" I want a square in the most fashionable design!" - if this desire is in tune with yours, it's time to make a graduated square. Let's tell you all about this stylish haircut and its current incarnations in 2023

What is a graduated caret and what are its features?

Graduated bob is a short haircut that, as the name suggests, is graduated hair. The back of the hairstyle looks like a short bob, but the technique of these haircuts is different, and the results are therefore different.

Elongation of the front strands allows you to visually correct the oval of the face, so graduated bob is recommended for chubby girls.

We will talk about other advantages of a haircut below. And also warn about some of its shortcomings.


Who suits graduated caret? This will be the right choice if you want:

  • give extra volume to the styling;

  • choose a versatile yet trendy haircut;

  • choose a hairstyle that successfully complements bangs;

  • make hair easier to style;

  • correct the shape of the face.


We're not us unless we find something wrong. But this is not out of harm. Just to name a haircut that will suit every girl is almost impossible. And a square with graduation is no exception.

The obvious disadvantages include the complexity of the haircut and the necessary attention to the care of the result in the future. The first is not your headache, you just need to choose an experienced hairdresser whose professional portfolio includes a short graduated bob.

But the care of the hair will fall on your shoulders. Firstly, it will be necessary to regularly moisturize the curls to avoid fluffiness, which does not suit this haircut. Secondly, you will have to monitor the quality of the tips. With this approach, a graduated caret is a haircut that can be updated less often than a regular one. But the hair really should look like you were in the stylist's chair just the other day. Competent and systematic care plus high-quality thermal protection before hot styling will help to cope with this task.

Fashionable types of graduated caret in 2023

What is this? So, there are still different types of graduated caret? Yes exactly! Basically, the difference lies in the length, well, in the presence or absence of bangs. These little things affect the choice of styling after a haircut, and now we will look at photo examples of fashionable options for graduated bob.

Graduated caret for medium hair

With a graduated caret, if you do it on medium-length hair, you can, as they say, sit on two chairs. On the one hand, the bob refers to short haircuts. On the other hand, some strands may well be just below the shoulders. We noticed that this option is often chosen in a duet with bangs (for example, straight, but slightly torn).

Graduated bob based on short hair

Graduated bob on short hair is a classic that is popular among both young creatures and older women. The length of the front strands, as a rule, reaches the level of the cheekbones, but on the crown the hair can be quite short, forming an excellent basal volume in this zone.

Such a graduated caret, like a bob haircut, can be styled in several ways. For example, using a round comb - using the brushing technique. If you want to create a stylish mess on your head, then use a texturizing spray.

Graduated bob with bangs

Some people just need to look at the successful photos of graduated bob with bangs to understand: "This is mine!"

We are in solidarity with the girls who chose this option, but before making a final decision, we offer to evaluate our strengths in terms of styling prospects.

Bangs are not only an option that expands the horizons of possibilities , but also an additional load: it will need to be laid every morning, and not everyone is ready for this.

However, we can offer an excellent thermal protective agent that disciplines the strands and has the function of remembering the shape of the styling. This is L'Oréal Professionnel's Blow Dry Thermal Protective Cream.

Graduated bob

The prefix "bob" denotes an advanced version of the classic graduated caret. At first glance, it may seem that there is not much difference from the classics, but if you look at the haircut from the back, you can immediately see that the strands on the crown are worked out more actively - so as to create the effect of layering hair of different lengths.

How to lay a graduated caret?

Not everyone has a curling iron and tongs, so we will consider the option of styling using the brushing technique. All you need is a hair dryer, round comb and styling products.

  1. Wash your hair first, while avoiding products with overly nourishing formulas. They are certainly useful, but not on a day when you need a beautiful voluminous styling. It is better to choose light versions of shampoo and balm and rinse them thoroughly after use.

  2. Lightly dry the curls - you can use a hair dryer, or you can wait until the hair dries naturally. Then apply thermal protection to the strands and proceed to the main styling step.

  3. Divide your hair into zones, sticking to horizontal partings. Fasten the upper part of the hair from the middle of the ear to the crown, and at the same time the bangs, with a hairpin or a hairdresser's clip so that the strands do not interfere with the styling of the lower ones. You can also do this with a large crab.

  4. Spread the volumizing spray over the bottom of your hair and select the first strand you will work with. Wind it on a round comb (in the direction of the face). Point the hair dryer at the hair and gently pull it away from the head with a brush. At the end, you can focus on the ends by slightly twisting them separately.

  5. If the strand is completely dry and has taken the desired shape, go to the next one. If you feel that the hair is still a little wet, and the curl is not pronounced enough, you can work through the same strand a few more times.

  6. After finishing work on the lower level of the hair, proceed to the upper one, doing the same steps with the strands in this area as in the lower part.

  7. At the end dry the bangs. You can style her strands away from the face.

5 ideas for beautiful graduated caret styling

Haircut done, but how to style, don't know? The key advantage of graduated bob is that there are many cool hairstyles available with it.

Straight hair

If you want to add rigor to your look, opt for perfectly straight strands. This option looks especially interesting in combination with complex types of staining, such as balayage, highlights or ombre.


Look at the photo to see how a graduated bob looks on medium length hair. With such styling, you can go to the office and on a date. Not just because we wrote that this haircut is universal.

Chaotic styling

Natural is the main trend of our days, but this does not mean that you should wash your hair and wait until it dries as you want. A curling iron turned on at medium temperature will help create the effect of stylish negligence.

Raised Roots

If you wear graduated bob with bangs, you have probably tried to create an effect of additional volume by styling strands framing the face. And we suggest doing the same around the entire perimeter of the head. What do you think?

Beach curls

Youth styling option will definitely not require all the effort. Apply a texturizing spray or gel to semi-moist strands and dry your hair with a diffuser. If not, use a regular hair dryer while squeezing the strands with your fingers in parallel.

Stylist Tips

Do you have any questions? Let's answer them.

What is a graduated square on a leg and is it possible?

This is a graduated bob that can be done with bangs on the base of short hair. By the way, this is that rare haircut that we do not recommend to combine with complex types of coloring. With solid hair, the haircut looks super relevant.

What should I do if I have a graduated bob with bangs on medium length hair, but the strands quickly lose their shape after styling?

There are several tips. First, switch out your shampoo and conditioner, opting for lighter textures that don't weigh down your strands. Secondly, choose styling from professional brands. For example, mousses and gels Matrix, Redken and L'Oréal Professionnel allow you to make excellent resistant styling. And one more tip (this time from the category of harmful ones): try slightly increasing the temperature on your curling irons and tongs.Thermal protection is a must!