Do you dream of trying on an elongated bob? In this material we will tell and show who this haircut suits and what it can be

What does a long bob look like?

The hairstyle associated with Tarantino's heroines, models defiling on the catwalk, and just stylish girls from different eras is a bob below the shoulders.

In the photo it is easy to see the chip of an elongated caret. First of all, this, of course, is a characteristic cut, with short strands at the back of the head and long ones to the shoulders - at the face.


Elongated caret - a haircut is very popular, and there are several reasons for this popular love. Let's name the main advantages of the ever-fashionable hairstyle.

  • She is capable of visually correcting the shape of her face. That is why various options for an elongated caret are chosen, for example, by owners of a round face.

  • Unlike the classic version of the square, it is easier to experiment with an elongated one. You can even collect curls in a ponytail or a bun so that, for example, strands do not go into your eyes during sports.

  • A square just below the shoulders does not need to be updated regularly - it is enough to visit the stylist about once every 3 months.

Who suits the elongated caret?

Selecting a haircut taking into account the individual characteristics of appearance is the right strategy. Thus, you will emphasize the dignity, and facilitate the installation process.

Let's start with hair type. Perhaps the elongated caret looks best on straight thick hair.

Curly strands are not a hindrance if you allow time for straightening curls with an iron (or, conversely, winding them with tongs). But very curly hair can disrupt the proportions of the haircut. As for thin hair, they will be given volume by a bob with a high nape, which is more often associated with a bob haircut.

When you understand that a haircut suits you in all respects, decide on its type. Girls with an oval face shape are any variations of the caret. Therefore, it is better to build on the structure of the hair. If they are curly, look for a creative layered haircut with thinning. And the owners of straight curls in 2023-2024 can choose the current version with an even cut.

For women with a square face, stylists recommend haircuts that visually soften the features - an elongated bob is just one of them. We offer two options to choose from: an asymmetrical voluminous haircut with collarbone front strands or a more symmetrical shape with bangs.

A heart-shaped face is a condition for side parting and laconic styling without bangs, with straight strands.

With an elongated oval, it is preferable to try on an elongated even bob, and during styling - give volume to the hairstyle roots and texture along the length.

Matrix's High Amplify spray and L'Oréal Professionnel's Web modeling paste will help you cope with these tasks.

Chubby girls will love L'Oréal Professionnel's Liss Control+ smoothness control serum. Straight strands near the face will make the face optically narrower.

Photo ideas for cutting and styling an elongated caret: trends 2023-2024

Haircut tomorrow? Help the stylist by offering him ready-made references. We have collected the most fashionable.

Front extension

When it comes to the elongated square, we most often imagine the version that Victoria Beckham popularized. We have no doubts about her sense of style - if you are too, then go ahead, try on a square with lengthening at the face. An elegant strict look is guaranteed.

Below shoulders

On the one hand, it's a pity to part with long curls, on the other hand, I want to experiment. In this case, the best solution would be an elongated bob without bangs just below the shoulders, as in the photo.

We are sure that many will feel light after the haircut and will definitely be happy with the new quality of the tips. To keep them looking great for as long as possible, avoid styling without heat protectants and apply a moisturizing serum to the ends regularly. For example, "Hyaluron Filler" from L'Oréal Paris.

Elongated straight

Most often it is a smooth caret that causes love at first sight.

Some people just need to dry their curls to achieve this result, while others will have to use an iron and a smoothing serum.


Everything is standard here: a central parting, no bangs and a slight transition in length (the strands are a little longer on the face, a little shorter on the back).

High neck

When a stylist uses the expression "lift the crown" , he is talking about haircuts with a high nape. It is very convenient to shorten the strands at the back in the case of an elongated caret.

Ragged edges

You can give your hair a certain texture not only with styling products, but also with the help of an appropriate haircut. On an elongated square, uneven strands look very bold and modern. Do you agree?

Slanted parting

Such an asymmetry suits an elongated bob, but experts warn: about once a year, the place of the parting should be changed.


Thinning is “prescribed” for those who want to squeeze the maximum volume out of their hair, and with an elongated bob it is much easier to achieve this than with long strands.

Bob haircut technique with lengthening

Thinking about making an elongated bob yourself? In our opinion, the idea is extremely doubtful. The process involves a very detailed study of the strands and verified actions. Judge for yourself.

  1. You need to wash your hair, apply a disciplining agent and comb it thoroughly.

  2. Determine the location of the future parting.

  3. Designing a horizontal strip from ear to ear with a comb, divide the hair into two parts.

  4. At the central point of the back of the head, select the so-called control strand, cut it and, referring to it, achieve the desired length around the entire perimeter of the head: applying one strand after another to the control curl and each time cutting off a little less hair, moving from the back of the head towards the face.

  5. At the end, if necessary, you can make thinning to correct the final result.

Laying a long caret

What does an elongated caret look like without styling? Good, but boring. We offer you to master a more spectacular version of the hairstyle, which will perfectly complement not only daytime, but also evening looks.

  1. Hair should be clean and slightly damp.

  2. Apply heat protectant to ends.

  3. If you want to lift the strands, then you can optionally work out the root zone with a volume spray.

  4. Twist the strands alternately with a round comb, making movements from the face and simultaneously drying the curls with a hair dryer at medium temperature.

  5. Let your hair cool and smooth it out a little with your fingers.

  6. Fix the result with hairspray with the effect of moving styling.

Pro Tips

You can talk about a beautiful long square for a long time. We propose to continue the beauty discussion in the format of questions and answers.

Recently changed long hair to a bob. Do I need to change care?

Shampoo, if it was chosen taking into account the type of scalp, can be left - a haircut does not affect this parameter in any way. But with the balm and subsequent care, you can experiment. It might be better to switch to lightweight formulas so as not to weigh down a short haircut.

How long can the strands in front be longer than the rest with an elongated bob?

There shouldn't be a sharp drop in length. Take a look at the shots above: they show that even with long strands near the face, the styling maintains a smooth contour line.

Very long bob - what is it?

Some types of squares allow hair length to the shoulder blades, however, these options mostly refer to the classic version with an even cut. The maximum length of the elongated caret is up to the upper point of the chest.

Recommend styling products that can give basal volume and fix slightly curled ends.

How about one tool that can solve both problems? This is a universal gel-mousse Transformer from L'Oréal Professionnel. It has an average degree of fixation and wide functionality. You can use it on hair of any length and structure.