Looking for a hairstyle that will be relevant for more than one season? Men's Caesar haircut is a solution that fully meets this criterion. How it is made and to whom it suits, we will tell in this article

Features of male Caesar haircut

Let's take a little trip back to the past to find out the history of this haircut. According to legend, the Roman emperor Caesar combed all his hair from the back of his head to his forehead. With the help of these manipulations, he seemed to want to hide his bald patches. As a result, a bang was formed, which masked this annoying feature of his appearance.

What is a hairstyle in our time?

  • Caesar haircut is a men's hairstyle with straight or rounded bangs, shaved temples and nape. However, the hair on the temples and the back of the head can not be shaved to zero, leaving a couple of millimeters of length.
  • Distinctive features of the Caesar haircut are the same length of hair at the crown and in the bangs (approximately 2–3 centimeters), as well as careful and extremely accurate edging of the temples.

In the modern version, the hairstyle rather complements the fashionable image and is by no means perceived as a way to hide the emerging baldness.

Pros and cons of hairstyles

What are the main benefits of a Caesar haircut?

  • Does not lose relevance.
  • Caesar is easy to style.
  • The haircut is perfect for men with coarse and unruly hair.

The downside of a male Caesar haircut can be considered the need to regularly (and quite often) visit the hairdresser to maintain the shape of the hairstyle. Otherwise, after a month or two, your Caesar will lose his imperial chic and the charm of this trendy haircut will disappear.

We also consider it our duty to warn that a modern haircut does not hide bald patches.

Who will the Caesar haircut for men?

Let's find out.

  • Caesar haircut is definitely suitable for men with an oval or elongated face. But who should look at other hairstyles is the owners of a round or square face.
  • Age restrictions on haircuts have long been lifted, so both young guys and older men can choose Caesar.
  • Men's Caesar hairstyle does not rhyme with thin and sparse hair, but on thick hair it will look just fine.
  • Suitable for both straight and curly hair.

Caesar men's haircut: execution technique and pattern

How is Caesar made in the salon? Professionals use a typewriter, scissors and a special razor for edging. Here is an example haircut:

  1. The hair in the area of the temples and the back of the head is processed with a machine, bringing it to the desired length. As a rule, first a horizontal line is drawn along which the transition boundary will pass, and then the hair is shaved off with a machine (to zero or leaving a few millimeters).

  2. Then, the bangs and crown are cut with scissors (if necessary, the hair in these areas can be profiled).

  3. At the end, the master draws the contour of the haircut with a special razor, creating an individual hairstyle geometry.

At home, it is almost impossible to make a Caesar haircut. It is difficult to achieve perfectly straight lines on your own, not to mention the increased risk of handling a straight razor without the appropriate skills. No matter how much you want to take scissors and a typewriter in your hands, it is better to entrust this task to professional hairdressers.

How to style your haircaesar?

Short haircuts don't need to be styled, but long haircuts, on the contrary, look much better styled. Admire the photo of different versions of the Caesar hairstyle for men.

Smooth styling

Perfectly straight bangs will help emphasize smooth hair. For those who want to know how to style a Caesar haircut, our instructions will help.

  1. Blow-dry your hair, combing your bangs towards your forehead.

  2. Apply L'Oréal Professionnel's Transformer Universal Hair Mousse Gel to your strands.

  3. Comb your hair again with a wide-tooth comb or brush.

  4. At the end, you can spray a small amount of fixing spray onto your hair, such as Air Fix from L’Oréal Professionnel.

Messy styling

If you have wavy or unruly hair and you decide on a Caesar haircut, then this styling is definitely for you. How to make it?

  1. Blow-dry your hair on medium heat, tousling the locks a little with your fingers.

  2. Apply L'Oréal Professionnel's Volume Lift Spray Mousse to the root zone: it is designed specifically to create volume.

  3. Finish with a Beach Waves spray from the same line. It will give the hair texture, and styling - that very stylish negligence.

Trendy varieties of men's Caesar haircuts in 2023

Which versions of the Caesar haircut for men are considered the most fashionable in 2023? Answers in our photo selection.

Caesar with bangs

The most common version of Caesar. Bangs can be long (to the middle of the forehead) or very short.

Textured Caesar

This solution is suitable for lovers of informal and daring looks. The hair in the upper part of the hairstyle (in the bangs and on the crown) is not smooth, but has a pronounced texture. It is best to style such a haircut with “feathers” using mousse. Suitable Spiral Queen from L'Oréal Professionnel.

Caesar without transition

One of the options for a short Caesar haircut implies an almost complete lack of transition between the long and short parts. This hairstyle is suitable for men who lead an active lifestyle, go in for sports: the hair will not interfere with physical exertion.

Office Caesar

If your work requires restraint in external manifestations, then creative experiments in image solutions are most likely contraindicated for you. In this case, an office Caesar is recommended. Short bangs and an imperceptible transition in the length of the hair will perfectly support the business look.

Caesar with transition

Stylish and bright - the male Caesar with the transition looks exactly like this. The interest of others is guaranteed, because such a haircut will definitely attract attention. The hair in the bangs and on the top of the head is much longer than those on the temples and the back of the head (in these areas they are shaved almost to zero).

Caesar haircut: stylists answer your questions

What is the difference between a crop haircut and a Caesar haircut for men?

These two haircuts are easy to confuse, because at first glance they look almost the same. But there are still differences. Crop implies a more contrasting transition in the length of the hair, so this haircut resembles a cap on the head.

Caesar is a more reserved, classic haircut, while a crop top would be a great choice for creative young guys.

How to care for a Caesar haircut?

Caesar short hairstyle men love because it is almost not necessary to take care of it. Shampoo and balm are products that can be completely limited.

Caesar requires perfectly clean hair and a he althy scalp. If your hair gets dirty too quickly, then by the end of the day the hairstyle will look unpresentable. Increased secretion of sebum (sebum) is a reason to consult a specialist for advice.You may be advised to change your daily care and prescribe corrective products.

I want to get a Caesar haircut. What if you don't like the result?

The most obvious answer to this question is to just wait until the hair grows back and get another haircut. But we understand that this method is not suitable for everyone, so we will offer a systematic approach.

  • Refer for a haircut only to trusted and experienced hairdressers. Sometimes bad hair is the result of unprofessional work.
  • If it's already done, try different styling options. You will be surprised how different the same haircut can look.
  • And finally, the most radical way is to make a shorter haircut. For example, a hedgehog or a sports box.

Is it possible to update the Caesar haircut at home?

It's best to check with your hairdresser. Some haircut variations really require only a little correction. You can easily deal with this on your own. The wizard will tell you how best to do it.

And yet, in most cases, you need to be prepared for the fact that regular visits to the salon will be required to update your hair.