We suggest following Charlize Theron and Victoria Beckham to try on a bob-car, and at the same time find out how to choose the best option for this fashionable haircut

What does a bob look like?

How does a bob haircut differ from a classic bob or bob? It is possible that Western stylists would shrug their shoulders, because in Europe almost all short shoulder-length haircuts are called bob.

We are used to thinking that an even cut of hair (it doesn’t matter if it’s an ultra-short haircut or an elongated one) indicates that this is a variation of a bob.And a rather sharp change in length in the back of the head (despite the fact that the rest of the haircut looks like a square) indicates that we have a bob-car. This haircut is distinguished not only by a lush rounded back of the head with additional volume in this area, but also by rather graphic elongated strands near the face.


Why do people like bob-car? This star haircut has a lot of advantages.

  • The haircut is suitable for any age.

  • Easy to style.

  • The bob looks stylish and sets the tone for the look.

  • Creates the effect of added volume.

  • Successfully combined with different types of complex coloring.

Depending on the type of haircut, the bob-car can visually correct facial features. We'll talk more about this in the next chapter.

Who suits the bob?

To choose a haircut according to the shape of the face is a whole science. But we do not suggest that you engage in scientific research. The specialists have already done everything for you - it remains only to find an item that meets your parameters.

Round face

Elongated strands near the face and bangs are a good combo for girls who want to emphasize the cuteness of a round face. Experts recommend not to get carried away with volume and give preference to smooth styling. Matrix Smooth Setter cream with smoothing features will help in their creation.

Oval face

Choosing a bob for a successful frame of an oval face, you can not limit yourself: this form allows for any variations of this stylish haircut. However, regardless of your choice, remember to use heat protection before hot styling. We trust L'Oréal Professionnel Blow Dry.

Square face

To visually soften facial features, a medium-length bob haircut for women will help, as in the photo.

For styling, we recommend taking a round comb and using mousse. Do not be afraid of asymmetry, but it is better to avoid clear geometric lines. The stop list has straight bangs and a straight cut.

Long face

Stylists' recommendation - bob hairstyle with straight bangs. Looks great! And to achieve volume in the root zone, use Matrix Height Riser texturizing powder. It should be evenly applied to dry or damp hair at the roots and immediately lightly fluff the hair with your fingers.

Thin hair

Bob on a leg is a hairstyle that is recommended for girls whose hair cannot be called dense and thick.

By the way, L'Oréal Paris recently released a cool line of "Hyaluron Filler" . These products are specifically designed to provide enhanced hydration for fine hair without weighing it down.

Thick hair

Beautiful and unusual design of thick hair - bob haircut with a short cut back of the head. This is almost a semi-bob, which is very reminiscent of a pixie and suggests textural styling. You can create it with L'Oréal Professionnel's Web Modeling Paste.

Curly hair

The owners of curly hair are shown layering. For more manageable hair, switch to a sulfate-free shampoo (like L'Oréal Paris Low Shampoo) and skimp on moisturizers.

Views of bob-car with photo

What bob will we do? So that the stylist's question does not take you by surprise, we suggest preparing in advance. The most popular options can be viewed below.

Classic women's bob haircut

The solution is as close as possible to the usual square, but there is still a difference. Pay attention to the diagonal cut - the closer to the face, the longer the curls.

On a leg

This haircut with a visually raised nape will open up the world of voluminous styling even for those who have not counted on it.

Long bob haircut

We are sure that many people are familiar with this version, but we want to offer you its advanced option, which is complemented by an elongated straight bang. Very elegant, don't you agree?


In general, a bob haircut implies some graduation in any version. But if you want to emphasize the ends, try on a tattered bob, which will be especially good on girls who choose complex coloring on a blonde base.

Bob-car - cascade

Smooth lines and a rounded shape are the key to complete this look. A cascading bob looks very feminine and can soften the look of a square face.


Do you think we can say that a bob looks daring with side bangs? But no! See how different this haircut can be depending on the feed (i.e. styling).

Bob-car - pixie

Growing out your hair from your recent pixie cut? A winning intermediate option is a bob with pixie elements. However, the haircut looks so self-sufficient that it could be the very best solution that we are all looking for.


Women's bob haircut often just begs for compliments. Take a look at this option: we are sure that the stylist spent a lot of time to achieve that very “puff” effect.

Bob with shaved sides

This is a really bold choice. A haircut with a shaved nape is another light version that may well fit into the office style, but few can afford open whiskey.

Lady Dee bob-carriage

Let's finish the review with the most stylish, in our opinion, short haircut for women (among all the bob options). The name “Lady Dee” will also help to remember her. However, it will not be difficult to imagine Princess Diana's signature haircut without it.

Bob-car: haircut and color ideas, trends - 2023–2023

The bob haircut is a great base for complex coloring, which many stare at. Balayage, ombre and other fashion techniques can work great on haircuts of different lengths. Let's prove it on the example of a bob-car.

Short hair

Ragged ends are typical for a bob with a minimum length, therefore contrasting coloring options with a difference of 4–5 tones are recommended.

Medium length hair

The classic women's bob haircut will "make friends" with ombre coloring, which was popular a few years ago, and more trendy options, such as balayage, shatush and bronding.

Long hair

Highlights will fit well on an elongated bob-car. At the same time, we recommend forgetting about contrasts - related shades will look relevant in 2023.

Bob with bangs

Bob hairstyle with curtain bangs is an excellent base for fashionable Californian highlights. The main thing is to use all the strands, including the short ones near the face.

How to cut a bob?

We understand that it can be difficult to resist trimming your bangs or cutting off split ends. But to make yourself a bob-car is a dubious idea, because this haircut is far from the easiest. It is better to contact a stylist. However, we will share the instruction with the most daring, but it should also be taken solely as a general guide - in this matter, everything is purely individual.

  1. Creating a bob-car starts from the back of the head, or rather, from its lower part. The stylist vertically divides this area into parts, selects the first strand and cuts it at an angle of 45 degrees.

  2. Then, focusing on the control strand, she cuts the rest of the parts at the back of the head.

  3. The side zones are cut starting from the area above the ear, pulling the selected strands horizontally slightly back.

  4. At the last stage, the curls are worked out in front and near the face, and then the cut is milled around the perimeter of the entire hairstyle.

Bob-car: types of styling

Do you want to learn how to beautifully style a bob-car at home? Start practicing regularly using quality styling and handy tools. You can follow one of our instructions below.

With a comb and hair dryer

  1. Wash your hair and lightly towel dry it.

  2. Apply thermal protection along the length of hair, and spread mousse at the roots for volume.

  3. Let your head down, dry your hair by 70 percent, and then take a round comb.

  4. Use one hand to wind the hair around the comb away from the face, and with the other direct a stream of warm air onto the comb.

  5. Wait for the curls to cool and spray lightly with hairspray.

Using an iron

  1. Apply heat protectant to clean, dry hair and let it soak in (this will take a few minutes).

  2. Separate the first strand and, holding it with an iron in the root zone, begin to smoothly move the tool down, scrolling it around its axis.

  3. Do the same with the rest of the strands.

  4. Wait a few minutes and gently comb your hair with your fingers.

  5. Apply a texturizing spray to the root zone for volume and hold.

Stylist Tips

Those who want more knowledge are invited to a series of questions and answers.

Is the bob a practical haircut or more of a photo option?

We are sure that most people will recognize this haircut as practical. First, it takes very little time to dry your hair. Secondly, the hairstyle holds its shape well due to the length differences, which means that the styling will be “long-lasting”.

What does a bob haircut look like on platinum blondes?

Short haircut and blond in one of its lightest manifestations create a spectacular look. The main thing is to follow the styling: both the color and the shape of the haircut oblige this. And do not forget to keep the color in its original form. Purple shampoo and mask from the Elseve range from L’Oréal Paris will help with this.

Which bob haircuts are the most fashionable in 2023?

We'll name a pretty creative bob with pixie elements and a classic legless version with a beautiful name "Lady Dee" .