Someone is always ready for experiments, someone doubts. But whatever the attitude towards bangs, the fact remains: in 2023, strands near the face are one of the indisputable trends

The most fashionable bangs of 2023: trends

If you decide to freshen up your look with bangs, then try to choose one that will not only be fashionable and comfortable, but also emphasize the dignity of your appearance. There are a lot of current options. The types of bangs change slightly from year to year, but their presentation and names undergo significant changes.In this sense, the 2023 season is no exception.

Before the stylist gets down to business, decide whether you want to radically update the image (are you ready to choose one of the most stylish and fashionable bangs of 2023) or plan to keep the overall impression of your appearance, only slightly complementing your hairstyle with short strands at the face.

If you are up for the first option, remember that in 2023 the trendy options include:

  • straight ragged bangs;

  • curly bangs;

  • combined bangs, flowing smoothly from the bulk of the hair.

But before you make a choice in favor of the hot trends of 2023, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with all the possible options - what if torn or oblique bangs suit you more?

Bang Curtains 2023

Let's be honest: we often get stuck on video tutorials, watching girls style their own bangs. The option with strands framing the face looks luxurious both with trendy versions of the square, and with long curls cut using the cascade or ladder techniques.

The bangs, spread out on two sides, have been transformed more than once until 2023. They say it was brought into fashion by Brigitte Bardot. I must say, you can borrow a lot of hair styling ideas from her.

For example, a high bun and raised hair at the top are still relevant today. And a hairstyle designed for long hair, complemented by bangs and a hat, will perfectly fit into the retro look that is popular in 2023.

Ragged bangs - 2023

This variety is not only one of the most popular and trendy bangs in 2023, but also one of the most versatile.

If you choose a relaxed look and randomly style the strands with a texturizing spray, you get a stylish hairstyle that will harmoniously complement the basic look with jeans, a leather jacket and Cossacks.

But there is another option. Look at this laconic evening version with tattered elongated bangs.

This hairstyle will keep its shape for a long time if you straighten your hair with an iron, and fix the result with hairspray with a moving styling effect.

Elongated bangs - 2023

Elongated bangs are love squared. Firstly, this solution is optimal for eternally busy people. If you endure a haircut several times - this is about you, then there is nothing to think about: such a bang will survive a relatively long separation from the master with dignity.

Secondly, even if you don't like the haircut, the facial hair is not so difficult to pin up, and the strands will grow back faster if you compare the original data with shortened bangs.

Practice suggests that if you get a quality styling mousse and master the appropriate technique, you will increase the likelihood that during visits to your hairdresser you will say: “I am as always.”

Slanting bangs - 2023

Slanting bangs are not the latest fashion trend of 2023, but if it suits you, we see no reason to deny ourselves. In addition, she survived a slight transformation. If in zero girls adhered to a pronounced asymmetry, today the pros vote for more blurry stylistic decisions.

You may end up with milled straight bangs that you will need to style yourself left or right. Regardless of the direction, we recommend getting Super Fixer gel from Matrix or Techni.Art from L’Oréal Professionnel for comfortable work.

It will help you quickly and effectively fix the strands in the right position, without resorting to the help of professionals.

Short bangs - 2023

When it comes to short bangs, French films with Audrey Tautou involuntarily come to mind. To some extent, the actress set the trend for graphic short bangs, which may not look so radical these days.

Experts advise to give up thick strands on the forehead and not to chase a perfectly even cut line.

In general, perfectionism in 2023 is a stylish casualness that maintains the effect of naturalness.

Anastasia Kirillova Makeup artist Giorgio Armani beautyA short bang opens the forehead, and the most harmonious solution for such a haircut will be voluminous smoky eyes of a rounded shape. Feel free to circle your eyes with a soft pencil in a circle - both the upper and lower eyelids, feel free to blend with a brush, you can add shining shadows or pigment to the center of the moving eyelid, apply mascara to the upper and lower eyelashes.For every day, give preference to coffee, bronze and golden hues.

Baby bangs

Guess what bangs we are talking about? Yes, yes, for good reason, she follows the short bangs. Girls who decided in childhood to cut off a few centimeters of facial hair themselves rarely managed to achieve the desired result. Accordingly, adults had to refine children's creativity, leaving young fashionistas with ultra-short strands near their faces. If you decide, be prepared for regular haircut correction. Unlike an elongated one, regrown short bangs do not always look neat.

Straight bangs - 2023

Well, this is a classic, agree. Straight bangs in 2023 should look as natural as possible. Let's learn from the same French women. First, you need to lighten the strands near the face - ask the stylist to add “air” to the hairstyle. Secondly, forget about geometry lessons, abandoning strictly graphic sections.And thirdly, the length at which the strands on the forehead cover the eyebrows will be optimal.

Anastasia Kirillova Makeup artist Giorgio Armani beautyStraight long bangs in itself are already a bright accent on the upper third of the face, so I recommend focusing on the lips with wine or brick lipstick. During the day, you can apply it with your finger or a soft brush so that you get a thin coating and a feathered outline, and for the evening or a special occasion, take a pencil and draw a clear, neat outline, adding a little volume, and then apply the lipstick quite densely. It is better to avoid strong accents on the eyes - I would complement the makeup with just a neutral shade of shadows, close to the color of the skin, perhaps with a shine, and paint over the inter-eyelash line with a pencil or eyeliner.

Wavy bangs

Do you straighten your hair regularly? This year, we invite you to take a break, put down the iron and enjoy natural hair styling.Hotly in demand this season is a shaggy haircut with randomly laid small curls. This hairstyle is perfectly complemented by bangs - almost the same curly and airy.

In terms of styling, you should not leave such a haircut unattended. Get a fashionable result with Siren Waves Elastic Cream, which allows you to make curls more defined and elastic.

Bangs on two sides

In 2023, bangs on two sides are best left long. It should naturally “flow out” of the bulk of the hair, but at the same time not be too thick in the forehead area. Want to add volume to your styling? Master the brushing technique.

Need to straighten your hair? Pull them out while directing the hot air of the hair dryer from the roots to the tips. And you can also twist the bangs in two ways: from the face and to the face.

By the way, about the difference between a bang-curtain and bangs on two sides: the first option in 2023 covers most of the forehead, and the second is shifted to the sides.

Features of choosing bangs

For every girl, the perfect bangs of 2023 will be her own. Indeed, when choosing the most suitable version, one must always build on the individual characteristics of the appearance. What can influence your decision?

Face shape

  • It's no secret that bangs are a great tool for visually correcting the shape of the face. For example, girls with a triangular face are recommended two options: short or, conversely, elongated bangs.

  • Side bangs and torn cascade bangs are shown to owners of a round face in order to visually stretch it.

  • Soften the corners of a square face with thick voluminous bangs laid to one side.

  • And for girls with an oval face shape, in general, all options are suitable, so it makes sense to focus more on the type of hair and type of haircut.

Hair Type

Modern styling and hot styling allow you to style the same bangs in different ways. But are you ready to radically transform your styling every morning? It is better to choose a shape that easily adapts to your hair type.

  • Curly or curly. Take a closer look at the short bangs with thinning.

  • Straight. On such hair, torn elongated bangs look good.

  • Thin. In the absence of volume, pay attention to the side options.

  • Thick. Straight bangs look gorgeous, slightly thinned in the middle of the forehead and elongated on the sides.

Type of haircut

The trendy bangs of 2023 cannot exist apart from a specific haircut. Let's give some advice.

  • Supplement long hair with bangs that leave an open part of the face. This will help keep the visual balance.

  • Thick bangs fillet - so the haircut is more likely to look airy.

  • Don't forget to discipline the bangs-curtain who loves to make her own rules.

Pro Tips

As you can see, it is worth approaching the haircut of the bangs thoroughly. Have you read the material above? Well, we only have to answer a couple of questions.

Which bangs are in fashion in 2023 for girls with curly hair?

Pay attention to the trendy shaggy haircut with short curly bangs. Of course, it has been worn before, but this year it is especially popular.

Do long bangs remain fashionable in 2023?

Yes, but it depends on the variant. We love the heavily thinned version of the bangs that fashion stylists add to mid-length haircuts, including bob cuts. But thick bangs, through which the skin is not visible, are not in honor now.

What should a 2023 bangs be?

Without sharp transitions and strong differences in length. You should not leave the edges of such a bang too long.