This image is not in vain offered to try on in the most fashionable salons. He managed to conquer many stars of the first rank and light up on world-class red carpets. What shape of bangs to choose in 2023 and is it possible to cut the strands near the face on your own?

Bangs laid on two sides: how to choose the right option?

" I want long bangs! Although maybe torn is better? Yes, bangs laid on two sides attract many girls, but when it comes down to it, there are doubts about which option to prefer. It is important to rely on trends, but it is recommended to choose a hairstyle primarily taking into account the shape of the face.

For example, chubby girls will suit a long bang, divided in two, such as in the photo. Experts recommend the short version for owners of an elongated and / or triangular face.

It is not surprising that the bangs, which are laid on two sides, are in demand among women with a wide forehead - they are shown a relatively long version that covers the eyebrow line.

Is it important to consider the characteristics of the hair? The length is not so important - fashionable bangs look beautiful on both medium-length and short hair. But the structure is really worth paying attention to.

Girls with porous hair will be in the black: it is easier to give volume and shape to such strands. Those who can boast of the quality of their hair will have to tinker with styling. However, if you get the right styling tools, even thick and dense hair can be lifted and fixed.Leave the first task to Matrix Height Riser Powder and the second task to L'Oréal Professionnel Constructor texturizing spray.

There are also those who are not advised by experts to style their bangs on both sides. What can be considered contraindications?

  • Sparse hair

  • ultra-short haircuts,

  • lack of time for styling (the design of the bangs will take at least 10 minutes a day).

How to style bangs on two sides?

Cutting bangs is half the battle. Now let's talk about how the bangs should be laid on two sides. Let's share the most popular ways.

Brushing technique

  1. Bangs should be styled last, when the bulk of the hair is already framed properly.

  2. Apply mousse or volumizing gel to semi-moist bangs.

  3. Gather the whole bangs into one strand and wind it around a round comb. To get bangs spread out on both sides of the face, it is important to turn the strands in the direction from the forehead.

  4. Next, you should synchronize the movements: with one hand - pull the bangs up and slightly back, with the other - direct the air jet of the hair dryer at them.

  5. When you realize that the hair is dry, heat the strands wound around the round brush with hot air, and then turn off the hair dryer and wait until they cool down.

  6. Release the bangs from the comb and fix the result with varnish.

Using ironing

Styling bangs on both sides with an iron is technically easier: at least you don't need to wash your hair first, and the result will be more resistant compared to brushing.

It is important to remember about thermal protection. Without it, this method will be traumatic for the hair.

In order not to weigh down the strands, choose a styling 2 in 1 - with protective properties. There are not many such funds. L'Oréal Professionnel's PLI Thermal Modeling Spray works well.

As for the laying process itself, everything is simple here. First, they wind the right side of the bangs, taking it closer to the ear (the iron is rotated in the direction away from the face). Then they do the same on the other side, making sure that the movements are as smooth as possible.

Short cuts and split bangs: 2023 fashion trends

How to style short bangs on two sides? The task is not an easy one when it comes to a short haircut. After all, the strands near the face should harmoniously complement the hairstyle, the bangs cannot look like a foreign element.


Long bangs are not the most expected partner for a pixie haircut.This hairstyle is generally hard to imagine with bangs, but fashionable girls prove that anything is possible. If pixies are worn with asymmetrical bangs thrown to one side, then it seems reasonable to ask, why not try to style it on both sides?


You can surprise the stylist twice: first, by asking for a rather rare page haircut; secondly, offering to complement it with bangs.

Bangs styled on both sides, medium length hair

Medium length and bangs? Great duet! But how to style bangs, taking into account a specific haircut? We'll tell and show.


We definitely can't choose what looks more spectacular: cascade bangs, laid on two sides, combined with one-color coloring or beautiful highlights that stylists place around the entire perimeter of the hairstyle.

Straight cut

If you like clear geometric lines, you can cut the bangs and lay them on two sides as it is done in the photo below.

The main thing is that the styling of the bangs should be consistent with the overall style of the image: either all hair is straight or wavy.

And if you want to forget about the bangs for a while, the strands can be easily stabbed with invisible hairpins on both sides.

Long hair and side swept bangs

Let's see how to style long bangs if the hair is below the shoulder blades.


It seems that the cascading haircut suits everyone without exception. And in combination with an elongated bang, the hairstyle looks no less impressive. A long cascade rhymes perfectly with different types of complex coloring.Especially for the readers of, we have put together a photo selection that clearly demonstrates how a cascade looks on long hair with bangs laid on two sides in combination with ombre and balayazh. Beautiful, agree.

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Bangs styled as in the photo is an option that is very fond of models who prefer the classic ladder. Such a haircut leaves a lot of room for experimentation: the hair will look beautiful both gathered and loose. As for the long bangs, then, laid on two sides, it can advantageously complement the image.

Specific questions and answers from stylists

We know for ourselves: it is not easy to decide on a bang. Will the new image be harmonious? On the one hand, doubts are natural, on the other hand, those who do not try do not get new impressions. For those who hesitate, our section with answers to questions on the topic.

How do I style bangs on both sides if I have a side parting?

A perfectionist stylist may suggest changing the parting. But do not rush to agree: there are hairstyles that completely allow bangs, laid on two sides asymmetrically. In the end, you can always cut your bangs exactly the way you want. The main thing is that she was in person. Consult with experts and choose the best solution. As for the styling technique itself, the recommendations are the same: suitable styling products + brushing or ironing.

How do I cut the bangs myself if I plan to style them on two sides?

Let's not give do-it-yourself advice. However, if you have relevant experience or are willing to devote enough time to studying the theory, it is possible that the bangs will turn out beautiful. But we still advise you not to take risks, but to contact a professional stylist.

How to style short bangs on two sides?

Short strands are easy to tame with wax or paste. Compared to long bangs, this will be easier to style on both sides and fix.

How to care for bangs?

Nourishing masks and oils in this area are best avoided: they can make strands heavier and make styling much more difficult. Limit yourself to shampoo, conditioner and heat protectant (in case you use hot tools).

How often do you need to update your bangs-curtain?

It all depends on the individual hair growth rate, but on average it would be nice to visit a stylist once every 1-1.5 months. If you wear an elongated version of the bangs, you can meet with the master a little less often.