Curls are different for curls. What did you think? Types of curls are a separate topic, and it is worth mastering in order to approach the styling process more consciously

Curls and curls: types and methods of creation

What are curls? Let's start our lecture with a detailed answer to this question. Choose the option you like from the options below and remember the name to voice the stylist in the salon or find the appropriate instructions if you plan to style your hair yourself.

Hollywood curls

At the mention of Hollywood curls, vivid images from red carpets, Gatsby-style parties and iconic films of the 20th century pop up in memory.

Of course, this type of curls fits perfectly into the evening look: hair styled one to one looks very elegant.

To create such a styling, you will need an iron, a lot of fixing gel and hairspray. Don't be afraid to overdo it with styling - curls should be clearly fixed and can shine, creating the effect of a wet finish.

Afro curls

This type of curls came to us from tropical latitudes, where girls naturally get spectacular afro curls.

It remains only to properly care for them. And since we have touched on the topic of care, we recall that girls with curly hair should use sulfate-free shampoos and intensive moisturizers. Editors' Choice - top five proven products below.

For those who decide to try on this kind of curls for a short time, we recommend preparing a large set of hairpins, on which you will need to alternately wind small strands of hair. In this case, the movements should resemble drawing a figure eight. Styling is done on semi-moist hair, after distributing cream for curl formation over them.

Big curls

The type of curls and their diameter often directly depend on what tool you use during styling.

To create large curls, you will need tongs with a diameter of about 45 millimeters or an appropriate brush for styling using the brushing technique.

The photo shows how luxurious the hair of those who have mastered this popular method looks. And if you want to add basal volume to your hairstyle, Matrix Height Riser texturizing powder will help with this - the tool copes with the tasks at 5+.

Broken curls

Broken curls often help models achieve a stylish casual look. In this case, you can style dry hair, which is very convenient.

Apply heat protectant and styling mousse to the strands, then curl the curls onto the flat iron. In this case, the movements should be less smooth than when creating classic curls.

Vertical curls

Whatever curls are, but today girls increasingly prefer vertical curls. In order for the curls to take on the desired shape, it is important to hold the tool in a vertical position during styling and wind the hair perpendicular to the parting.

He alth of curls: the right choice of curling iron

In the context of today's topic, curling irons deserve special attention. Note that the diameter in this case is of secondary importance. Safety comes to the fore, and it depends on the coating of the curling iron.We advise you to pay attention to materials such as titanium, tourmaline and ceramics. But metal coatings should be avoided: they have an extremely negative impact on the quality and he alth of the hair.

How to curl your hair with curlers?

The good old method is still relevant in 2023. Curlers are good because they allow you to get different types of curls without exposure to high temperatures. But how to use them correctly? Catch the instruction!

  1. Wash your hair and let it dry slightly naturally.

  2. Comb your hair and apply styling gel.

  3. Divide your hair into zones, and the zones into equal strands.

  4. Take the first strand and, starting from the ends, wind it around the curlers. We use the classic version with Velcro, but other varieties are not forbidden, including thermal rollers, bobbins or foam rollers.

  5. Curls must remember the given shape. Depending on the structure of the hair, this may take 2-3 hours or all night.

  6. Gently loosen your hair, if necessary, lightly fluff with your hands and fix the result with hairspray.

Types of curls created using ironing

You can not only straighten your hair with an iron, but also create different types of curls. Professionals usually resort to this tool - to be honest, we have never met a stylist with a cone-shaped curling iron.

The main thing in this matter is to prepare the strands for styling. First, they must be thoroughly dried. Using an iron even on slightly damp hair is a beauty crime. Secondly, you should definitely apply thermal protection to the curls - without it, the iron will be traumatic for the hair.

And thirdly, don't rush. Whatever type of curls you choose, it is worth at least a couple of times to practice winding them in a relaxed atmosphere.Do not be surprised if at first you get crooked squiggles instead of beautiful curls: this is normal. Skill is developed with experience. Try to perform smooth movements - and over time, the curls will turn out the way you see them ideally.

Overview of means for fixing curls

It doesn't matter what you wind your hair on - on curlers or on a straightener - without a cool styling, the styling will simply fall apart. We have selected three products that are designed to fix curls in the desired position.

Mousse Spiral Queen, L'Oréal Professionnel

The very name of the remedy inspires confidence. Curl contouring mousse is applied after washing and before drying, and then style the hair in a convenient way: by hand or using professional tools.

Super Fixer Modeling Gel, Matrix

Those who were born with straight hair often want to try on luxurious curls. To make your hairstyle last a day or more, apply a strong hold modeling gel to the strands before styling.

Beach Waves texturizing spray, L'Oréal Professionnel

The main secret of a balanced formula is sea s alt. Use the spray if you want beachy curls in an urban setting.

How to curl your hair without a curling iron and curlers?

Let's remember the favorite children's method - we will braid a lot of small braids for the night. The result, of course, depends on the type of hair. Porous hair can be “wound” dry in this way - they take the desired shape so well. But dense strands are best pre-treated with a styling product, such as mousse from L'Oréal Professionnel.

Styling details: pro tips

As you already understood, there are more varieties of curls than fingers. Do not be afraid to experiment - this will help you find the best option for you. And if you have any questions, hold on for a couple more minutes. You may find the answer below.

What types of curls are trending in 2023?

Broken waves on the hair are good for haircuts such as bob and medium length ladder. And for those who have grown strands below the shoulder blades, we advise you to choose from two options: small Brazilian curls or large curls, as if wound on curlers.

Tell me about horizontal types of curls and how to make them.

The tool must be held horizontally relative to the parting.

What are curls after a perm?

The effect can be different - a lot depends not only on your wishes, but also on the quality of the hair and the skills of the master. Talk about the fact that after a chemical wave you can get only small spirals, you should not take it seriously. Modern techniques allow you to achieve large curls. At the same time, one should not forget that such a perm has a traumatic effect on the hair, so it is necessary to minimize the risks through well-chosen care and styling.

What to do first - to achieve basal volume or wind curls?

Note that the curls are also twisted in the root zone - you don't want to get two strictly demarcated hairstyles in one, do you? We advise you to dry your hair upside down first - this will create a foundation of volume. Then (having already returned to the normal position), work the strands along the length, winding them on tongs or an iron. In conclusion, you can apply powder or volume spray to the root zone.