If we talk about the associations that a high forehead evokes, then it is, first of all, intelligence, nobility and even aristocracy. But what if you don't like this feature of your appearance? Let's tell you what hairstyles are for a high forehead and makeup techniques that can visually balance the proportions of the face

High forehead features

What kind of forehead can be called high? It's hard to make a mistake: the forehead is considered high if it occupies more than a third of the face.

Don't trust visual perception? Use a ruler and compare the height of the forehead and the oval of the face as a whole.

Techniques for visual correction of face parameters

Is it possible to correct the shape of the forehead with makeup? Of course, yes!

  • The preferred shape of the eyebrows is straight or slightly rounded. Too strong a break will only emphasize the height of the forehead.
  • Try to focus on the lower part of the face: juicy lips or spectacular blush will divert attention from an overly large forehead.
  • Optically reduce forehead darkening along the hairline with a sculpting tool.

What should I avoid?

Stylists name several contraindications for girls with a high forehead.

  • Highlighter poses certain risks. If you use it on the forehead, you will only draw attention to this area.
  • Smooth styling is banned: they will make the forehead more visible.
  • Girls with a prominent forehead are also advised to give up high hairstyles.

Types of bangs to help disguise a high forehead

The most effective way to hide a big forehead is to make bangs. Let's see which bangs for a high forehead will be the most advantageous, and which options are best avoided.

Very short

High forehead owners need to be careful about this solution: too short bangs will not only not hide the problem, but also make it more noticeable.

Ragged bangs

Ragged bangs are very effective in disguising a large forehead. Such bangs will organically complement unusual haircuts, such as pixie or asymmetrical bob.

Bangs styled on both sides

Hairstyles for a large forehead with curtain bangs are also suitable for girls who want to make their face more harmonious. Just keep in mind: the curtain needs to be laid, as it must hold volume.

Straight bangs

If you have thick hair, then you can afford thick straight bangs. It is good because it goes well with any haircut for a high forehead, whether it is a short bob, a haircut based on hair below the shoulders or based on long strands.

Slanting bangs

What other bangs would suit a high forehead? Some stylists recommend long beveled options. This is perfect if you have straight hair but not curly hair.

Review of women's haircuts that are in harmony with a high forehead

What haircuts for girls with a high forehead do stylists choose? We will tell and show right now.

Long or classic bob

Elongated or classic bob is a win-win haircut choice for girls with a high forehead and an oval face shape. These hairstyles successfully correct the appearance, hiding the height of the forehead due to the volume of the hair.

Long haircuts

Long haircuts are shown only to girls with naturally thick hair that holds volume well. If you have thin hair, then the length will not work in your case: a high forehead will become even more noticeable.

Unusual short haircuts

Women's haircuts such as pixie or gavroche look great with a high forehead. Strands of different lengths and stylish chaos on the head successfully mask a too prominent forehead.


If a girl has a high forehead, then hairstyles such as a bob with bangs or a straight bob will soften the appearance and make the image more refined.

Medium haircuts

Compromise for those who don't like too long or too short haircuts. In this case, the density of the hair is not so important, so the average length will be a good choice for owners of thin curls.The most successful haircuts for a high forehead, stylists include a cascade or ladder.

Hairstyles and styling for girls with a high forehead

Hairstyles designed for a high forehead should be voluminous and moving - smooth variations are best avoided. Let's take a look at specific examples of which women's hairstyles with a high forehead look the most advantageous.


Large curls obtained with an iron or curling iron are what you need! To partially cover the forehead, we recommend doing a side parting.

Fixes curls in position with Infinium Pure Extra Strong. It does not stick hair together, while maintaining the mobility of curls.

Styling for short haircuts

With these initial data, you can use sprays to create textured hairstyles. Suitable, for example, Beach Waves spray from L'Oréal Professionnel. It works great when applied to damp hair just before blow-drying.

Volume buns

A low voluminous bun is a great option for an evening or wedding hairstyle for girls with a high forehead. At home, such a hairstyle is unlikely to be realized, so we advise you to contact the salon to professionals.

Hairstyles with volume at the roots

Versatile voluminous styling is a suitable version of a hairstyle for every day for owners of a high forehead.

How to make such styling yourself? Keep instructions!

  1. Prepare your hair for styling: wash your hair and wrap with a cotton towel for 5 minutes.

  2. Spread L'Oréal Professionnel's PLI Thermo-Styling Spray into your strands and lightly dry them with a hair dryer (upside down is best for voluminous styling).

  3. Brush dry your hair, lifting each strand at the roots with a round brush.

  4. Laying the bangs (also using the brushing technique) should be done last.

  5. Finish with Tecni Spray.ART Air Fix Pure is fragrance-free, non-sticky and effectively preserves hair's natural volume.

Basic volume can also be obtained using large-diameter curlers.

  1. Blow-dry your curls and secure the curlers at the roots.

  2. Let your hair dry naturally or use a hairdryer.

  3. Carefully remove the curlers and spray the curls with a fixing spray.

How to disguise a too high forehead: stylists answer specific questions from readers

I have a high forehead - what hairstyle won't suit me?

Let's tell you what to avoid.

  • Avoid slick styles and hairstyles (tail or bun).
  • Give up the parting: it visually stretches the face, which is obviously unnecessary in the case of a high forehead.
  • Contraindications also include high and overly complicated styling. For girls with a high forehead, simple and light hairstyles are preferred.

Is it possible to disguise an excessively high forehead not only with a haircut, but also with coloring?

You can! Coloring is an excellent way to divert attention from an overly prominent forehead. Stylists recommend complex coloring techniques with smooth transitions between shades. The most winning solutions include blond with dark roots, shatush and balayage.

But monochromatic coloring in dark or too bright shades, on the contrary, will emphasize such a feature of appearance as a high forehead.

Can I cut my hair without bangs if I have a high forehead?

Of course you can! Not everyone loves bangs and not everyone suits them. Choose such short haircuts with a high forehead that hold volume well. These include a cascade or an asymmetrical bob.

Girls with a high forehead are not recommended hairstyles with a parting. What's the best way to do a side parting?

If you've been parted for a long time, then your hair is already used to lying in a certain way. Here are some tips on how to successfully change from a straight part to a side part:

  • part on damp hair;
  • at first, hair can be fixed with hairpins or clips so that the strands do not go to the other side;
  • use nail polish, foam and other styling products;
  • try to do parting on different sides - this way you will understand where the parting will look most organic.