Her obvious and rather long popularity among Instagram celebrities and movie stars made me wonder if the bangs-curtain is still relevant in 2023 and who should take a closer look at it

Bangs-curtain: features, pros and cons

The bangs-curtain is an elongated bang with a straight parting that frames the face. There are other names - for example, "bang on two sides" , "bang-curtain" or just "curtain" .


Like all other haircuts, curtain bangs have their pros and cons. Let's start with the benefits.

  • The bangs-curtain adds visual volume to the haircut.
  • It suits girls with any hair color.
  • Such bangs are able to adjust the proportions of the face and hide some visible flaws.
  • Bangs on two sides can be safely tried on for any haircut.


Why do some girls dislike curtain bangs? There are few cons, but they are still there.

  • The need for styling. Unfortunately, without styling and brushing, the bangs-curtain, with rare exceptions, does not look so impressive. She looks especially sad without styling on thin hair.
  • Blank haircuts are not for everyone. For example, they are contraindicated for girls with very fluffy and porous hair.
  • You will have to visit the salon often to update the bangs, as they quickly lose their shape.

How to choose your bangs-blind?

When choosing an elongated bang-curtain, you must take into account the features of appearance.

Face shape

  • For a round face, a bang-curtain with a minimum volume and elongated strands on the sides is suitable.
  • Owners of an oval face can safely try on any variation of bangs on two sides.
  • A square face is harmonized by an elongated and ragged bangs-curtain.

Forehead height

  • If the forehead is high or medium, you can choose any bangs.
  • Straight and even bangs are contraindicated for a low forehead. A slight asymmetry is welcome, which will balance the visual effect.
Anastasia Kirillova Makeup artist Giorgio Armani beautyAn airy bang-curtain automatically creates a French mood, and the eyes emphasized by a feathered arrow will become a spectacular addition to it. I would recommend starting with a light matte foundation or powder - long bangs don't play well with wet textures on the skin of the face. On the eyes, use natural shades: apply beige to the entire moving eyelid, draw an arrow with black or brown eyeliner, slightly blend the upper border of the arrow. Before applying mascara to your eyelashes, be sure to curl them with a curler. The curve of the eyelashes will blend nicely with the direction of the hair.For lips and cheeks, use a cream tint or berry-colored balm for a lively and sensual look.

Hair structure

  • There are no restrictions for straight hair - any bangs-curtain will be a good solution.
  • If your hair is curly, take a closer look at the elongated bangs.

Types of bangs-curtains

What are the varieties of bangs on two sides? Let's focus on the main ones.


If you just want to freshen up the look a little, an elongated bang-curtain will do. It is easiest to style with mousse. Try Full Volume Extra by L'Oréal Professionnel.


Short bangs-blind we will advise girls with an oval, elongated face shape. Because short bangs optically round him.


Ragged bangs-curtains are very relevant, especially in combination with shaggy or mullet haircuts.

For styling this hairstyle, we recommend using Matrix Matte Definer Clay. With its help, it is easy to get a textural, stylish casual styling.


This is a very romantic and light version of the curtain bangs. A ladder can be safely done for girls with a round face: elongated strands framing the face visually stretch it, hiding the volume of the cheeks.

Bangs-curtain: trends 2023

The most fashionable bangs-curtains for short, medium and long hair are waiting for your attention in our selection.

Short hair

Curtain bangs are a frequent companion for short haircuts. Garson or ultra-short straight bob rhymes perfectly with such bangs.

Medium length hair

If your hair is shoulder length, try the Korean version of the curtain bangs. This is a more "airy" and lighter version compared to the classic.

Long hair

Why not complement long curls with bangs on two sides? The curtain will look stylish in alliance with any hairstyle, whether it be a cascade, ladder or straight haircut.

How to cut your own bangs?

Home experiments, of course, do not always bring the desired result, but the temptation to get the desired hairstyle here and now is understandable. Recommendations remain unchanged: if you are not confident in your abilities, go to the stylist.

Well, for the self-confident and brave, we have prepared instructions on how to cut the bangs-curtain on your own, with a detailed description of the technique.

  1. Stylists recommend cutting bangs-curtains on dry hair to immediately see its real length.

  2. Determine the point where the bangs will begin.

  3. From this point, make two diagonal partings - the resulting strand of hair in front will be the basis for our bangs.

  4. Twist the strand into a tight bundle and cut off part of the desired length with sharp scissors.

  5. Dissolve the tourniquet, carefully comb your hair.

  6. If necessary, gently contour the bangs to make them lighter and more airy.

How to style a bang-curtain?

Blank bangs do not require much time and effort. Practice is important in this matter - after two or three sessions you will develop your own technique.

The most common and easiest way to style bangs-curtains involves using a round brush-comb and a hair dryer.

  • Apply heat protection to clean and slightly damp hair. It is best to use multi-functional products, such as Pli thermal styling spray, which not only protects hair from high temperatures, but also adds volume to curls.
  • Place the comb under the bangs and start blow-drying the hair, slightly lifting it from the roots.
  • Then divide the bangs in the middle into two parts and dry each part separately, winding the hair away from the face.
  • Let the bangs cool and shape them with your fingers.
  • Fix hair with hairspray or spray. Remember that styling should look natural, so it is important to prevent the effect of glued strands. Tecni.Art Air Fix Pure Spray by L'Oréal Professionnel instantly fixes curls while maintaining hair movement.

How else can you style your own bangs?

  • With the help of large curlers. Hair is wound on one or two large curlers towards the face and dried with a hairdryer. If you don't feel like using a hair dryer at all, you can leave your bangs to dry naturally.
  • With ironing. The bangs are divided into two parts, then they grab the strand at the very roots with an iron and pull it to the side. Remember that the iron is used only on dry hair!

Stylist Tips

We asked the stylists to answer some topical questions.

I can't style my hair at all. Should I forget about the curtain haircut?

If you have had your hair cut by a professional hairdresser, then laying the bangs-curtain on your own is not difficult. Ask your stylist to give you a little tutorial to learn some flawless hair hacks.

Invaluable help can be provided by training videos of beauty bloggers, where they describe the whole process in detail and clearly.

Is it possible to make a bang-curtain on thin straight hair?

Of course you can. Just in this case, the hair will require special care, which gives them volume. Use the appropriate specialized line of products (shampoo, conditioner and mask), as well as additional sealing care. Remember: volume styling is your best friend!

How often do you need to update the bangs-blind at the hairdresser?

It will be optimal to visit the master once every 1.5–2 months. All the charm of the bangs fades as soon as they grow back, so it's really important to trim and thin them regularly.

I want to cut my bangs, but I'm afraid it will go out of fashion soon…

We are sure that two-sided bangs will not lose their relevance so soon. If we turn to history, then popular actresses went with such a hairstyle back in the 60s of the twentieth century. Feel free to cut: bangs-curtain will last in fashion for a long time.