To be honest, we are genuinely surprised why hair powder has not yet made it to the lists of the most sought-after beauty products. After all, with its help, you can literally give your hair the volume that many dream of in just a couple of minutes. Let's tell you how this effective tool works and which brands produce root volume powder

Purpose and composition of hair styling powder

Let's start with a definition. What is hair powder? This is a styling product, which is a light, almost weightless white powder. Its main task is to lift and fix the hair at the roots, to give the styling splendor.

With this beauty product, you can model curls along the length. As a rule, hair powder is produced by professional brands, and below we will provide an overview of our editorial favorites.

The main advantage of the powder is the ability to quickly add volume to the hair without the need to pre-wash your hair or use hot tools for styling.

Let's repeat: the hair styling powder is very light, so for those who take the powder bottle in their hands for the first time, it may seem that it is empty. Of course, this is not so. The airiness of the means is an important condition for the fulfillment of the tasks facing it. If we talk about the composition, then the powder often contains citric acid, silica gel and glycerin.

How hair powder differs from other styling products: pros and cons

You may have already noticed that the root volume powder stands out from other styling products. Let's talk about the advantages of this product in more detail.

  • The ability to use the product on dry strands. This means that if during the day you need to correct your hair, and you do not have time to wash your hair, the powder will cope with the task without water procedures.

  • Lightweight and compact. We're talking about the physical qualities of hair powder, not how it works.

  • Versatility. You can use hair powder on both thin hair and thick hair.

  • Effect. It takes a couple of minutes to apply the product, and the result is comparable to a full-fledged styling using the brushing technique with a hair dryer and styling products.

The advantages are obvious, but are there any disadvantages? Unobvious, but there. Volumizing powder can be felt on the strands - be prepared for this if you want to run your hands through them.

Besides, it's easy to overdo it. If you don't know how to use hair powder and you're styling with it for the first time, it's best to apply a minimum of product first, and then add more if necessary.

How to use hair powder: step by step instructions

We confessed our love for hair powder, but we haven't told how to use it yet. We correct this misunderstanding and provide a detailed guide to the "procedure" for an amazing result.

  1. First, do the styling you planned. It is not necessary to try to lift the hair at the roots - we will shift this duty to hair powder.

  2. Ready? Let's start applying the funds. If we are talking about the correct use of hair powder (how else?), then you need to apply it all over the scalp.Do not rush to pour the product on top. It should be done in stages. Alternately lift the strands and powder the skin and hair at the roots.

  3. In order to activate the product, the hair powder must be rubbed into the roots, after which you can carefully set the desired direction of the strands.

  4. If necessary, spread a little along the length. To do this, the powder should first be applied to the palms, and then run through the hair, otherwise the powder may settle where it is undesirable.

Root volume powder: rating of the best products

How to use powder for hair volume, of course, it is important to know, but what's the point in this information if you haven't found the right product yet? Below are our editors' top 3 favorites.

Texturing powder Height Riser, Matrix

Matrix's little pink bottle is one of the things we always take with us on any trip.In addition to the ability to add volume to the hair, the powder has texturizing properties. What does it give? Firstly, you can very beautifully emphasize the strands near the face (it seems to us that such a wave can claim to be Hollywood). Secondly, the styling looks more elaborate and complete.

Super Dust Powder, L'Oréal Professionnel

What is hair powder for? L'Oréal Professionnel will answer that the tool has at least three functions. The first two are easy to guess: adding volume and texture. And what is the third one? Fitting fixation. Its degree in Super Dust powder is not weak (3 out of 6 by the standards of the brand). By the way, this particular powder is recommended for owners of short haircuts and medium length hair.

Mattifying Hair Powder Grip, Redken

For fine hair, Redken has its own Powder Grip. The tool has a matting effect. Like any other hair powder, this one is designed primarily to add volume.And then there is a choice. Want bouncy curls? Please! Would you like to try on beach curls? It's also possible! The main thing is not to forget that you need to use powder for hair volume at the very end of styling or at least before applying varnish.

Pro Tips

We are sure that you have already understood how to use hair styling powder. It remains to answer questions related to some nuances.

How to apply hair powder on curly curls?

The mechanics are the same: lift the strands and spread the powder on the side facing the head.

Can I use styling powder on wet hair?

We wanted to answer negatively - after all, manufacturers recommend applying powder to dry hair - but we decided to test this styling option. And you know what? The result is excellent! The basal volume is impressive, and there are no white marks that sometimes remain if the product is not carefully distributed over a dry scalp.The main thing is not to wait after applying the powder until the curls dry naturally, but to style them with a hair dryer and a comb, lifting them up during the drying process.

How to use hair powder - before or after styling?

We recommend applying powder at the end, as a final touch. For example, if you have plans for volumetric styling using the brushing technique, then first wind the curls, and before applying the varnish, work the root zone with hair powder. If you suddenly applied the product before styling, do not apply the powder again at the end. It is enough to lift the curls with your fingers in the right places.

Can hair styling powder replace dry shampoo?

If you plan to use hair powder as a tool that refreshes styling and absorbs sebum, you are unlikely to achieve the effect that heavy users of dry shampoo are used to. We tried - the tool works a little differently. Powder, like dry shampoo, gives volume to the styling, but makes it many times more active.In addition, you can give the strands a certain direction: the modeling functions of the powder are also on top.

Hair powder hard to wash off?

This styling can be easily removed with regular shampoo. But if you use powder on a regular basis, we recommend using a deep cleansing shampoo once a week. The rest should be guided by your feelings. And yes, do not overdo it with the tool. As with dry shampoo, experts do not recommend applying powder daily - it is better to do this no more than once or twice a week.

What should I do if I overdid the powder?

You can try to shake out the composition. Yes, yes, bend over and shake your head in this position, combing the curls with your fingers. If this is not enough, we advise you to wash your hair. No time? Style your hair in a slick ponytail or bun and finish with a wet finish gel.