This styling tool is used to achieve basal volume, and for strong fixation of curls, and even to protect strands during hot styling. Hair mousse is ready to perform a variety of tasks. We've ranked cool products

What is hair mousse for?

Airy, gentle, easy to use, effective - all these definitions describe hair styling mousse, a product that is in the arsenal of all styling brands. It is believed that this product is primarily intended for modeling hairstyles, but its functionality is not limited to this.

Let's just say that styling mousse does not form curls. It helps to fix them in the right position, but attributing additional properties to the tool is a path to frustration.

Actually, hair mousse is a styling product that can:

  • give basal volume,

  • make hair visually thicker,

  • fix hair,

  • soften the negative effects on the hair of hot styling tools,

  • discipline naughty strands.

Modern hair mousses effectively fix the hairstyle due to special plasticizers and polymers in the composition. These components allow styling to retain natural movement.

What is the difference between mousse and hair foam? Which is better?

These beauty products are really often confused because of the similar texture and volume, which increases dramatically when squeezing the products out of the bottle or tube. At the same time, the question of which is better - foam or mousse for fixation, is not entirely correct, since we are talking about different categories of cosmetics. As a rule, the foam is slightly denser in texture, which provides increased fixing properties. For daily use, we recommend styling mousse.

Types of hair mousse

“My friend and I use the same styling product, but she keeps the volume, but I don’t! Why?" asks our reader. The answer lies on the surface: you simply have a different hair structure. Obviously, porous strands are easier to lift and fix than smooth ones, so manufacturers create products that meet specific needs. We will consider the most popular below.

For volume

How to use hair mousse to achieve basal volume? The product should be distributed over slightly damp hair after washing.

The application technique is certainly important, but first of all, you need to choose the best tool for your purposes. For example, Full Volume Extra mousse from L'Oréal Professionnel already in the name declares itself as a professional who works with volume. The tool is suitable for all types of hair, including thin hair (they most often want to add visual density).

To protect against high temperatures during hot styling

Not everyone likes layered styling, when you first apply a thermal protectant, and then a modeling one. Volume Lift spray-mousse will help simplify the procedure, which works for three: it noticeably lifts the strands, fixes the styling and protects the hair from damage when styling with a hairdryer or tongs.

For a volume effect without weighing hair down

You wanted to make a lush styling, but it turned out the other way around? Alas, the weighting of the strands during styling is a problem that many face. Some go overboard with the amount of styling, others choose products that do not suit them. If you are sure that everything is under control with the first point, pay attention to styling for fine hair. For example, Matrix's Volume Builder Hair Volume Mousse has a lightweight, airy texture, which was also created for those who are afraid of weighing down their hair. For styling, you will first need a small amount of product. As necessary, you can increase the dose to ultimately determine the volume that is optimal for obtaining the desired result.

For shine

Hair styling mousse isn't exactly made to add shine to hair. This is an auxiliary function of the product. But if it seems to you that the strands are dull, why not pay attention to it? Moreover, professional brands have the appropriate tools in their arsenal.

Matrix's High Amplify Foam Volumizer Volumizing Mousse is an all-rounder: it lifts the hair at the roots, makes the hairstyle more lush and gives the curls that he althy shine.

And to make the effect as pronounced as possible, brand experts advise using hair mousse in combination with all products of the High Amplify line.

To create curls

Yes, mousse, which itself is able to turn straight hair into bouncy curls, not yet. But to help do this, paired with tongs and a hair dryer, Spiral Queen from L'Oréal Professionnel is ready. His speci alty is contouring curls. Mousse is also suitable for those whose hair is naturally curly: apply it to damp strands and let the curls dry naturally.

How to use hair mousse: step by step instructions

" What's the deal! I applied the product to the roots - and dried them with a hairdryer ”- alas, it is this approach that often leads to disappointment in cosmetics. We offer you to finally find out how to use hair mousse correctly, using the example of styling a bob haircut popular in 2023.

  1. Wash your hair. This is a mandatory step because mousses and hair foams do not have the properties of dry shampoo and if the hair is not the cleanest, the product will not work one hundred percent. want to receive. For example, if your goal is basal volume, you should not take too nourishing care.

    Among the new products, we recommend the Hyaluron Filler line from L’Oréal Paris. The products of this range contain moisturizing ingredients that will support the hair without weighing it down.

  2. Gently pat wet hair after washing with a soft towel and spread the mousse evenly over the root zone.We emphasize: evenly. Often, girls apply hair mousse as needed, skipping such important areas as, for example, the occipital. Editor's tip: Apply small doses of the product in four approaches - on the crown, back of the head, temples and the area along the hairline near the forehead.

  3. You can use hair mousse not only in the root zone, but also along the entire length of the hair - as a rule, owners of long strands do this. But in general, the mousse is ready to fix the shape of any haircut, regardless of its length.

  4. Lay the strands in the usual way. Stylists recommend drying your hair upside down to enhance the effect of extra volume. Another effective method is styling using the brushing technique. If you master this technique, you can give the curls a luxurious look - as if you just came from a stylist. Check out the effect you can achieve after blow-drying with a round comb.

P. S. Some mousses are also suitable for use on dry hair. Whether your product belongs to this category, it is better to check in the instructions.

Pro Tips

What hair mousse is for, we figured it out. It remains to answer a few private questions.

How do I use hair mousse if I wear bangs?

During styling, the mousse should be distributed along the entire length of the bangs.

How to style your hair with mousse when perming?

This remedy will help to restore elasticity to curls, if applied to damp hair after washing. During drying (including naturally), periodically squeeze the strands with your hands so that the curls “remember” the shape they have given.

Can I put mousse on dry hair before bed?

Let's just say it's not forbidden, but it doesn't make much sense. If there is no time for styling in the morning, it is better to replace the hair mousse with texturizing powder - its application will take no more than a minute.

How to apply mousse on hair for a natural volume effect?

In a small amount. Often, the unnatural styling should be blamed not on the quality of the styling, but on its redundancy.

How to use mousse for oily hair?

Assume you mean oily scalp. There are no special wishes or restrictions here. On the contrary, styling products applied to clean hair after washing help to maintain the effect of cleanliness longer. But everything changes from a change in the places of the terms: on hair that is not the first freshness, such styling can only aggravate the situation, so in such cases it is better to resort to dry shampoo.

Can I style my hair with mousse without the effect of gluing strands?

Of course! Most professional brands have long ago improved the formulas of these products so much that such fears about hair mousses have become completely groundless.