Beautifully styled bangs at home is a skill that is definitely worth mastering! After all, this is a continuous saving - both time and budget. We will help you choose the right method and learn how to give the bangs the desired shape

How beautiful to style bangs: types and methods of styling

First of all, welcome to the bangs club! This hairstyle element allows you to effectively complement the images and try new styling options. Just look at the photo - how different bangs are! Classic straight, short, complementary bob, oblique or popular bangs-curtain Looks like you want to try on every one!

Secondly, we recommend that you take the time and learn how to properly style your bangs with an iron or comb and hairdryer. Not only how others perceive you, but also your inner mood largely depends on the hairstyle, and this is much more important!

Yes, getting some help with your face is a must at first, so we've prepared instructions for taming the most popular types of bangs.

Don't worry if things don't work out at first: we personally know girls who have mastered this science from scratch and now create cool hairstyles every day.

One Side Bangs

If you want to put long bangs to the side, you can try to make a retro hairstyle, as in the photo below. Such bangs will be a great element of the image for a Gatsby-style party. And to easily shape your bangs, apply Style Link Gel from Matrix.

Styling bangs-curtains

Do you also like the way girls with curtain bangs look? It looks like they just left the stylist. But we know for sure that you can style your hair just as effectively on your own. What do you need?

  • Apply styling foam to semi-moist curls;

  • wind the strands on both sides of the curlers;

  • blow dry your hair;

  • wait until the curls cool down (if there is time, it is advisable to look like this for a couple of hours - there is more chance that the styling will last until the end of the day);

  • remove the curlers and gently straighten the bangs with your hands, and if necessary, use a comb.

Fake bangs

If you thought we were talking about hairpieces, you are wrong. Fake bangs are called hair (usually gathered in a ponytail or bun), which are thrown over the head in a special way so that the tips imitate bangs.

We know from experience that it can look quite natural, especially if you turn an unusual trick with evening styling. And since the strands, which for a while will have to play a different role, are not yet accustomed to the new position, they should be laid with a curling iron or ironing in high-temperature mode. In this regard, we recall a simple formula: before styling, it is important to apply a high-quality thermal protective cream to the curls, and after that - a fixing varnish.

Blow-dry bangs

What could be more familiar than blow-drying? In any case, stylists most often give the curls near the face the desired shape with the help of a directed stream of hot air.

  1. Don't forget to blow-dry only wet, clean hair.

  2. Take a hair dryer, remove the guide nozzle from it and dry your hair by 70 percent at medium or maximum temperature.

  3. Now start giving the strands the desired direction and shape. We suggest adding volume to the hair at the roots - this will require a large diameter round brush. Twist the curls on the comb away from the face, while drying the strands at the roots.

  4. The next step is to use a smaller comb. Place it over the bangs right at the roots and, creating the desired tension, hold the curls for several seconds in this position, directing hot air at the bangs in parallel.

  5. Then change the position of the comb, pulling it on the hair in the central part of the strands already under the bangs.

  6. At the end, give a neat shape to the tips. To do this, place the brush over the bangs, between the tips and the central part of the strands. Start twisting the tips from the face towards the ears. Ready? Spray bangs with varnish - styling is complete.

Styling regrown bangs

This can happen to everyone: you can't find time for a stylist. Or maybe you just got tired of bangs and you decided to grow it? In both cases, you will probably want to keep facial hair out of your eyes.

Let's tell you how to style long bangs quickly and neatly.

  1. Let's start with the classics - styling growing bangs with the help of invisibility. You can put the strands back, removing them from the face, or throw them to the side. Experts advise to stab invisibles crosswise, and we must admit that it looks stylish. On our own, we add that protruding hairs can be pacified with the help of hair gel. A suitable tool is in the Matrix line.

  2. Use a bezel. We advise everyone who wears bangs to start it: it is convenient to put it on before you have to wash your face or, for example, apply a mask on your face. It is also a fashion accessory that looks very feminine.

  3. What about a braid? Or two at once, if you wear a bang-curtain? The bulk of the hair can be left loose or collected in a ponytail and gently pin the end of the braid under the elastic band with which you secured it.

By the way, you can style long bangs with large diameter curlers. You can wind bangs on them both from the face and to the face - depending on the result to be achieved.

How to style long bangs beautifully: step by step instructions

For those who want to pacify their long bangs right now, we will explain step by step how to style it at home and what you need for this.

  1. Start by washing your hair. If you have been wearing bangs for a long time, then you know that it is often the first to lose its freshness. It is not worth applying nourishing conditioners and masks to it. But light indelible means - that's it! They will help smooth out the strands and prepare them for styling.

  2. Dry your hair, but leave your bangs damp if you want the strands to better obey and remember the shape during styling.

  3. Divide the bangs into two identical parts and distribute styling foam and thermal protection over them. By the way, L’Oréal Professionnel has a tool that gives volume to curls and protects from exposure to hot tools.

  4. Now take the first section of hair and wind it around the round brush. In this position, dry this part with a hair dryer on a warm setting.

  5. Gently loosen the curls and repeat the same steps with the other part.

  6. At the end, fix the result with hairspray by spraying it on the hair from arm's length.

Installation tips from the pros

Let's answer just a couple of questions and let everyone practice - learn how to style bangs on their own.

How to style long bangs with a comb?

Prepare styling product, hair dryer and comb itself. If there is no time for a full head wash, freshen only the strands near the face. Apply styling gel, foam or cream to semi-moist curls and, while drying your hair with a hairdryer, set it to the desired shape with a comb.

How to style long bangs beautifully in 2023?

Tastes differ, and everyone perceives beauty differently. Our editors prefer natural styling options that can be achieved using the brushing technique. To keep your bangs in shape longer, we advise you to apply L’Oréal Professionnel Transformer mousse to your hair before styling a long bang, and then Matrix hairspray.

How do I style my side bangs if I have a side parting?

We recommend in this case to give preference to a straight parting. The bangs already divide the hair into two parts, and if the parting is to the left or right of the center of the bangs, the hairstyle can hardly be called harmonious.