with a hairdryer and comb!

Slicked back

If there is only half an hour left before the start of the evening event and you obviously do not have time to wash your hair, take the gel with the effect of a wet finish and style your hair with it back as shown in the photo.

Beautiful hairstyles for short curly hair

For girls with natural curls, recommendations for hairstyles designed for short hair do not differ from those for straight hair. But the approach to cutting and styling will be different.


On short hair, this bob-like hairstyle is often accompanied by bangs. Styling is recommended to be done with a hair dryer and a comb, having previously distributed the Transformer universal mousse gel from L’Oréal Professionnel over the strands. The tool helps to achieve root volume and fix the result.


In short lengths, for example in the case of choosing a pixie hairstyle, it is easier to discipline curly hair and get cool styling - as in the photo. L'Oréal Professionnel Bounce & Tender Cream Gel helps define curls and protect curls from environmental aggressors.


It's easy to style your own bob-car on short hair. Apply heat protection to semi-moist strands (a large selection of products with this function can be found at L’Oréal Paris), dry them by pulling them out with a comb, and then wind them on large-diameter tongs.When the curls are dry, gently fluff them with your hands and fix the result with hairspray.

Asymmetrical options

Lack of symmetry is a tricky move, distracting from the costs of short curly hair, which is difficult to style and quickly lose shape after it.

You can make broken curls with an iron and throw them to one side, fixing the styling with hairpins or invisible.

Or do the same manipulations with an iron, and then create a high hairstyle with curls gathered at the crown.


At very short lengths, for example when cutting a garcon, curly hair is not so easy to show its capriciousness. Therefore, for women with naughty strands, this hairstyle is a great solution.

Express method: how to style short hair quickly?

Who doesn't want to learn how to create hairstyles based on short hair that would suit every day? Complex options will not be offered. Follow our instructions!

  1. Wash your hair and gently pat your hair dry with a soft towel.

  2. Blow dry your hair using the concentrator and round brush.

  3. Distribute L'Oréal Professionnel Full Volume Extra mousse over the length and root zone.

  4. After dividing your hair into several parts, start styling strands at the back of your head. Stretch and slightly twist the curls with a round comb, directing warm air flow at them with a hair dryer.

  5. Then, gently blow-dry your hair at the root, either upside down or by tossing the strands from one side of the parting to the other.

  6. Continue to style the rest of your hair in the same way as on the back of your head. In choosing a direction, one must be consistent: either from the face or to the face.

  7. Fix the result with hairspray with a moving hold effect. There is one in the Matrix collection.

Editor's Tips

We looked at dozens of hairstyles for short hair and smoothly approached the Q&A section.

What is the best hairstyle to do on short hair if I have a bob and a minimum of styling time?

Bob-cars can't always be tied up, but invisible ones will serve you well anyway. Comb your hair thoroughly (if the strands are frizzy, tame them with gel or oil) and pin the strands over your ears.

How to make an elegant hairstyle on short hair if I want it to harmonize with red lipstick makeup?

If you decide on a bright lipstick, it is better to choose a concise styling option. You can try on a high hairstyle, but if the length does not allow you to create it, then a smooth styling with strands taken back and fixed with a gel will do.

What fashionable and festive hairstyle can be done on short hair for a photo shoot?

We offer to master texture styling. We recommend using sea s alt spray.

Please advise a hairstyle based on very short hair.

We recommend the garcon. In our opinion, this is one of the most comfortable haircuts.