What makes any summer happy? Sunny days, warm, blue skies. What can make him even happier? Fall in love and summer dates! For the mood you need the right makeup

  1. At the peak of popularity, the effect of natural-matte radiance. This effect can only be achieved with the right care. This means that during the day you need a comfortable moisturizer. I talked about the importance of moisturizing care for good makeup here. On summer days, we prefer care with a sun protection factor.

  1. To even out skin tone and emphasize beautiful notes of tan, a foundation with a matte effect will help.

Apply a small amount of foundation to the cheekbones, the area above the eyebrows, the bridge of the nose, the chin and, of course, the area around the eyes. Blend with fingertips or flat brush. At the end of application, check the thoroughness of shading.

  1. Apple blush on the apples of your cheeks with a fluffy brush.

For several seasons, it's hard to imagine modern makeup without pink. Many of the world's makeup artists often create monochrome makeup in these shades. After all, pink is loved and in demand! This color is associated with the smell of flowers and creates a romantic mood. Just what you need for a summer date.

  1. Apply pink eye shadow to the upper eyelid area.

    Pink shadows will suit the owners of blue, brown and green eyes.

  1. To give a special expressiveness to the look, draw a thin line of eyeliner with a pencil. It is the pencil arrow that always looks softer and gives the mood of coquetry.

    Use a shimmery waterproof pencil. Start drawing the eyeliner line from the inner corner of the eye to the outer. The latest trends dictate the relevance of horizontal lines, so do not try to lift the ponytail too much to the temple. Move towards the tip of the ear - this is the main landmark.

  1. Finish your eye makeup with a light swipe of black mascara for extra volume. Of course, I recommend giving preference to products with caring properties, for example, with vitamins and moisturizing ingredients in the composition.

How to apply mascara correctly? Move the brush in a zigzag motion, evenly applying mascara along the entire length of the lashes. Repeated application of mascara will create a real hypnosis and magic look.

To match bright colors on lips and eyes, make sure they are in the same "temperature setting" . The ideal solution is monochrome makeup. What it is? This is a makeup that is done in one color scheme, including eyes, cheeks and lips.

Berry shades on the lips are a summer favorite in the palette.
  1. Outline with a pencil, and then apply lipstick. It is the contour that helps to assemble the image. If the lips were smudged like eyes, the makeup would not look quite neat.

If you know for sure that the first kiss awaits you, then opt for a calmer, more natural option.

  1. At the end of makeup, use a fixative spray. The spray formula not only helps keep makeup on for 24 hours, but also leaves the skin feeling fresh and hydrated. Apply makeup fixative to your face from a distance of 30 centimeters.

Happy summer evening!