Sometimes there comes a time in your beauty routine when you can't bear to try something new. To keep your eyes open in the store, we have collected worthy products this fall in one article

Leveling peeling gel for washing Revitalift, L'Oréal Paris

I was waiting for September to uncover products with acids, and here a novelty from L'Oréal Paris arrived very opportunely - a facial cleanser with glycolic acid in its composition. Those who have used AHA foams or masks should understand what to expect from a gel, as glycolic acid belongs to the same family of ingredients.

It is believed that cosmetics with this component work quickly and efficiently, and yes, we cannot but agree with this after getting acquainted with the novelty of the Revitalift range.

After each wash, the skin is gradually smoothed out due to exfoliating properties - I must say, soft enough to calmly apply tonic, serum and cream to the skin after cleansing and go about your business.

It's convenient that the product will replace the classic cleansing gel, and will not become an additional step in care.

Rinse-off hair conditioner “Magic water. Lamellar care”, L’Oréal Paris

Wow, looks like this hair conditioner deserves a "New Squared" nomination! And I wanted to try it for at least three reasons. Well, firstly, the editors are convinced that all L’Oréal Paris hair care products are good.Secondly, it works in 8 seconds (I checked - it really is that fast!). And thirdly, the intriguing part of the name is “lamellar care.”

Worth waiting for everything we love: it makes combing easier, softens and smoothes strands, adds shine.

After applying lamellar water to the strands, massage the hair for a few seconds and rinse it off as a normal nourishing treatment.

By the way, for a greater effect, the brand recommends using lamellar care before the classic balm, but if you are in a hurry, the product will do just fine and on its own.

Instacure Spray, Matrix

It seems that from a person who did not recognize leave-in hair care, I almost completely turned into a person for whom this category of products has become part of a regular beauty routine.

And by the way, Matrix's Instacure Total Results Care Spray played a significant role in this. I'll start with the packaging, which in the novelty looks quite solid thanks to an unusual atomizer: you feel that you are holding a thing worthy of a professional stylist. But, of course, the main thing is not this, but the care properties. For example, I often use hot styling tools, and I also put my hair in a ponytail every day - after this confession, it's easy to guess that my curls tend to be brittle and dry.

And now I'm working on this problem, distributing Instacure spray care after each wash.

It contains provitamin B5 and liquid protein, which help fill voids in the hair structure, discipline and moisturize dry strands.

And it can also be applied to curls without sparing - with my generosity, I have never managed to weight the strands.

Excellence Crème Hair Color Cream, L'Oréal Paris

It's no secret that in 2023, when it comes to beauty, girls want everything at once. And it seems that the new shades of Excellence Crème hair dye are a perfect fit in this category of valuable beauty items.

First, take a look at the colors themselves: beautiful blond and aged chestnut are created using the technology of combining three shades (ash, mother-of-pearl and gold).

L'Oréal Paris laboratories made this mix to achieve a natural nude hair color.

Another plus is that the paint is able to cover gray hair 100%, and this is without ammonia in the composition. Well, the cherry on the cake is a triple care with glycerin and panthenol, suitable for nourishing curls after home dyeing.