The problem of fixing naughty, curly or just heavy hair occupies the stronger sex no less than the beautiful half of humanity. We have compiled a rating of hair styling products that will be useful for men as well

Men's hair styling products

The days when oily grease was almost the only styling product are over - in 2023 you can talk about men's styling for hours. However, the range of men's hair styling products is expanding as rapidly as the choice of haircuts.How and with what to bring to mind a fashionable British woman, a bold top knot and a short half-box, we will tell right now.


I twist and turn, I want to lay down! If the strands refuse to lie in the right direction, the paste will help.

The dense texture of the product leaves little chance for hair to rebel, and the plastic formula provides room for maneuver: if desired, the hair can be combed and re-styled.

Hair lipstick

For daily styling of men's hair, products with a natural finish - shiny or matte - are suitable. Lipstick works great. On the one hand, she can only set the direction for certain strands, such as bangs or hair on top. On the other hand, she is ready to style her hair in its entirety (with its help it will not be difficult to comb her hair back, as shown in the photo).


The name of this product for fixing, including men's hair, suggests that its dense texture and color resemble real clay.

This sedimentary rock is really present in this styling : it helps to hold the strands in the right position and give them a more defined shape.

Those with long hair can skip this chapter, but young people with short to medium hair can definitely take a closer look at this modeling product.


Hairspray is mainly used to fix the styling result. But it can also be useful for those who are initially lucky with the quality of their hair. For example, fairly manageable hair, which usually needs to be combed enough to look presentable, can be sprayed with hairspray before training or walking on a windy day or in high humidity.


Sometimes men don't have enough hair volume! Yes, the effect of added splendor may be of interest to those who wear pompadour, bob or, for example, an elongated bob haircut.

For quick styling, they came up with an unusual tool - powder, which works equally effectively on both men's and women's hair.

The lightweight bottle contains a white powder that may be starch and rice extract. All you need is to apply a little product to the root zone and lift the strands with your fingers.


This popular hair styling product is also suitable for men. It can be used in at least two ways. The first, classic, involves applying to semi-moist strands before blow-drying - in this case, the product will add volume to the hair.

The second, less common, involves replacing gel or texturizing paste mousse. In this case, apply an air styling agent to dry strands, which are then shaped with your hands.

So, we have described the main set, but some other formats are left behind the scenes. Cream, gel, wax and texturizing spray - we'll talk about these and other products below!

Top 5 most popular products according to editors

Agree, I want the styling to always work the first time. This requires two things: experience and quality styling. The first is the result of practice, but here are the best hair styling products for men, according to the editors, we can recommend right now.

Camo Pomade, Redken

This tool has several absolute advantages at once. Of course, it fixes the strands and helps set them in the right direction. But there is also a non-standard function.

This men's hair fixer helps to cover gray hair. A black pigment was added to the composition of the product, which partially covers the natural shade of the hair.

The result is temporary and lasts until the next wash - convenient, isn't it?

Mat Hair Paste, L'Oréal Professionnel

If the shine on your hair is more of a minus than a plus for you, take a closer look at the Mat paste from L'Oréal Professionnel. It has a medium hold and a matte finish. Strands can be styled quickly and without weight.

Cream + paste + wax Over Achiever, Matrix

A small green bottle is ready to replace three products at once: cream, paste and wax. I would like to note the pleasant fruity aroma and plastic texture, thanks to which Over Achiever works on both dry and wet hair. The product is also versatile in terms of tasks that it is ready to perform: do you want to comb your hair back or put your bangs to one side? Please! Need to discipline your ends? No problem!

Fashion Waves texturing spray, Redken

Have you noticed that the sea does not want to style your hair? S alt water makes them harder and, as a result, more docile. If you like this effect, run for Redken's Fashion Waves Texturizing Spray.It includes Epsom s alt, which will give the strands a stylish casual beach texture, even if you are thousands of kilometers from the sea.

Style Link Super Fixer, Matrix

Looking for a strong hold foundation? 200 ml Super Fixer gel from Matrix is a good potential purchase! On a daily basis, the gel is applied to dry hair, and if you need an informal look with the effect of wet hair, before drying the strands.

Choose a product depending on the type of hair

Which tool should a man choose for styling thin and soft hair, and which one for hard and dense? What will help tame curly strands? A wide range of beauty products awaits you on store shelves, including smoothing gels and mousses that give curls a more defined look - let's look at the details.

For curly hair

With curly hair, the conversation is short: either straighten your hair or give it a more pronounced shape with styling.

To complete the first task without compromising the quality of the hair, additional products are also needed, such as L'Oréal Professionnel Blow Dry thermal protection: it is applied before using hot tools.

But there are more gentle styling methods. For example, you can apply Siren Waves elastic cream to the strands and shape your hair with your fingers and a comb.

For coarse hair

On the one hand, coarse hair is convenient: it keeps its shape better. But if this shape does not suit you, it is easier to correct it using styling with a high degree of hold.

Pay attention to Redken's Work Hard Modeling Paste. This tool simultaneously fixes the result of styling and allows you to slightly modify it during the day.

For fine hair

Thin hair tends to want more voluminous styling, but heavy texture products will inevitably doom this mission.

We recommend lifting the strands with texturizing powder. Redken and Matrix have effective samples.

How to style your hair quickly and easily: pro tips

Styling is a delicate matter, and it is worth choosing hair styling products for men individually, taking into account the characteristics of hair and other nuances of appearance. Consider a few cases.

Which hairspray (unscented) is good for men's hair?

Hair sprays are quite universal in terms of gender application. But the aroma, yes, can be specific and quite bright. For sensitive consumers, L'Oréal Professionnel has released Infinium Pure Strong hairspray - fragrance-free.

How to style a man's hair if it is naturally curly and sticks out in different directions?

Try a combination of two products: L'Oréal Professionnel's Beach Waves texturizing spray (allows you to make curls textured and more attractive) and Redken Brews' Redken Brews fixing spray.

How can I style my hair before an active workout?

Looks like you could use an extra strong hold. And the first thing that comes to mind is the Super Fixer gel from Matrix. It has a nice plastic texture, thanks to which the product helps to smooth the hair while keeping it moving.