If the ends of the hair are neatly trimmed, the hairstyle looks fresh and stylish. But for the sake of a simple update of the cut, you don’t always want to sign up for a salon. How to trim the ends yourself?

Why trim the ends?

If you don't take anything for granted and, when making a choice, always rely on arguments for and against, then we are ready to give a number of reasons that motivate you to trim your ends regularly.

  • Aesthetically, a fresh cut looks much more attractive than split ends.
  • If you regularly practice trimming the ends of your hair, the risk of hair damage is reduced - they are less tangled and broken.
  • Cutting the ends is good for the he alth of the hair in general: it reduces stress on the roots and promotes hair growth.

What do you need for independent hairdressing?

How to cut the ends of your hair? It's not as difficult as it might seem. The main thing is to properly prepare and have everything you need at hand.


What do you need to trim your hair yourself?

  • Fine comb with often set teeth.
  • Your regular hairbrush.
  • Hair clips (regular crocodile clips will do).
  • Sprayer with water to maintain the desired moisture of the hair.
  • Hairdressing scissors.

Special attention should be paid to the main cutting tool. Household or clerical scissors are not suitable, even for home trimming the tips. shop professional hairdressing scissors. You can also purchase special thinning scissors.


Because you have to wash your hair before cutting, you will need your usual shampoo and conditioner, even if you don't use them on a regular basis.

The process will go like clockwork if you apply a smoothing leave-in care, such as All-in-One from Biolage, to wet curls. The spray adds shine and smoothness to the hair, and also makes curls more manageable, which is important when cutting the ends.

Workplace organization

Be sure to prepare your workplace. How to do it?

  • Choose a well-lit area. If the haircut is performed at night, take care of sufficient lighting (use not only overhead, but also directional light).
  • Set up two mirrors so you can see the hair well from the front and back.
  • Place all your inventory next to you so that everything you need is at hand.

Hair preparation

After you wash your hair, immediately start cutting, blotting your hair with a towel. The more they dry out, the more difficult it will be to cut them. Don't forget to use a spray bottle while cutting - be sure to keep your curls damp.

How to cut the ends of your hair yourself: step by step instructions

We have prepared a step by step guide explaining how to trim the ends of your hair at home. Follow him and everything will work out!

  1. Wash your hair and don't forget to use conditioner. Then wrap your head in a towel for a few minutes (excess moisture will be absorbed, but the hair will remain quite damp).

  2. Try to gently comb the strands without hurting them.

  3. Divide the total mass of hair into several parts and secure each of them with a clip.

  4. Take the first section, pull the hair with a comb and cut to the desired length.

  5. From the first strand, trim the rest.

  6. Comb the curls again and evaluate the result of the haircut. If some strands are longer, trim them to the reference length.

  7. Dry your hair in the usual way and, as an additional care, apply a special oil to your hair to soften the tips. Try Elseve oil. Extraordinary.”

How to cut split ends?

If you want to not just cut your hair, but get rid of split ends, then you need to act a little differently. In this case, we have one more instruction.

  1. After washing your hair, do not use either conditioner / balm or leave-in care. The fact is that these products have a smoothing effect and easily mask split ends.

  2. Dry your hair and comb it thoroughly.

  3. Divide your hair into two parts, fasten one of them with a clip or collect in a bun.

  4. Separate a small strand from the second half and twist it into a bundle. Hairs will stick out of the tourniquet - that's what you need to remove.

  5. Carefully cut off protruding hairs with scissors.

  6. Dissolve the tourniquet and comb the strand, then twist it in the opposite direction and also trim the protruding hairs.

  7. Do all your hair this way, strand by strand.

  8. At the end of the procedure, apply Garnier Fructis firming serum to the curls. SOS Recovery.”

This method won't get rid of all split ends, but it will significantly reduce their number. After such a haircut, the curls will look he althier and more well-groomed.

Note that this haircut technology may not be suitable for everyone. If you have a large number of split ends and brittle hair, then you need the help of a professional hairdresser: he will not only competently make a haircut, but also recommend restorative care.

How to trim long hair?

If you made a haircut based on long hair, then updating the cut will have its own nuances. The best way to do this is with the tail. So, how to trim long hair yourself?

  • Comb your clean, damp hair and tie it into a low ponytail.
  • Gently comb the ponytail and secure the elastic or clip close to the tip.
  • Cut the tip with scissors.
  • Loose your hair and trim again if needed.

Don't forget that long curls require special care. Keep the beauty of your hair will help indelible care cream from L'Oréal Paris "Elseve. Dream length. Apply after shampooing before styling for shine and damage protection.

Stylists answer questions about hair ends

How often should I trim my ends?

It all depends if you grow your hair out or not. If you're just looking to keep them looking he althy and tidy, trimming your ends once a month makes sense. For those who want to grow their hair, hairdressers advise trimming the ends every 3 months.

I have very thick and thick hair. Can I trim the ends myself at home?

It is unlikely that the result of independent work will suit you. Unfortunately, thick hair is difficult to cut. Here you need the hand of an experienced master who can handle a naughty mop.

How to make your hair less split and need to cut the ends less often?

Proper care will help you with this.

  • Use nourishing masks and hair oils, choose shampoos and balms that have a smoothing effect.
  • Try not to overuse hot stylers for styling, and when using high temperature devices, do not forget about thermal protection.

How to trim the ends of curly hair for yourself?

There are a few important points to consider when cutting the ends of curly hair.

  • Cut only dry hair - this way you will get a predictable result while maintaining the structure of curls.
  • During the haircut, try not to comb your hair so that the curls do not fall apart and keep their shape.
  • Never straighten your curls before cutting.
  • At the end of the procedure, be sure to use leave-in care for curly hair.

Keep in mind that cutting curly hair is not easy, so it's best to trust the professionals.

Can I trim my bangs myself?

Why not? If you have the necessary tools and relevant skills, then you can easily trim the bangs on your own.

  • It will be easiest to make a straight horizontal cut.
  • More textured and airy bangs will result from accurate thinning.
  • Cut bangs with a small margin so that you can correct the length and unevenness.