Dandelion effect gives girls a lot of trouble. We figure out with the help of experts how to remove frizzy hair and what means will help to cope with the problem

Why hair is fluffy: the main reasons

Analysis of the main reasons, perhaps, will give a clue to understanding why hair is frizzy in your case.

Naturally fluffy

Such hair is usually curly or curly. By its structure, fluffy hair is very porous, with open cuticle scales, devoid of natural shine and elasticity due to lack of moisture.

Natalia NazarovaFluffiness is characteristic of naturally curly hair, as well as thin wavy hair (especially for blondes). On the contrary, naturally straight hair will not fluff. The exception is long hair: their fluffiness can naturally appear and grow closer to the tips.

Heat damage to hair

If safety measures are not followed (in particular, if you refuse to use thermal protection), the use of hot stylers inevitably has a negative effect on the hair, as a result of which they begin to frizz.

Too frequent use of ironing, hair dryer or curling iron seriously injures hair. It is also important to note that dyed or bleached curls become even more vulnerable.


Reputable brands, including those for home use, have a balanced, soft formula, so the risk of damaging curls is minimized.However, they are easy to harm if you violate the instructions or neglect the individual characteristics of the hair when choosing a paint. If complex coloring or transition to lighter shades is expected, it is better to entrust this work to professionals.

Hair bleaching

The most common cause of acquired porosity and frizzy hair is bleaching. The procedure, frankly, is not the most useful for curls. Without proper hair care before and after, it can lead to depletion and dryness. Bleaching should be carried out in professional salons, where the hair will be provided with the necessary support, hydration and nutrition.


Perm can cause hair porosity, which means it is not recommended for owners of dry and damaged curls. To avoid this unpleasant side effect, we advise you to do a biowave: during this procedure, the masters use more gentle means, so it is suitable for almost everyone.

Fluffy Hair Review

How to make hair smooth and not frizzy? The most important thing is to choose the right care. Let's figure out what tools are needed for fluffy hair.


Fluffy and porous hair is important to clean properly. Not all shampoos are suitable for hair of this texture.

  • For regular cleansing, you should give preference to sulfate-free shampoos. For fluffy curls, for example, Elseve “Luxury 6 Oils” shampoo from L’Oréal Paris is suitable. It smoothes the hair and makes combing easier.
  • We found out that fluffy hair has a porous structure, so they need to be periodically deeply cleaned from styling residues and other contaminants. Matrix's Total Results High Amplify Shampoo is great for this and can be used once or twice a week.
  • If you dye your hair, then you should definitely have shampoos for colored hair on your bathroom shelf. They are designed specifically for gentle cleansing and maintaining the saturation of the shade.

Hair balm

Have you ever wondered why hair gets frizzy after washing? Chances are you haven't used a hair balm, and for fluffy curls, this is perhaps the most important care product.

What is a balm for? It smoothes the scales of the cuticle layer, which open under the influence of shampoo and warm water. So for owners of porous hair, this tool is simply irreplaceable. Botanicals Wild Saffron Balm from L'Oréal Paris will nourish your curls and help them become shiny and bouncy.


This tool will make sure that the hair does not frizz. It can be used both as a supplement and as a leave-in treatment.

We recommend trying Garnier Fructis Transformation Oil Elixir. It is designed to help detangle and smoothen frizzy hair.

Oil can be applied to dry or damp strands just before styling. It is important to remember that the product should be distributed only along the length of the hair, avoiding the root zone, so as not to overload the hair and not deprive it of volume.


Due to the long exposure time, the mask penetrates deep into the hair cuticle and nourishes it more intensively. We advise you to choose a mask from the same series as the shampoo and balm: in combination, these products will work as efficiently as possible.

If you're wondering how to get rid of frizzy curly hair, you can rely on L'Oréal Professionnel's Liss Unlimited mask. It is rich in keratin, which is so lacking in fluffy hair.After using the product, your curly fluffy hair will become manageable, moisturized and elastic.

How to remove frizzy hair: care rules

With the basic care products for fluffy hair, we figured it out. But what if you have chosen the right care products, but your hair is still fluffy and sticks out in different directions? Perhaps you are missing something in the care itself - for example, washing your hair incorrectly or not following the rules of styling or drying your hair.

What are the rules for daily care of fluffy hair?

Wash your hair properly

Yes, that's important too! Do not rub your scalp or hair too hard when washing - otherwise you will further tangle your hair and only increase the effect of fluffiness. It is necessary to lather a small amount of shampoo in the palms of your hands and apply it with light massaging movements to the root zone. The resulting foam will be enough to cleanse the hair along the entire length, the main thing is to carefully distribute it with stroking movements.

After washing, gently wring out the hair and pat it dry with a towel. If you are used to wrapping your head in a towel, we recommend using smooth cotton towels rather than terry towels.

Use thermal protection

Fluffy hair needs special protection from hot styling temperatures. Heat protectants must be applied to the strands before using any hot styler, including a hair dryer.

Before blow-drying, spread over damp curls, for example, L'Oréal Paris Elseve's Complete Repair 5 Repair Cream, and you will immediately see how effectively it moisturizes porous hair, making it denser.

For those who are afraid to overload their hair with a lot of styling, we advise you to choose styling products with a thermal protection function.

Dry your hair properly

How to make fluffy and dry hair smooth and heavy? It is important to learn how to properly dry your hair.

  • Do not dry your hair upside down (this option is often recommended for thin hair) - otherwise there is a risk that the cuticle scales will not close and you will most likely get a dandelion effect instead of a beautiful styling.
  • Brush dry your hair to make your curls smoother.
  • Using a hair dryer, direct the air stream in the direction of hair growth (from roots to tips).
  • Switch the hair dryer to medium temperature during drying, and at the end of the procedure - to cool at all.

Why hair gets frizzy: stylists' answers

How to remove frizzy hair with folk remedies?

Stylists recommend refraining from experimenting with folk remedies. Various homemade decoctions and masks can have an unpredictable effect on damaged hair, which, as a rule, includes frizzy hair.

Can you make your hair less frizzy by straightening it?

Straightening by itself will not completely eliminate fluffiness, but it will make hair more shiny and smooth. It is important to apply a heat protectant before using a flat iron and to follow all recommendations for the care of frizzy hair.

Dandelion effect with me since birth - is it possible to permanently remove frizzy hair?

The structure of the hair, unfortunately, cannot be changed in any way. But we say with confidence that the quality and appearance of fluffy hair can be significantly improved with the help of well-chosen home and salon care.

What professional frizzy hair treatments do you recommend?

Deep moisturizing and hair reconstruction procedures, which are selected taking into account the individual characteristics of your curls, give a good result. There is no universal recipe for taming fluffy hair - in each case, the specialist selects a personal set of procedures and care products.