The need for styling without a hair dryer can arise for each of us. Someone was on the road, and at hand, at best, dry shampoo and a comb. Someone just decided to give their hair a break from hot tools. How to make a beautiful hairstyle in such conditions?

Should I try to style my hair without a blow dryer and flat iron?

The hair dryer and styler allow you to do cool styling without the help of professionals. Of course it's convenient. On the other hand, many tongs and curling irons imply efficiency at temperatures above 200 ° C.If you regularly style your hair in this mode, then their quality (without proper care and special protection) can suffer quite seriously.

However, it will not be difficult to achieve the desired shape without the use of hot appliances if you choose the right styling products and strengthen the care of curls. By fulfilling these conditions, you will provide yourself with every chance to make a beautiful styling while drying your hair naturally.

Volume without hair dryer

It's easy to add volume to your hair without a hair dryer! Believe me, these are not empty words. The easiest way is to treat the root zone with dry shampoo. This tool will always help out if the styling has lost its original freshness or if you have oily scalp by nature.

Another working solution is to apply a texturizing powder (such as Matrix) to the roots and fluff the hair with your fingers. Such a tool is very convenient to carry with you: it takes up little space and weighs almost nothing.

Waves and curls without a curling iron

It is also possible to make an evening styling without a curling iron. To do this, apply a special mousse to slightly damp hair (suitable, for example, Transformer from L’Oréal Professionnel), after which you should wind the hair on curlers.

Then you can go about your business, waiting for the strands to dry. When this happens, loosen the curls and fix the result with varnish.

Can you straighten your hair without a flat iron?

And again the answer is yes! Of course, styling curly hair without ironing as if you were born with straight hair will not work, but you can definitely “pacify” slightly curly hair. First, wash your hair with a smoothing shampoo and conditioner. Then mix the Smooth Setter cream with oil and spread this mixture over the entire length of the hair.

It's easy - comb the strands, slightly stretching them, every 5 minutes, until they dry.

How to style short hair beautifully without a hair dryer?

Styling short hair without a hair dryer can be more difficult than long hair. Sometimes they lack their own weight to lie down the way we would like. Therefore, stylists are advised to get proven styling products that will help maintain the style conceived during the haircut.


If you have straight hair, bob is fertile ground for styling without a hairdryer. The main thing is not to miss the moment after washing your hair and apply care and styling products to your curls in time.

Remember: the ends need to look perfect, so spread the nourishing oil over this area and wait until the hair dries, periodically combing it with a comb with tightly set teeth.


Pixie is a haircut that goes well with the emphasized texture of the strands. In this case, it is not necessary to wash your hair before styling.

Arm yourself with Matrix's Over Achiever texturizer that works as a cream, paste and wax for hair. Warm up the right amount of product in your hands and distribute it over the strands, setting them in the desired direction.

Modern styling of medium length hair without ironing and hair dryer

There are a lot of hairstyles that fit well on medium hair. But if you count on laying without hot tools, this number is drastically reduced. Nevertheless, we found a couple of quite working solutions - try it!


Those who wear the cascade know well how beautiful this haircut looks after styling in the brushing technique. It will be difficult to repeat the same result without a hair dryer, but making waves is quite possible.

To begin with, wash your hair and wait until your hair is eighty percent dry naturally. Now apply Bouncy & Tender Cream Gel, L'Oréal Professionnel, to the strands to create curls.

Divide your hair into seven to eight parts and twist each into a small bun, trying to follow a single algorithm. Wait 2-3 hours, then untie the twisted strands and fix the resulting waves with varnish.

By the way, in this way you can achieve different types of curls. Experiment - and find the best option in your particular case!


If you want to keep your hair away from your face, a bun is a great idea! The photo shows how stylish collected hair can look. It will not be difficult to find a harmonious solution for both an evening look and a sports bow.

Beautiful styling of long hair without a hairdryer

Styling long hair without a hair dryer and flat iron? And it's possible! Let's consider two popular ways, starting from what kind of result we need.


You probably know that you can turn straight hair into wavy if you braid slightly damp strands into braids before going to bed. Let's take as a basis this property of hair to remember the position and make curls in the same way.

To do this, twist slightly damp strands into bundles, and, accordingly, into bundles. Before this, it is recommended to apply a styling spray or mousse to the hair, and then spray the bundles with varnish.

In the morning let's loosen the hair and comb it with a brush to make the result look neat.

Volume at the roots

Girls with long hair often dream of extra basal volume. To make this dream come true, you need to use cool styling products - and then you can style your hair even without a hair dryer.

Try root area with Matrix Volume Fixer Volume Spray and bouffant. Yes, yes, the same one that many did before school discos.

Looking for a more gentle way? Dry shampoo comes to the rescue. In a duet with a texturizing powder, it is able to noticeably lift the strands.

How to style curly hair without a hairdryer?

Honestly, trying to straighten and style curly hair without a hair dryer is a thankless task. It is better to emphasize their natural beauty, focusing on the texture of the hair, and give the curls a more defined shape.

You can master the so-called curly hair care method. And after washing, styling is recommended, which was created specifically for curly hair. We share our findings below.

How to style bangs without a hair dryer and flat iron?

Perhaps, the owners of bangs are the most difficult to do without a hair dryer and ironing: laying strands near the face without hot tools is a task with an asterisk. But don't worry! We have prepared a step-by-step instruction for you.

  • Styling is done on semi-moist hair, so you should wash your hair first.

  • Find large-diameter curlers and wind strands on one of them near the face in the right direction (the most popular option is towards the face).

  • Spray the resulting design with hairspray.

  • After two hours, loosen your hair and gently straighten it with your fingers.

How to lay a square without a hair dryer, ironing and curling iron: step by step instructions

Do you want to enjoy not only the result of styling, but also the process? We will tell you how to achieve this, using the example of a short haircut, such as a bob.

  • After washing, dry your hair thoroughly with a towel, and then let it dry naturally by eighty percent.

  • Apply Matrix's High Amplify Volume Spray to the root zone.

  • Divide your hair into five or six sections and twist each section into a tight bun.

  • Loose your hair and fluff it up with your fingers.

Pro Tips

How to style your hair without ironing and stay happy with your hair? We answer specific questions from readers on the merits.

How do I style my hair without a blow dryer if my hair is wavy?

Globally there are two ways: wind or straighten. For the latter, apply a smoothing cream to semi-moist hair and comb the strands at intervals of 5 minutes until they dry. To get waves or curls, use curlers or twist the strands into bundles. In this way, you can learn how to do really beautiful styling.

How to do a sloppy styling without a curling iron?

How about a beach curl effect? We really like this set. In the process, you will need a sea s alt spray. L’Oréal Professionnel has this one in the Techi.Art line. Distribute it through semi-moist hair, then do the styling with your hands, squeezing the strands like a sponge. You need to repeat the movements several times with interruptions until the strands remember the shape and dry.

Do I need to treat my hair before it dries if I'm not using a hair dryer?

If the hair itself falls beautifully, it is better to focus on care. For example, try Garnier's SOS Keratin Spray Serum. It is aimed at restoring damaged hair. After applying the product, the hair looks more well-groomed.