What is a mullet and how does the word relate to 1970s and 1990s culture? We decided to devote a whole article to this issue

What does a mullet haircut look like?

One can argue for a long time who the mullet haircut suits more, men or women, but the fact remains: this fashionable hairstyle with a sharp contrast in hair length has become a landmark among musicians of the late 20th century. For example, Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart and David Bowie appeared on stage in this image more than once in the 1970s.The classic mullet is a haircut with torn ends, short hair in front and on top, open ears and long strands in the back. It may seem that the stylist combined two hairstyles in one hairstyle: an elongated pixie and a cascade. - “mullet” - received only in the 1990s with the light hand of the American group Beastie Boys, who released the composition Mullet Head in 1994.

Before that, the hairstyle was called BIFPIB (business in front, party in the back - in translation from English “businesslike in front, relaxed in the back”).

But let's move from history to the present. The photo shows what a female mullet haircut might look like these days: some wear it with shaved temples, others with short bangs. there are a variety of spectacular variants of the mullet.

The same Miley Cyrus, who has tried on men's haircuts more than once, chooses the classic version with tattered bangs, but with one digression: her short mullet partially covers her ears. Zendaya opted for a more original shape, complementing her hairstyle with fashionable thick straight bangs. And Victoria Beckham, known for her love of short hair, settled on a mullet haircut, shortened on all sides. In general, as star practice shows, this women's hairstyle can be the highlight of the image.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any other haircut, the mallet has its pros and cons. Let's analyze the female version and start with the positives.

  • Due to the differences in length, this haircut holds the given shape well, from basal volume to broken curls.

  • You can choose the right option for different types of hair and different face shapes - who would have thought that a modern female mullet is so versatile?

  • This hairstyle rarely goes unnoticed, so if you like attention, take a look!

The cons of a haircut are very relative. Judge for yourself.

  • Women's mullet hairstyle looks unusual, and it's hard not to agree with that. That is, to go on stage with a guitar, this is a working option, but for the office you will have to select the appropriate styling.

  • There is a chance to face misunderstanding of loved ones. Of course, any hairstyle can provoke such a reaction, but the mullet haircut most often causes rejection among lovers of the classics.

  • Any mullet - whether short hair or long hair - requires regular "service" . You will have to meet with a stylist once every 1-2 months, otherwise the hairstyle will lose its charm.

Who suits the mullet haircut?

We mentioned above that a mallet is a hairstyle that suits almost all women, regardless of their appearance. Let's talk about this now in more detail. Let's start with age. It is logical that the main target audience for haircuts is young people. In their youth, many people like experiments, want to draw attention to themselves, and often do not work yet, so they are not subject to the restrictions that, say, office code can impose. But do not think that after 30 girls with such a hairstyle look less organic. Plus, learn how to properly style curls.

In the photo you will find popular mullet haircuts that look attractive on older women.

The shape of the face for a mallet haircut is of secondary importance: an experienced stylist must choose the shape of the bangs, which, if necessary, will correct the individual features of the oval.Paradoxically, owners of lush hair can have difficulties (yes, who would have thought!) - especially if the mullet is to be created on long hair.

Mullet haircut photo ideas: trends 2023

We invite you to look at the photo to understand what the current women's haircut mullet looks like in 2023 on medium and short hair, as well as on curls with bangs.

Mullet haircut for short hair

Note that the short mullet, from our point of view, is the least extravagant. Agree that the hairstyles in the photo can hardly be called exclusively rocker and not suitable for everyday looks.

Mullet with medium length hair

After studying a whole gallery of photos, we can confirm that the most popular form of women's haircut mallet is designed for medium length hair.

Mullet based on long hair

What is considered long hair in this case is a moot point. But we love how fashion stylists play with this haircut. They often mix a mullet with a shaggy haircut, and it turns out very interesting - see for yourself.

Mullet with and without bangs

In most cases, a mullet is a haircut with bangs. Short or long, ragged or even. In addition, in 2023, the shortened version of the bangs, which was popularized by Audrey Tautou, does not leave the top lines of fashion ratings. But if you in no way want to cover your face with strands, we advise you to take a closer look at the shaggy haircut - a “close relative” of the modern mullet.

Mullet cutting technique

Even if you plan to cut a mullet on long hair, independent work is not welcome. Firstly, a thorough study of the curls from behind will be required, and it is difficult to do this without looking at them. Secondly, differences in length and complex shape require an experienced hand of the master.We definitely recommend entrusting the mullet - both women's and men's - to professionals.

Mullet Hairstyle

In 2023, the mullet haircut for women can be styled in different ways. On curly hair, elastic textured curls look beautiful. Fine hair is textured. We will tell you how to style curls in both cases.

Say yes to curls

If the hair is curly, but not formed into perfect curls, curls can and should be helped. For starters, you should give up products with sulfates.

L'Oréal Paris has a range of low shampoos that are also suitable for cleansing curly hair.

After washing, we recommend applying L'Oréal Professionnel's Siren Waves elastic cream to the strands and try to dry the strands naturally (if the curls are not clear enough, you should try drying with a diffuser attachment).

Imitate marine styling

The 2023 mullet for women has every chance of looking its best when styled with a sea s alt styling product. This is something L'Oréal Professionnel has in its arsenal - and it's easy to use. The product is applied to semi-moist strands and the curls are dried with a hairdryer, while simultaneously squeezing the strands alternately with your hands (until completely dry).

Pro Tips

Still not sure if a mullet is right for you or not? Let's try to dispel your doubts by answering readers' questions on this topic.

Who suits a cropped mullet?

If you have an elongated or oval face, this is a one hundred percent winning option. Short haircuts create volume due to the strands framing the face, and this helps to visually round it.By the way, this scheme also works vice versa: an elongated mullet on medium-length hair is a haircut that is shown for girls who dream of optically slightly stretching a round face.

What does a mullet haircut look like in combination with complex coloring? Wouldn't such a duet be too provocative?

It all depends on the coloring. Miley Cyrus wore a mullet with overgrown roots, and such a haircut, admittedly, did not look very neat. But California highlights or balayage with a slight contrast of shades can look very organic.

Who doesn't suit the mullet?

Experts in the hairdressing industry say that thick hair, no matter how beautiful it is, is not the best base for a mallet, even if the haircut is planned for medium-length curls. There is a high risk that the hair will either fall like a hat, or cause a lack of volume - due to its own gravity. We do not agree with the last fear: in 2023 there will be a lot of cool products that can keep the hair in the root zone in the right position.One of our favorites is Matrix's Height Riser Powder. Apply it at the end of styling and forget about problems with lack of volume.

Can a women's haircut mullet be without bangs?

Theoretically, yes, but in practice, especially when it comes to a female mullet, this option is rare. But styling a haircut in such a way as to remove hair from the forehead is really possible. To do this, comb the hair back (with your fingers) using a fixing gel. Choose the degree of fixation depending on the obedience of the hair. For example, curly strands are usually more pliable than completely straight ones. But whatever the structure of the hair, modern styling allows you to set the curls in exactly the direction that is required to create the desired image.