Wondering why your hair doesn't hold up even with a lot of styling? They may not be strong enough. This can be fixed

The virtues of coarse hair

What's good about coarse hair? There are many pluses, here are just a few:

  • as a rule, coarse hair holds volume perfectly even without styling products;
  • any hairstyle based on hard hair is distinguished by enviable durability;
  • coarse hair is easier to style without requiring extra effort and time;
  • due to its structure, coarse hair looks thick, even if it is not really.

How to quickly make soft hair coarser and voluminous?

Of the most popular ways, we offer a choice of at least three methods to make hair stiff. Let's talk about each of them in more detail.


He althy coarse hair is often the result of competent home care.

  • Incorrectly selected products can adversely affect the quality of the strands. Shampoo should match the type of scalp, balm - the type of hair. For thin curls, we recommend the shampoo and balm from the Elseve Fibrology series from L’Oréal Paris. The active substances in the formulas of these products penetrate directly into the cortex of the hair, making it thicker.
  • Do not neglect nourishing and moisturizing masks: they can make hair thicker. Garnier Fructis Superfood "Watermelon" 3 in 1 hair mask for hair volume will support the hair with the necessary microelements and thicken it.
  • Don't forget about leave-in care. There are special sprays and oils that increase the stiffness of the hair without weighing it down. L'Oréal Professionnel's Volumetry Spray is a quick and effective way to make hair thicker and fuller.

Salon treatments

Home care may not be enough. In this case, you should contact the professionals who will recommend the necessary procedures to increase the stiffness of the hair.

What salon treatments will help make curls tighter?

  • Collagen care. During the procedure, collagen penetrates the cortex and thickens the hair, filling the voids in the structure.
  • Hot wraps. In this case, a special nutrient mixture is applied to the hair with active ingredients that work effectively, revealing their potential under the influence of heat.
  • Colorless staining. This is another way to make hair firm and voluminous, to return it to a he althy and well-groomed look.

The list of stiffening procedures is not limited to these manipulations, but they are selected individually, taking into account the characteristics and needs of the hair and scalp.

Folk remedies

Are there safe and effective methods to make hair thicker with the help of folk remedies? The earth is known to be full of rumors.

  • It is believed that herbal decoctions, for example, from oak bark, will help to stiffen hair.
  • According to other popular beliefs, hair will become firmer and thicker if you rinse it with water and lemon juice.
  • A gelatin mask, according to folk experts, will not only make hair stiff, but also give it shine and elasticity.
Stylists are quite skeptical about such beauty recipes,despite their popularity. The fact is that any manipulation of this kind with hair is dangerous because of the unpredictability of the results. It is better to use ready-made cosmetics, selected on the advice of professionals - stylists and trichologists.

Harden your hair with Height Riser texturizing powder at home

We have prepared a step-by-step guide for you on how to make your hair stiffer and voluminous at home with Matrix Height Riser texturizing powder.

  1. Wash your hair thoroughly, repeat if necessary. It is important to remove styling residues and excess skin sebum, otherwise it will be difficult to achieve the desired rigidity and volume.

  2. Gently wring out the hair and wrap it with a towel for five minutes, no more.

  3. If you are not limited in time, let the curls dry naturally for 15–20 minutes.

  4. After that, you can start drying your hair with a hairdryer - it's best to do this in a head-down position.

  5. Apply Matrix's Height Riser to the root zone and lightly massage the roots with your fingertips. Please note that very little powder is required.

Height Riser texturizing powder makes hair thicker and stiffer. Powder microparticles literally lift the curls, providing them with volume for several days. The tool does not stick strands, so that the styling retains mobility. Height Riser can be used on both short and long hair.

How to make hair stiff: stylists' life hacks and answers to questions

How to make hair stiff for a man?

All the tips above are equally relevant for men. Competent care and high-quality styling products will serve you well in compacting hair and increasing their rigidity. If the hair is too thin and soft, we advise you to pay attention to the diet: the he alth of the hair depends not least on a balanced diet. Eat the right fats, fiber, and he althy (slow) carbohydrates. Additional vitamins and microelements can be prescribed by a doctor based on test results.

Can I use dry shampoo to make my hair thicker?

You can, yes. Despite the fact that the main task of dry shampoo is to absorb excess sebum, it is sometimes used to add volume and rigidity to the hair. To this end, it is applied to damp, clean hair, and then styled with a hair dryer.

My hair is too soft. Which hairstyle suits me best?

The easiest styling in your case is beach curls. There are special s alt-based sprays that help soft hair become coarser and denser.

These sprays are most effective when applied to slightly blow-dried hair before styling.

Do I need to use professional products to make my hair coarse and thick?

Professional hair care products tend to be targeted at a specific problem, while beauty products found on supermarket shelves tend to have a broader spectrum of action. When the situation requires narrowly targeted means, professional care is indispensable.

Is it possible to make hair thicker and coarser by cutting and coloring?

Yes, maybe. If you have very soft hair, we advise you to choose short haircuts - this way the hair will seem tougher and thicker. Additional visual volume will allow complex coloring in several shades.