experts talk about autumn trends

If you still don't know where to get new ideas for your autumn makeup, then we invite you to the fabulous fashion land, where you will find extravagant lipsticks, bold eyeliners and unexpected eyeshadow colors.


The most loved and sought-after trend of all fashion weeks, which has always been and always will be the skin quality that underlies everyone's favorite nude makeup.

Designers are literally juggling this trend in their images, either increasing the saturation of makeup, or lightening colors and colors. In a sense, this is a basic wardrobe, something that always fits and emphasizes your individuality.

Matte flawless skin can be seen on Miu Miu, Prada and Proenza Schouler.

Main ingredients of nude makeup:

  • weightless foundation

  • pigmented concealer,

  • sculptor,

  • eyebrow gel,

  • light swipe of mascara.

And if you are bored or going to a party after a long day at work, just dilute the effect of matte leather with pieces of foil or a pair of rhinestones, as in the Elie Saab and Fendi shows. This technique will instantly add a glow effect, and you will definitely be in the spotlight!


During the cold season, it's time to apply blush generously and not worry that it will look somehow unnatural. World makeup artists suggest using lipstick instead of the usual blush to get a creamy effect. The main secret is to melt a small amount of lipstick on your fingertips and immediately apply to your cheeks.


Arrows are the main assistants in creating any fatal beauty look. As expected, the hands in the cold season will be sharp in shape, ostentatious in character and always thick black.

Haute Couture Fashion Week was inspired by bright examples and unexpected shapes. Models from the Giambattista Valli show showed off exquisite double lines on the upper eyelid. The idea is interesting and easy to implement. Well, if you prefer a more classic shape, then repeat the arrows from the Bottega Veneta show.The most simple and effective.

The main tools are a liner or a black pencil. Application technique: draw two curved lines on the upper eyelid, as if you want to repeat the crease of the eyelid, and simply direct the tip of the arrow to the temple.

Smokey Eyes

Smoky eye makeup is the perfect finishing touch to winter outfits. Fashion shows offer us various interpretations of this makeup, but the most fashionable are the notes of the 60s. If you're always on the lookout for new shapes, check out the grungy smokey eyes from Altuzarra. Fans of the classic version should take a closer look at the look that was on the Michael Kors show.

Anastasia Kirillova Makeup artist Giorgio Armani beautyThe coming autumn-winter season returns timeless classics, beauty, elegance to fashion. It may seem boring to some, but how can individuality, well-groomed appearance and femininity be boring? In eye makeup, black arrows, shining textures in natural shades do not cease to be relevant.For those who want to experiment, I recommend trying appliques of rhinestones or sequins (as in the Armani Privé couture show), and the most fashionable color in eye makeup will be blue - this color was most often seen during the weeks in Milan and Paris.

Beauty in pink

Pink is the color of love and freedom. Soft and bright shades of pink have become the most fashionable in beauty trends. Valentino's hot pink eyeshadow paired perfectly with the totally pink collection. The graphic shape and dense matte color made even the most sophisticated fashionistas fall in love with them. To make hot pink look as harmonious as possible, combine it with a matte foundation, bare lips and a little highlighter. Pink inspiration can also be found at Emporio Armani and Lanvin.


I've never turned down bold lipstick colors myself and I'm very glad that bright colors continue to be fashionable.And it's not just the classic red! Black, vampire purple and navy blue continue to be at the peak of popularity. Inspired by Gucci, Blumarine and Versace.

Red lips are a classic that will never go out of style, but the way it is applied and the specifics of the shade can definitely change from season to season. Neutral red is still with us, but warmer shades are worth looking into.