September is the second beginning of the year for many. During our studies, we developed the habit of starting a new development cycle at the beginning of autumn. I want renewal in general, and this desire extends not only to the internal state, but also to its external manifestations. We change the wardrobe, sort out the cosmetic bag and supplement the collection of fragrances with new products. Let's just talk about perfume

Finding a song you don't want to part with is not a quick task. We hope our short guide will help you make your choice. There are four fragrances in our selection: two for men and two for women. Each of them is worthy of becoming your companion in the coming autumn.

Aura Mugler Sensuelle

Such fragrances are said to be deep and sensual. On our own behalf, we add that Aura Mugler Sensuelle is an eau de parfum for girls who are not only not afraid to express themselves, but strive for it.

It's not for nothing that brand representatives offer "total immersion" , which implies the fragrance of not only skin, but also hair, and even clothes.
We are sure that only experienced perfumers can guess all the notes the first time.

To be honest, before we met Aura Mugler Sensuelle, we had no idea how it smells tiger liana. And it's not our ignorance, but the exceptional rarity of this note, created specifically for this composition and reminiscent of the aroma of almonds in sugar glaze.

The olfactory accord also features gardenia, bourbon vanilla, white musk and cinnamon leaves - notes that perfectly reveal the luxurious sound of the fragrance.

Alien Flora Futura, Mugler

Flora Futura is a pink variation in the Alien fragrance family. As you can easily guess from the name, the composition fascinates with floral notes.

Jasmine in the heart of the fragrance is complemented by orange and amber, and in such an environment it is perceived as intriguingly unusual. sweetish sound that creates a relaxed vibe, familiar to many from the sensations at the spa.

It seems that the fragrance is worth trying not only for lovers of unusual flower arrangements, but also for workaholics who are not always able to find time to recuperate.

Only The Brave, Diesel

In summer, we often want the freshness of sea or green herbal compositions, but by September the mood changes. On cool autumn days, warm woody-oriental aromas are most harmoniously perceived. Alena Averchenkova notes that oriental-woody formulas include less floral notes, but they abound with different types of wood and spices.

Men's Only The Brave (Diesel) just like that.

Orange and lemon at the top of the olfactory pyramid. But rather quickly, the fragrance develops masculine undertones thanks to an interesting mix of Virginia cedar, coriander and violet, spiced with leather and amber. The character of the fragrance is also revealed by its design. The clenched-fist bottle has been interpreted in many ways, but we think this is a hint of the strong-willed essence of the perfume owner, who is always collected and in control.

Fuel For life, Diesel

Diesel's Fuel For Life Men fragrance is both classic and unusual. By themselves, the notes of the composition are familiar to many: spicy anise, grapefruit, raspberry and lavender are present in a variety of perfumes, but in this combination they form a truly original mix.

The fragrance belongs to the fougere family, and this says a lot. It is believed that a glass is a typically masculine perfume.Our guest expert Alena Averchenkova rightly noted that many people associate such olfactory cocktails with the freshness of shaving foam. As a rule, such compositions are born in the harmony of woody notes (for example, cedar and vetiver) and aromatic (such as lavender, rosemary or eucalyptus). Indeed, in the bottle of Fuel For Life Men, whose shape is reminiscent of an old whiskey bottle, masculine woody notes are softened by a powdery-floral accord.