Bob-car is one of the most stylish and elegant haircuts, and the variation with bangs is back on the list of trends of the season. Let's tell you more about this fashionable image and share styling life hacks

Features of bob haircut with bangs

Bob with bangs is a bob haircut version. It is distinguished from the usual straight bob by the different lengths of the strands, due to which the hairstyle acquires additional visual volume. At the back of the head, the hair is cut short enough, and in front, on the contrary, it is left longer.In this case, you can choose a bang to your taste: oblique or straight, short or long. If you like a bang-curtain, then you intuitively choose the most relevant look.

Why should you pay attention to the bob haircut with bangs?

  • This hairstyle is easy to adapt to any type of appearance.
  • Styling a bob is easy (especially if you practice regularly).
  • With this length of hair, it is easier to care for them and maintain their he althy appearance.

Who would like a bob with bangs?

It's time to find out which variation of bob hairstyle with bangs to choose, starting from individual appearance parameters.

Bob with bangs: types of hairstyles based on the shape of the face

For chubby girls, we recommend elongated versions of the female bob haircut with oblique bangs - this way the face will be perceived visually more elongated.

If you have an oval face, then you are shown an ultra-short bob with bangs. However, long variations of this haircut are not forbidden.

To soften the features of a square face, you need to shift the focus from the chin area. A bob-car with a short ragged bang will help with this.

Bob hair style

Volume milled bob with bangs will help out those who have thin and not the thickest hair.

A bob with straight and even bangs is a great solution for girls with thick hair, and a multi-layer bob haircut with bangs will be a good choice for owners of porous and fluffy hair.

Age and bob with bangs

The daring short version is an option for young creatures.

For older ladies, more calm and elegant varieties of this haircut are appropriate.

Bob-car: types of bangs with photo examples

We made a special selection of photos of women's bob haircuts with different bangs - appreciate the variety of possibilities!

Slanted bangs

The trendy version of the bob haircut is with oblique bangs. The image is good for versatility and will suit almost every girl.

Long bangs

Do you want to visually stretch your face? For you - a bob haircut with long bangs. Long strands beautifully frame the face, making it more sophisticated.

Short bangs

Short bangs that complement the bob haircut look pretty creative. In addition, it visually softens pointed facial features.


Blank bangs are still one of the most popular and trendy additions to any hairstyle. Bob-car is no exception - with such bangs, the haircut looks especially beautiful.

Straight bangs

Straight bangs and bob are a classic duet. At the same time, it is very important to provide the curls with proper care: they should look he althy and shiny.

Anastasia Kirillova Makeup artist Giorgio Armani beautyStraight long bangs in itself are already a bright accent on the upper third of the face, so I recommend focusing on the lips with wine or brick lipstick. For every day, you can apply it with your finger or a soft brush so that you get a thin coating and a feathered contour, and for an evening or a special occasion, take a pencil and draw a clear, neat contour, adding a little volume, and then apply lipstick quite densely. In this case, you should not make a strong accent on the eyes - I would complement the makeup with just a neutral shade of shadows close to the color of the skin, possibly with a shine, and paint over the inter-eyelash line with a pencil or eyeliner.

Thick bangs

With bangs from the crown, the bob haircut looks even more voluminous. Do not forget, however, that such thick bangs must be styled regularly.

With sparse bangs

For thin and not very thick hair, the best choice would be a bob with milled bangs.

With broken bangs

Even such an elegant bob haircut leaves room for genre improvisations, including grunge variations. Ripped bangs look great with an asymmetrical bob.

Bob with side bangs

If the haircut seems too strict to you, bangs laid to one side will add romance to the image. In terms of visual correction of her appearance, she is ready to mask a too high forehead and make her facial features softer.

Bob with bangs: haircut and color trends - 2023-2023

To realize all the variability of this haircut, we suggest scrolling through our selection of photos of its varieties.

Classic bob with bangs

This is the choice of self-confident girls. Perfectly even cut and bangs create the image of a modern business woman. A classic bob with bangs will beautifully emphasize your status.

Bob with bangs

This haircut looks best on thick thick hair. A legged bob with bangs embodies French chic.

Long bob

A good choice for those who do not always have time to visit the stylist regularly. In the case of long versions of the bob with bangs, the hair grows back less noticeably, and, therefore, the haircut can be updated less often than usual.

Graduated Bob

The texture and lightness of the hairstyle are the main advantages of such a hairstyle as a graduated bob with bangs. It is also important that the curls will look thicker.


Beautiful asymmetry is created by side parting and laying longer strands to the side.

Tiered bob

Salvation for thin curls - a multi-layered bob with bangs. For such a “layered” haircut, you need to go to professionals, since the experience of the master here is difficult to overestimate.


Round bob with bangs is a hairstyle for those who appreciate laconic and strict looks. A special haircut technique allows you to achieve amazing visual lightness.

Laying an elongated bob with bangs

Hardly anyone will argue that a beautiful styling can decorate any haircut. Catch our instruction for an elongated bob with bangs.

  1. Wash your hair thoroughly before styling. Use a shampoo that suits your scalp and hair type. For example, Garnier's Botanic Therapy shampoo with tea tree oil perfectly tones the scalp and fights excess oil in the strands. And for hair lacking volume, we can recommend “Watermelon. SuperFood" by Garnier.

  2. After shampooing, pat your hair dry with a towel and blow dry about 70%.

  3. Apply L'Oréal Professionnel Full Volume Extra mousse to curls, spreading it from the root zone to the tips.

  4. Fix the hair at the top of the head with a clip or elastic band.

  5. Using a round comb, begin to dry the strands of the lower levels.

  6. Next, go to the top strands and dry them, lifting them at the roots.

  7. Dry your bangs last - just like brushing.

  8. Finish with hairspray or hairspray at the end. Matrix Style Fixer promises dry application and natural shine - why not use it for the final fix?

With this roadmap, success is guaranteed even for those who do not have much hair styling experience.

If you're more into stylish casual and airy hairstyles, use a special spray that is designed for textural styling. For example, Beach Waves by L'Oréal Professionnel will easily turn a strict bob with bangs into a relaxed beach style.

Bob and bangs: what do stylists recommend?

What if I want to make a bob with bangs, but bangs don't suit me?

Perhaps you will like options with elongated or oblique bangs. Stylists also advise you to take a closer look at the bangs-curtain, as it suits almost everyone.

How to cut a bob with bangs on your own at home?

Stylists categorically do not recommend cutting a bob-car with bangs on their own. A neat haircut is not as easy to perform as it might seem at first glance. Even experienced craftsmen have to put in a lot of skill and effort to get the desired result.

Are there any peculiarities in the care of a bob haircut with bangs?

This haircut does not require any special care. A bob with bangs will look attractive if the hair is thoroughly cleansed, nourished and moisturized. To keep your hair smooth and manageable, be sure to use moisturizing balms or conditioners every time you wash your hair, and make masks from time to time.

How often do you need to visit the hairdresser to update your bob haircut with bangs?

It is recommended to trim the ends and refresh the haircut about once a month and a half.