Describing a shaggy haircut in a nutshell is not so easy, but let's try: the hairstyle looks airy and slightly tousled. However, it looks organic and stylish. Who suits shaggy?

What does a shaggy cut look like?

The classic version of shaggy is a compromise between a clear shape and a chaotic, at first glance, haircut technique. For those who are familiar with cascading hairstyles with their inherent transitions from level to level, it is easy to imagine a shaggy haircut. It is only necessary to add milled tips directed in different directions to the existing image.

The fashion version of shaggy will be appreciated at least by girls who love styling their hair in different ways.

For example, we are delighted with the following duet: shaggy haircut and textured strands - we attach the photo below as an argument in favor of such a winning combination.

However, we like the styling of the shaggy haircut using the brushing technique no less, especially for medium-length hair.


This hairstyle has a lot of advantages. What is remarkable about the shaggy haircut?

  • She can be good even without styling - thanks to the thinning of the tips.

  • Haircut allows you to achieve the missing volume.

  • The hairstyle is popular in 2023 among both stylists and stars.

  • Shaggy is chosen by girls with a variety of fashion preferences.

  • The haircut looks beautiful with and without bangs.

  • This is a good solution for fine hair, and for dense and thick hair.

Who suits the shaggy haircut?

If you are one of those who chooses a haircut taking into account the shape of the face, then the shaggy hairstyle is a universal solution. An experienced master will be able to emphasize the dignity of any appearance. What can a shaggy haircut do?

  • Make a round face look longer.

  • Smooth corners to provide optical correction for a square face.

  • To soften the contrast of the triangular shape.

As for the structure of the hair, there are no special contraindications for a shaggy haircut either. It will be a winning solution for thin hair, and curly, and dense, hard to style.Of course, a lot depends on the professionalism of the master and, most importantly, the quality of the styling.

For example, a good texturizing spray will help achieve the stylish chaos that goes so well with this haircut. We recommend L'Oréal Professionnel Mineral Treatment for that beach wave effect even away from the sea.

Another thing we're not ready to part with is Matrix Texturizing Powder. Her key task is to create basal volume, and she copes with it with an A+.

For those who made a shaggy haircut based on short hair, as in the photo, it is not forbidden to powder the hair along the entire length.

By the way, we almost forgot! Shaggy haircut looks especially interesting with bangs, so we suggest not to refuse this option. In our opinion, it is worth trying on such options as a bang-curtain and an elongated milled bang.

Shaggy haircut ideas photo: trends 2023

It's not enough to tell the stylist that you want to get a shaggy haircut. He will need details. We have collected five options that are the most relevant this season.

Shaggy cut for short hair

If you need a comfortable haircut based on short hair, then shaggy is the version that definitely makes sense to consider. For styling, you only need a hairdryer and a couple of quality styling products.

Shaggy Bob

We have noticed that Bob and Shaggy are the most popular duo on the web. From the first haircut, they borrow the length, or to be more precise, the configuration (longer strands - at the face, shorter - at the crown). And from shaggy they take clear lines and neglect the usual order characteristic of a bob haircut.

Shaggy mullet

If you approach the choice of a haircut in terms of trends, then you probably won’t find a more fashionable combination. True, such a hairstyle is far from suitable for everyone and certainly does not rhyme with business style. But if you are a future show business star and the shaggy mullet suits your role, keep this reference.

Shaggy haircut on the base of medium length hair

Shaggy haircut fits perfectly on medium hair. If the length of the curls reaches at least the shoulders and you want to add a twist to your hairstyle, this cascading haircut definitely makes sense to include in the list of considered options.

Shaggy haircut for long hair

From the outside it seems that the owners of long thick hair do not know the problems with styling, but this is not so. Of the main complaints - the lack of basal volume, which quickly disappears due to the severity of the strands.And a shaggy haircut based on long hair is one way to add natural lightness to the hairstyle.

How do you cut your shaggy?

If shaggy styling can be mastered at home, then it is better to entrust the haircut to professionals. It requires not only experience, but also time. Plan a trip to the beauty salon for at least 2 hours. First, you will need to discuss the details with the stylist. Secondly, we recall that the haircut has a cascading shape, and making it more difficult than the classic straight cut. If your plans also include bangs, then add another 15–20 minutes.

Shaggy hair styling

We invite you to learn together how to style a shaggy haircut on medium length hair.

  1. Start by washing your hair. For water procedures, it is important to choose products depending on the characteristics of your hair and scalp.

  2. The latest editorial discovery is the Hyaluron Filler line from L'Oréal Paris. It includes shampoo, balm, mask and leave-in spray. These products, working in combination, make the hair denser and more hydrated without weighing it down. The line is also suitable for girls with thin hair. Our colleague was pleasantly surprised when, after applying four moisturizers in a row, she air-styled with ease.

  3. Apply thermal protection to the strands, then dry the strands with a hair dryer by 50-60%.

  4. Now treat your hair with a texturizing spray and apply mousse to the roots to add volume.

  5. There are two ways to go. Blow dry your hair using a diffuser attachment and lift the strands at the roots to give them texture from root to tip. The second option is ironing. To do this, after drying your hair, carefully comb it and divide it into sections. Take a strand, pinch it with an iron, stepping back from the roots 2-3 centimeters.Moving smoothly towards the tips, scroll the iron in the opposite direction from the face. Process all the strands according to the given algorithm.

  6. When the curls are cool, fluff them up with your fingers and lightly spray with hairspray.

Pro Tips

Shaggy haircut is much less common than a bob or the same short flight of stairs, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that our readers ask questions on the topic. We will answer them with pleasure.

Recommend a stylish shaggy cut that will look good on short hair all year round.

Well, of course, this is a shaggy bob in all variations, from classic to elongated. At the same time, it doesn’t hurt to still carry dry shampoo and a comb with you - in case the hairstyle starts to lose its intended shape.

Who suits a shaggy haircut without bangs?

There is no definite answer here, but stylists believe that girls with medium-length hair and an oval-shaped face should go with such a haircut.

Shag and shaggy - is it the same haircut?

Yes, both spellings refer to the same haircut.

How to style a long shaggy? Need ideas!

Our favorite is styling that looks like you just woke up and are cooking breakfast. On the head is a stylish mess that French women love so much. To obtain the desired effect, after styling with hot tools, lightly shake the hair with your hands.

What tools to style a shaggy bob?

Round comb and hair dryer with diffuser attachment. The latter, by the way, can also be useful for girls who wear a shaggy haircut on long hair, but are not ready to spend more than 15 minutes a day on styling.