On July 29, one of the most popular representatives of decorative cosmetics celebrates her professional holiday. Celebrate International Lipstick Day! And we will tell you about your favorite lip products. The advantages of the birthday girls are commented by the national make-up artists of the brands

Lip Maestro lipstick, Armani Beauty

Lip Maestro is a legendary lipstick from Armani beauty with an interesting history. In 2009, it was she who became the first not only liquid, but also a matte product in the category of lipsticks. Of course, she made a splash.

As with most of the brand's beauty products, the texture for Lip Maestro was developed by Linda Cantello, international make-up artist of Armani beauty.Preparing for the next show, Mr. Armani wished that the lips of the models on the catwalk were matte, but with a glow effect. So the first versions of the future lipstick appeared - right in the make-up artist's mobile laboratory on the backstage of the show.

Today, this lipstick in a sleek bottle leaves lips with a velvety matte color that seems to glow from within, creating a lightbox effect.

Pigments enclosed in polymer microspheres are evenly distributed over the skin, and the gel base allows you to easily and evenly shade even the brightest shades. The tool can be used both as a classic lipstick for a rich make-up with a clear contour, and as a tint for lips, cheekbones and eyelids.

Anastasia Kirillova Makeup artist Giorgio Armani beautyIn my subjective opinion, the most luxurious red in this texture is 400. It suits everyone!

Every year the Lip Maestro line is replenished with new colors. In 2023, this is the Mediterranea collection in warm shades of a summer sunset with golden highlights that accentuate the tan.

The Slim YSL Beauty lipstick

The Slim is haute couture lipstick, but in a casual style. The slim design case gives aesthetic pleasure, while the matte finish provides comfort and rich, dense color. Accurate application and even contouring are possible thanks to the diamond shape of the stick. You can do without a pencil support if you follow a simple instruction.

  1. Start from the center of the upper lip. Use the edges of the lipstick for precise application along the Cupid's curve. Move from the middle to the corners of the lips.

  2. Draw the borders of the lower lip also using the edges (or corners) of the lipstick cut. Apply the product as before from the center to the corners.

  3. Use a flat cut of lipstick to cover the lips inside the outline.

Kirill Shabalin National makeup artist for YSL Beauté in Russia @kirillshabalinThis way I use bright shades of The Slim (for example, number 1 or 21) to get a rich make-up. But if you do not want to focus on the lips, spread the lipstick with a brush or fingertips - and you will achieve a light coverage. For daytime makeup, I recommend shades number 12, 16, 17, 31, which can also be used as a blush - for this, you should pick up a small amount of the product with a flat synthetic brush and blend it over the skin.

Any lipstick will look as advantageous as possible if you first even out the tone of the face. The Le Teint Touche Éclat shimmery foundation rhymes perfectly with matte lipstick. Lightweight moisturizing formula successfully masks skin roughness and signs of fatigue. And especially in summer, the foundation contains SPF 22, which protects the skin from UV rays.

L`Absolu Rouge lipstick, Lancôme

L`Absolu Rouge is an iconic lipstick that women have loved since its introduction in 1990, but its texture and color palette have been updated and refined over the decades.

In 2023, the legendary collection is ready to surprise again.

  • The case is now associated with the silhouette of the female waist.

  • Thanks to a special mechanism, the case opens by pressing the cap.

  • Inside, the golden case is ringed with an embossed pattern that turns the lipstick into a work of art.

The new Lancôme L`Absolu Rouge lipstick, as before, is presented in two comfortable textures: Drama Matte and Cream.

  • 15 shades of L`Absolu Rouge Drama Matte leave lips with vibrant color (due to the inclusion of intense pigments in the formula) and a long-lasting matte finish.

  • 37 shades of L`Absolu Rouge Cream create a radiant cream finish.

The palette of lipsticks has a fashionable beige range, pastel shades of a dark spectrum, shades of ground coffee and tea with milk, classic red colors, as well as trendy orange, pink and watermelon!

Ekaterina Ponomareva National make-up artist of Lancôme in RussiaThe new lipstick texture provides lips with intense hydration and care, because it contains hyaluronic acid and the Grand Rose Extract ™ complex, which includes: ● Damask rose essential oil, ● Centifolia rose extract, ● Perpetual Rose ™ rose absolute.

This lipstick is also easy to use - thanks to the maneuverable petal-shaped applicator, which makes it easy to paint over the lips, including along the contour.

Rosso Valentino lipstick

Rosso Valentino is one of the "precious" options in the world of lipsticks, released relatively recently - in 2023. At first glance, the luxurious red and gold case in the style of the Italian fashion house catches the eye. And when you open the lipstick, attention switches to the elegant stick shape engraved with the brand's logo.

The tool is presented in two textures: classic satin and matte - and yes, in 50 shades, so you need to take the time to choose the “right” color!

By the way, when the lipstick runs out, it is not necessary to part with the case - just purchase a refill in any presented shade and continue your relationship with this exquisite beauty accessory.