Remember the recent appearances of stars on the red carpet: stylish Timothée Chalamet, fashionable Rami Malek, unique Matthew McConaughey - they all boast natural curls, although everyone has different hair lengths. We offer to study the current men's hairstyles for curly hair this season

Choose a haircut for curly hair: tips for men

Curly or wavy hair among the stronger sex is not so uncommon. But deciding on a men's haircut for curly hair is not so easy.The chosen option should not only be fashionable - it should favorably emphasize the merits of appearance and conceal flaws. What to look for?

  • Facial features. Men with a round or triangular face shape and curly hair should look at haircuts with shaved temples (as in the first photo below). It is not necessary to remove the length on the sides to zero - the main thing is that there is no visible volume in these zones. For young people with a square face, stylists advise asymmetrical haircuts with smooth transitions, which are not so difficult to achieve on curly male hair. And for those who got the classic oval, you can move on to the next item - almost any haircut will harmonize with such a face.

  • Curl type. It is better for owners of curls of small diameter to grow hair, but for those who have a larger curl, on the contrary, they are advised to choose shorter haircuts. Of course, a lot depends on the styling. And this is the next item.

  • Willingness to spend time and effort on styling. Think about it: are you the kind of man who is ready to style his curly hair for at least 15 minutes a day? If yes, choose a haircut to your taste, and we will tell you how it is convenient to “pacify” curls. For those who are usually in a hurry or busy with important matters, we recommend either ultra-short haircuts or medium length. If you have coarse hair, problems can arise even with a classic half-box. With such a haircut, the hair sometimes grows straight up, and “nailing” them to the head is a task with an asterisk.

Curly hair for men: styling and care features

How do men style curly hair? First you need to decide on the desired styling, then purchase high-quality styling and start practicing. We have only good news for curly guys: elastic curls can hold their shape perfectly. And the tools below will help you style your hair in the best possible way.

Siren Waves Elastic Cream, L'Oréal Professionnel

Dreamed of finding a tool that would emphasize the elasticity and delineation of curls? There is such! This cream in a white bottle is the one. Using this kind of styling is as simple as possible: distribute the product over clean, damp hair and wait until the strands dry naturally.

If you're in a hurry, experts advise using a hairdryer with a diffuser nozzle: with such technical support, it is much easier to style curly men's hairstyles.

Super Fixer Modeling Gel, Matrix

Not all men manage to comb and style their curly hair without difficulty. In some, they are too naughty and stick out in different directions, in others they are so hard that not every styling product gives the desired effect.The product from Matrix will help out. It can be applied to both wet and dry strands. Convenient!

Cream styling Barber Club, L'Oréal Paris

It's no secret that men love versatile cosmetics that are ready to multitask. A bright representative of this category is in the men's beauty arsenal of L'Oréal Paris. The styling tool in cream format is suitable for styling bangs and beard styling. The degree of fixation is medium, and this is what you need: the hairstyle will keep it alive. A pleasant woody aroma can be considered a bonus, because the cream contains essential oils of cedar, eucalyptus and sandalwood.

Classic men's short haircuts for curly hair

It's time to look at men's hairstyles for curly hair in more detail. Let's start with the classics - short haircuts.


If you're looking for a simple haircut to complement your business style, look no further than the polka dot. The haircut, which appeared back in the 17th century, today still implies a smooth transition from short-cut temples to a small length in the parietal zone.


Canadian looks like a polka, but there is still a difference: if we talk about the length of the hair, then this haircut has more contrast between the side zones and the top of the head.


A radical option when the temples are completely shaved, while leaving a fairly decent length in the upper part of the head in the area from the hairline on the forehead to the top of the head.

Fashionable men's haircuts for curly hair of medium length

Men with medium length hair have plenty to choose from and what to look out for when it comes to curly hairstyles. Let's go in order.


We have already described this haircut in the chapter on young people with short hair, but as you can see, it can be worn with longer curls.


This haircut looks elegant and masculine at the same time. But on one condition: the strands must lie in the right direction. Paste or wax will help with styling - the favorite styling products of many men.

Graduated caret

We are used to the fact that this hairstyle is recommended for owners of straight hair. But even on curly hair, this type of bob looks impressive, don't you agree?

Men's hairstyles based on long wavy hair

" Offer something interesting, otherwise you're tired of walking with a ponytail!" - such requests are often found on various specialized resources. Please! We will not only offer, but also show two interesting men's hairstyles for wavy hair.

Men's elongated caret

In our opinion, young people with elongated bob look very stylish. Such haircuts go well with a casual wardrobe, and you can complement such a set with glasses with an interesting frame.


We have noticed that men's haircuts designed for curly hair often coincide with women's hairstyles. And the cascade that romantic men choose is from this cohort. True, men should be less diligent in styling this haircut - the “hair to hair” effect is useless here.

5 Men's Long Haircut Fashion Ideas

So, let's say you just cut your hair. Now you need to decide on the style, and we will help you with styling options. Below are photo ideas of current men's haircuts based on curly hair in 2023.


You shouldn't lick the strands tightly. It's better to give them some freedom, just like the young man in the photo did.


But the bundles can be quite tight. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise your head may hurt.


Athletes love these hairstyles. It is understandable: playing the same football with long hair is already so difficult, and if they are also curly In general, now you know the secret of young David Beckham and other men in excellent sports shape.


One of the men with wavy hair who tried on dreadlocks is Johnny Depp. Yes, Captain Sparrow turned out to be a brave guy, even in the movies.

Classic styling

By classic we at we mean the images of Vincent Cassel, whose styling always looks simple and casual, like a young man in the photo.

Pro Tips

Men's hairstyles for curly hair is not the easiest topic, you can't argue. Therefore, we cannot leave you without a short but useful Q&A section.

How can men style curly hair?

Oh, this is a separate science! You may be surprised, but this should be done while washing your hair. Yes, yes, shampoo first, then rinse it off and apply a moisturizing conditioner. While the product is in effect, comb the curls with a wide-toothed comb.

Which men's hairstyle for curly hair is trending in 2023?

From the most relevant - a beaver haircut with smoothly shaved temples.

Recommend men's haircuts that don't take hours to style (I have wavy hair).

A lot depends on your perfectionism threshold. If your hair is medium length, try the cascade, but be prepared for the styling to look moderately tousled. If you choose a quick styling haircuts based on long curly hair, then these are different versions of the tail or topknot.