Do you think that haircuts based on long hair are limited to a straight cut? We are ready to argue that this is not so, and provide a number of evidence, that is, ideas with photo examples. Choose the most interesting and save for the future: stylists love it when clients come with references

Fashionable women's haircuts based on long hair: trends in 2023

Haircuts designed for long hair are much more diverse than it might seem at first glance. The selection ranges from simple yet cool options to creative layered shapes.But this does not mean at all that the relevance of the result directly depends on the unusual technique.

The main task is to choose a stylish option, taking into account the hair structure and individual appearance parameters.

What suggestions would you like to highlight among fashionable haircuts for long hair?

  • Multi-layered haircuts are the most beneficial for those who strive for the missing volume.

  • Rhapsody - a combination of a cascade and a short flight of stairs - implies diverse transitions of hair length along the perimeter of the hairstyle.

  • Ladder - a haircut, designed including for long hair. A look that was trendy during Friends (say hello to Jennifer Aniston) is still relevant in 2023.

  • Cascade is the love of many stylists. Clients share this feeling, especially those who have mastered the styling of this haircut at home.

  • Smooth haircut on long hair with straight bangs - yes, fashion is cyclical.

  • Shaggy. On long hair, this cool fashionable haircut is not so common - why not stand out “with a non-general expression”?

In addition, there are many elements of different haircuts that can be combined. For example, this season's long ragged bangs can complement hair of any length, invariably working for a fashionable result.

TOP 7 women's haircuts based on long hair

We propose to talk more specifically about the trends of 2023 and consider haircuts designed for long hair from a practical point of view: what type of hair are they suitable for and how to style them?


This stylish haircut can look different on long hair. For example, for girls with thin strands, a cascade with light layering in the occipital and parietal zones is recommended, for owners of curls - a round cascade, and for those who wear straight hair - a double cascade.


In 2023, we would definitely include this hairstyle in the ranking of the most fashionable haircuts designed for long hair. Textured styling rhymes well with this shape, which is easy to repeat at home.

L'Oréal Professionnel Sea S alt Spray and Matrix Texturizing Paste will help you with this.


We assume most people are familiar with the classic ladder.

The female haircut option as in the photo gives long hair an interesting shape that is relevant in 2023, facilitates styling and allows the hairstyle to retain volume longer.In general, the ladder-inspired V-cut with modeled back strands has similar properties.

Even cut

Straight cut on long hair has again replenished the lists of attributes of fashionable haircuts. The main thing is not to forget that such a hairstyle will look spectacular only with proper hair care.

Regularly updating your haircut and using the right leave-in care products is an essential part of a beauty routine designed for 100% success.


Rhapsody cannot be called a popular haircut of recent years, unlike a short flight of stairs or a cascade. Why is she good? The ability to achieve classy volume even on thin hair. Facial hair is cut according to the cascade algorithm, descending with a ladder with relatively smooth length transitions.

Haircuts with bangs

We think that any women's haircuts on long hair go well with bangs. If you can't wait to cut long strands near your face, but you have not yet decided what kind of bangs should be - straight, oblique or elongated, be inspired by a selection of photo ideas in our gallery.

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Another haircut that is not so common yet.Aurora is recommended for girls with an elongated face - the fact is that the hat that stylists form from the top of the head to the shoulders can visually expand it. It is also important to consider that, despite maintaining the length, this type of haircut involves parting with a significant amount of hair.

How to choose a long hairstyle?

Trends figured out. Let's move on to practical issues, such as choosing a future hairstyle, taking into account individual characteristics.

Hair structure

Those with thick hair, as a rule, want to make styling easier, so they are shown a cascade, as well as Aurora and Rhapsody haircuts. Those who have thin hair should take a closer look at the ladder and shaggy haircut - these options will add the missing volume to the hairstyle.

Oval face

Compared to medium-length haircuts, long curls have less chances for a visual correction of the shape of the face. But they rise sharply if you choose a hairstyle with bangs: strands near the face can radically change the appearance.

Which bangs to choose?

In 2023, many fashionable women's haircuts based on long hair are accompanied by bangs. No wonder: this element allows you to diversify hairstyles, emphasize the winning features of your appearance and try on the trends of the year. But how to choose the one that will add points to the image as a whole?

For chubby girls, experts recommend a long asymmetrical version of the oblique bangs. Owners of an oval shape - a short baby bangs, which this year hit the top of the most fashionable. A thick straight bang rhymes well with an elongated oval, and a bang-curtain or a rare oblique bang with a triangular face. For those whose face shape is closer to a square, straight bangs with torn edges and enough “air” can be advised.

Fashion styling for long haircuts

Styling long curls is a special kind of beauty art. Let's analyze in detail how to make your own hair for every day and for an evening event.

Loose hair

Let's lay down step by step one of the most fashionable long haircuts in 2023. It's about the cascade.

  1. The first step is to wash your hair using shampoo and conditioner that suits your type of scalp and hair, respectively. If you're looking for moisturizers that won't weigh down even thin strands, take a look at L'Oréal Paris' new Hyaluron Filler line. Our long-haired editor started testing this set of products a month ago and during this time managed to forget what tangled strands are.

  2. Lightly dry your hair with a towel and apply heat protection to the curls. Our favorites in this category are right in front of you.

  3. After spread mousse for volume over the root zone and blow-dry your hair by 70 percent, if possible in a head down position.

  4. Now divide the curls into two zones and, in turn, taking small strands, wind them in the direction from the face (clockwise to the right and counterclockwise to the left).

  5. When you've worked through all the hair, wait until it cools down and lightly fluff it with your hands.

  6. Fix with hairspray.

Pilled hair

Concise buns are our great love, and on long hair it is also an opportunity to stylishly style any fashionable haircut of 2023 so that the strands do not get into your eyes.

  1. If the hair is clean, it is not necessary to wash it again before styling. Comb the strands thoroughly and apply a smoothing serum to them. For example, L'Oréal Paris' Elseve "Dream Length" with keratin and cocoa butter.

  2. Pull your hair into a ponytail - choose the height of your choice.

  3. Then, thread the ponytail through a special hairdresser's donut (also called a donut) and cover your hair with it, as you can see in the photo.

  4. Wrap the remaining length around the donut and secure with pins.

  5. Done! By the way, if you want to give your hair more smoothness and shine at the roots, spread a fixing gel of medium fixation over this area.

Pro Tips

As you can see, there are not one or two popular haircuts - there are plenty to choose from. Our experts answer more specific questions below.

What haircut to do on long hair if it is fluffy at the roots?

If your hair is frizzy, it usually means that it lacks moisture. So pay attention to maintenance. As for styling, avoid layered cascading haircuts.It is better to choose a straight cut (in extreme cases, a ladder) and regularly use nutrients that save styling from a visual “blizzard”.

Name three long haircuts for women that are trending in 2023.

Our choice is a romantic ladder, a classic with a straight cut and a cool shaggy haircut.

Do all women's long haircuts need to be milled?

Not at all! For example, curly and fluffy strands do not need this procedure, unless, of course, you are striving to make the strands even more naughty. Experts advise milling thin hair that lacks volume or, on the contrary, is too thick and very long to make styling easier.

Which haircut for long blond hair should I choose if I plan to do complex coloring using the balayage technique?

Cascade, cascade and more cascade! This textured haircut will help emphasize the beautiful transitions of shades in the most advantageous way. It is not necessary to cut strands on the face, but this option exists. The trend is straight bangs, like Anne Hathaway, or torn, like Dakota Johnson.