Stars choose this hairstyle not only for a status pass on the red carpet. It is good for both fashionable selfies and everyday looks. How to do your own wet styling?

Who is the wet look for?

We hurry to please you: styling with the effect of wet hair suits almost everyone. Trendsetters tried on the first versions of this hairstyle back in the 80s of the last century, but it got into fashion ratings at the beginning of the 2000s.

In order not to be unfounded, we propose to consider the effect of wet hair on examples. It can be seen that the hairstyle looks interesting on both straight hair and curly hair. The length does not really matter: wet styling is possible both on the basis of short haircuts and on long hair.

Is the wet-look styling designed for any specific haircuts? The answer is negative. However, no one canceled personal preferences.

If you want to add volume to your hair, bet on texture - below we will tell you what tools will help with this.

But the easiest option is to do a "wet" styling, as in the photo, combing the curls back with a gel. It looks like you just popped out of the pool beautifully, doesn't it?

Types of products for "wet" hair styling

As you might guess, creating the effect of wet hair is easier than a lung in the shower. But such a natural styling will last no longer than half an hour, because the strands dry out pretty quickly even without a hair dryer. Therefore, we suggest using proven methods and adopting tools that will allow you to achieve a long-lasting effect of wet hair without much effort.


The most popular product for creating the effect of wet hair at home is, of course, gel. But this mission is not for everyone. For example, it is better to postpone gels with extra strong fixation: after all, the styling should look like the curls are just wet. But Liss Control from L’Oréal Professionnel will do the job in the best way.

It has a slight fixing effect and gives the curls a nice shine.

The main thing is to spare no expense, otherwise the wet effect hairstyle will not live up to its name.


Lot 2 in the wet effect styling category is foam or mousse (the difference can't always be seen with the naked eye). Experts recommend this format of styling products for girls with medium-length wavy curls. For example, L’Oréal Professionnel’s Volume Lift spray mousse performs three functions at once: it protects the strands during styling with hot tools, adds volume to the hair, and, if necessary, allows you to get a textured “wet” hairstyle.


Using lacquer, you can experiment with smooth styling - for example, make a fashionable ponytail with the effect of wet hair, as in the photo.

The tool is useful both for smoothing the hair at the roots, and for working out the tail itself, which should be generously flavored with varnish that adds shine. We found one at L'Oréal Professionnel.


If you're more comfortable with a creamy texture, try Matrix's Smooth Setter. At least save on styling, because this cream has various useful properties, including a smoothing effect, which means that you can make a haircut a la wet hair at home, and at the same time you can discipline the strands with one tool.


On short hair, a wet effect is easy to achieve with wax. Our advice is to go for one that has texturizing properties, like Matrix's 3 in 1 Over Achiever. Thanks to its creamy texture, it is easy to distribute through the hair. And for a wet finish, it is recommended to mix it with a couple of drops of hair oil before applying the wax.

Wet hair styling technique

Eager for a wet hair look like the pictures above? We suggest you practice on smooth styling: it's easier for beginners, but it looks very cool.

  1. There is no need to wash your hair immediately before styling. If you do this the day before your procedure, your hair will likely be even more manageable.

  2. It's important for us to achieve the effect of a smooth head, so arm yourself with a classic flat comb with tightly set teeth and gently comb your hair from the very roots. Gather them into a high ponytail and secure with an elastic band. If you notice unevenness, we recommend rebuilding the tail while working with the comb.

  3. To style your hair, take one strand from the ponytail (the lower the better) and wrap it around the elastic, overlapping the hair. Secure the end of the strand with a hairpin or invisible.

  4. Mix a couple of drops of hair oil and styling wax in the palms of your hands and spread the resulting mix through your hair with quick movements, moving from the hairline at the forehead to the elastic.

  5. Do the same with the strands in the tail, moving down from the elastic. Spare no expense: redundancy in this case does not hurt.

  6. Seal with high gloss hairspray.

Features of styling on curly hair

Wet effect looks especially attractive on curly hair. This styling technique was adopted by the stylists of the stars of the rank of Beyoncé and Rihanna. And we will repeat it at home!

  1. Wash your hair first. Since curly hair is almost always moisture deficient, it is better to give preference to shampoo and balm with hyaluronic acid or aloe vera in the composition.

  2. Using a wide-toothed comb, apply hair mousse to slightly damp strands after washing.

  3. Cut your curls in the usual way. If the strands themselves take the form of elastic curls, you can do without a hair dryer. If they need help, the best option is to dry with a diffuser.

  4. Apply oil to dry hair, warming it up a little in your hands. Control the dose depending on the length and thickness of the hair. It is important to find a balance here: on the one hand, the hairstyle should shine, creating the effect of wet hair, on the other hand, it is important that the curls do not lose their shape from excessive styling.

Features of "wet" styling of long and short hair

There are a few more life hacks that are useful to know about before you start styling. These recommendations will help you understand what the wet effect on the hair should be.

  • Know the measure. If you are not experienced with this type of hairstyle, apply gel, mousse or wax in small doses, adjusting the amount during styling.

  • If there is also root volume in the plans, give it priority. Dry the hair at the roots first, and then take care of the length. If following the procedure did not work out, apply texturizing powder or spray to the root zone at the end of styling.

  • Girls with curly locks can try sea s alt spray as a styling tool. At the same time, ⅔ of the prescribed styling volume is applied to wet hair, and ⅓ to dried curls.

Styling details: professional advice

As always, at the end of the article we answer readers' questions on the topic.

How to achieve the effect of wet hair on short strands and can I do it if I have a bob?

Why not give it a try? We like two options: the hair pulled back and the textured styling that evokes beach holidays.

How to get the effect of wet hair if you style dry curls?

Experiment with a gel that works on dry hair. In our opinion, this is one of the easiest tools to use.

They say gelatin is used for the effect of wet hair - is this true and how to do it right?

We have heard about this method, but we doubt the rationality of its application. Gelatin gelatin is different, and there is a high risk of not only transferring the product, but also spoiling the hairstyle. It is better to give preference to proven products of professional brands, such as L'Oréal Professionnel, Matrix for styling, and for hair care and shine - L'Oréal Paris and Garnier.

I bought wax to create a wet effect on my hair, but I don't know how to make the application even.

First, warm the wax in your palms, and then distribute it with a comb, if necessary, apply the product along the entire length of the strands.

How to do a "wet" styling if you want to keep the basal volume?

There are several tips. If you have heavy, dense hair, try to minimize the use of products with an oily texture. To achieve a wet finish, give preference to styling with the so-called dry texture (this can be a varnish or spray) or a lightweight formula (these are mousses and foams). Create the desired volume and fix it with a proven tool.