Do you dream of learning how to do your own hair? We suggest starting simple and remembering childhood

Basic principles of weaving spikelets

Spikelet is a hairstyle that looks quite simple from the outside and is great for everyday looks. However, not everything is as easy as it might seem at first glance. For those who are not experienced in hairdressing experiments, the weaving pattern seems to be very ornate.

Indeed, a spikelet is a complicated type of braid. In the process of weaving, additional strands are included in the main braid, creating a layered effect. You can clearly see it in the photo.

By the way, the classic spikelet is often called a French braid, although, to be honest, you can find such styling in various countries and, we add, in various age categories.

In 2023, videos on how to weave spikelets are popular not only among schoolgirls. With such a hairstyle, you can meet both bohemian representatives and business women.

Braiding long hair into spikelets is advised to those who regularly go to sports or are actively involved in household chores. However, the spikelet will look impressive at the party.

Also, it's smart to do this if you're planning on taking a break from hot tools.

In general, this hairstyle has a lot of advantages. Let's name the main ones.

  • Femininity. Many girls are attracted by the beauty of the spikelet. Looking at the examples in the photo, we cannot but agree with this.

  • Practical. Firstly, the hair is not exposed to the traumatic effect of ironing or tongs. Secondly, the strands collected in a spikelet do not climb into the face and, unlike a tail or a bun, allow you to wear hats and other headgear without any problems.

  • Versatility. Spikelet is appropriate almost everywhere: on the beach, in the office, in the gym and at a party.

But this hairstyle also has disadvantages. Let's not hide them.

  • Complex technique. For the first time, it is recommended to weave a spikelet, strictly following the step-by-step instructions (preferably with a photo). To get started, you can practice on a familiar child or on a friend, if they are ready to support your efforts - it will be easier to deal with the technique.

  • The hairstyle is not suitable for girls with curls. However, with a strong desire, you can pre-straighten the curls, while not forgetting about high-quality thermal protection (L’Oréal Professionnel Blow Dry cream will not let you down).

  • Owners of thin and split ends need to prepare their hair in a special way, otherwise individual hairs will stick out untidy from the spikelet. However, this minus can turn into a plus. If you first apply leave-in care or nourishing oil to the curls, you will not only prepare the hair for weaving, but also take care of their quality.

What tools do you need to weave a spikelet?

Before weaving a spikelet, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the arsenal of tools that will help in creating a hairstyle.


Their number depends on the complexity of the task and your wishes. We have put together a complete set - in case you plan to learn how to weave spikelets at a professional level.

So, what is included in the necessary toolkit?

  • Elastic bands (it is better to take dense, but small ones - to match the hair so that they merge with the spikelet);

  • hairpins and invisible;

  • brush and comb with tight teeth;

  • ribbons (if you plan to braid a complex spikelet).

Styling products

Not every step-by-step instruction explaining how to weave a spikelet contains this kind of applied information, although, in our opinion, the quality of the result largely depends on the right cosmetics. It is important, for example, to correctly prepare the strands: they should be smooth and slightly moistened. We recommend applying Garnier Fructis SOS Recovery Serum with amla extract to the hair.It helps to visually improve the condition of the tips and adds shine to the curls.

How to braid a spikelet for yourself: step by step instructions

For beginners, we have prepared step-by-step instructions for weaving a spikelet - get inspired and get started!

  1. Before weaving a spikelet, you need to wash your hair, as in the case of other braids, otherwise tight styling will emphasize oily hair roots. Use a shampoo that not only cleanses your hair, but also moisturizes your scalp: it should be clean and well-groomed.

  2. The hair in the parietal zone should be separated from the rest of the hair and divided into three parts.

  3. Start the classic braid by crossing the strands together. Whoever forgot how they do it, we remind you: the right strand is placed on the central one, then the same is done with the left one.

  4. Now keep doing the same, adding a bit of hair from the rest each time. It is important that the new strands are approximately the same size, then the styling will be symmetrical.

  5. Put the last 20% of the length into a classic braid and secure with an elastic band at the bottom.

  6. Set with hairspray. We chose Vavoom by Matrix - it will last a long time!

For those who do not know how to weave a spikelet, we advise you to start training according to this step-by-step instruction in advance, and not before leaving the house. We know from experience that not everyone succeeds the first time, and this is normal. Do not worry: yes, this is not the easiest, but not the most difficult hairstyle, so it will not be difficult to master it with experience.

Varieties of spikelet hairstyles

Before you watch the video for beginners and weave the spikelet, decide on the type of hairstyle you want to get. Yes, yes, it didn’t seem to you: spikelets are different. Showing the most popular.

Reverse spikelet

Perhaps, this is one of the most voluminous spikelets. Note also that reverse weaving looks very interesting on strands with complex coloring, such as Californian highlights, balayage or ombre.

Everyday spikelet on its side

Have you already mastered the classic spikelet and want something more original? The easiest hairstyle upgrade is the same braid, only braided to one side. Choose any or alternate them.

French side braid

Above, we told you step by step how to weave a French spikelet to get the result as in the photo below.

We propose to make the same hairstyle asymmetrical. The image will be more relevant and stylish.

At the same time, the basic skills of weaving a classic spikelet are enough.

Fishtail braid

This spikelet can rightly be called mysterious. Take a look for yourself: few people can guess how to repeat the styling in the photo and braid such a braid without instructions. If you choose this option, get ready to receive enthusiastic compliments and answer the question of how to repeat your hairstyle.

Spikelet around the head

We are sure that such styling is suitable for evening wear, and even for a wedding. Spikelet - a hairstyle that can be called both solemn and practical (all hair is neatly collected, and even the tail of the braid does not hang out).

Spikelets on both sides

Do you like playful side ponytails? The same can be done with spikelets! Divide your hair into two equal parts and braid the spikelets according to the instructions above.

Fishtail reversed

If you already master the complicated version of the spikelet, then in full. For example, weaving a reverse fishtail into a high ponytail or braiding it around the head.

Pro Tips

Now you know how to braid a spikelet. And for those who still have questions, we suggest you linger to get acquainted with the recommendations of experts.

How to braid a spikelet on curly hair?

Alas, this will not be done quickly. Elastic curls are not friendly with such braids, but you can straighten the curls first, and then braid the spikelet.

How to braid a spikelet on short hair?

Same as on long ones, but it is important to start from the top of the head.

What are the spikelet weaving options in trend in 2023?

We will highlight two options: a spikelet that starts at the crown, and an asymmetrical hairstyle.

How easy is it to braid a spikelet - based on the video or following the instructions above?

Detailed instructions are closer to us: no need to stop the video every few seconds and rewind it if you missed something.