It seems that girls with a thin face are more fortunate than others: any haircut suits them. But not everything is so simple. An unsuccessful hairstyle can blur the impression of even ideal features. To prevent this from happening, we will tell you which haircuts are in harmony with a thin face

Features of haircuts and hairstyles that suit girls with a thin face

First, let's define some terminology. If your face has the shape of an oval, where the vertical component is noticeably larger than the horizontal, then you are the owner of a thin face. Additional signs may be a fairly long chin and a high forehead.Girls with a narrow and thin face often have a truly aristocratic appearance, and the hairstyle should not blur this sophisticated image.

What is important to know when choosing a haircut with a thin elongated face?

  • Don't make your face look even narrower, so we recommend that you give up smooth and straight haircuts.
  • Volume is your best friend. Choose lush hairstyles, but not at the expense of naturalness.
  • Short layered haircuts can advantageously emphasize the graceful shape of the face.
  • Almost any bangs are allowed, except, perhaps, long and thick ones - those that go straight from the top of the head.
  • Always take into account the individual features of appearance: hair type and color, facial features, eyebrow shape.

What should you avoid when choosing haircuts if you have a thin face?

Very long curls are contraindicated. This is especially true for thin, devoid of volume hair: they will optically stretch an already narrow face, thereby violating the overall harmony.

stylists advise against backcombing

To avoid excessive visual lengthening of the face, stylists also advise to abandon all kinds of bouffants on the crown.

Trendy short haircuts for thin faces: 2023 trends

Short curls framing an elongated face look stylish and elegant. Let's find together the most fashionable short haircuts for a thin face.


The pixie haircut, so beloved by girls lately, does not lose ground in the list of key trends in 2023. If you think that your thin face needs some visual correction, take a closer look at this particular haircut. Pixie will put the necessary accents.


Slightly messy and boyishly perky, the garcon haircut is a real find if you have a thin face. A haircut will delicately divert attention from sunken cheeks or too prominent cheekbones.

Square on a leg

Peg on the leg is great for women with a narrow face, as the haircut emphasizes the cheekbones. Therefore, chubby cheeks are considered a contraindication for this haircut.

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Trendy haircuts and hairstyles designed for long hair and curls of medium length

What hairstyles do stylists offer for a thin face and medium or long hair? Take a look at our selection.

Cascade and ladder

Tiered haircuts are good for those with a thin face and fine hair. The cascade and ladder will create the desired volume and emphasize the advantages of a narrow face. Both of these long haircuts make the face look a little wider.

Volumetric bob

Bob haircut is always in fashion. If you are lucky and have thick hair, then any variety of this hairstyle is allowed for you: a straight bob, an elongated bob, or a bob. For owners of fine hair, we recommend an asymmetrical bob with elongated front strands.

Hairstyles with bangs

With the help of bangs, it is quite easy to balance the proportions of the face and hide, if desired, excessive thinness. An elongated voluminous bang, as well as a bang-curtain will be the best choice.

Asymmetrical strands

To keep the length, the strands can be made at different levels - you get a slightly ragged stylish haircut.

For the most daring, there is a trendy mallet haircut - volume and length in one bottle.

5 stylish styling photo ideas

With haircuts, everything seems to be clear. It remains to figure out how to style hair for girls with a thin and elongated face. We have prepared stylish styling ideas that you can use.


Volume curls on shoulder-length long hair look very stylish, and making such styling is easy. Detailed instructions will help you cope with this task yourself.

  1. On clean, towel-dried hair, apply L'Oréal Professionnel Thermal Modeling Spray PLI, then dry the curls to the end with a hair dryer.

  2. Fix the top of the hair at the crown with an elastic band or clip.

  3. With a large diameter curling iron, start curling the strands from the bottom of the hair, winding them away from the face.

  4. Do the same manipulations with the strands from the top, then let the curls cool.

  5. Comb your hair and fix with Matrix's Style Fixer spray.

The result will please longer if you use special styling products. After styling, apply Matrix Height Riser Texturizing Powder to the root zone and lightly toss hair with your hands for volume the next day.

Beach styling

Great everyday hairstyle for oval faces.

Just spray some L'Oréal Professionnel Beach Waves on damp hair, blow-dry it, and you're done with s alty hair.

Volume styling

Learning how to style with a brushing technique (using a round brush) is not so difficult if you practice regularly. In this sense, training videos of stylists are also useful.

It is important to choose the right diameter of the brush so that you can easily and quickly create voluminous hair or style bangs.


Festive styling, which will help to make curlers or a curling iron with a small diameter. For natural looking curls, use Matrix's Over Achiever.

Wet styling

For those with curly hair, it makes sense to try "wet" styling. Elastic waves look very attractive. L'Oréal Professionnel Bouncy & Tender Cream Gel is great for creating defined curls.

Haircuts and styling for thin faces: stylist tips

I have a narrow face and a long chin. Which haircut to choose?

In this case, it is better to shift the accents from the lower part of the face. Volumetric bangs will balance the proportions.

The ability to conceal the length of the chin is also possessed by strands of different lengths framing the face. Easy to style with a hair dryer and a round brush.

Are straight cuts suitable for girls with a narrow and thin face?

Unfortunately, with such initial data, a straight parting is undesirable. It visually stretches the face even more, emphasizing the vertical. If you don't like side-swept hair, just try shifting the parting a couple of inches to the left or right of center.

What hairstyles should I avoid with a narrow face?

Sleek hairstyles with slicked back hair are not recommended, such as a high ponytail or bun.

Stylists advise to try on slightly sloppy dynamic styling. Make a low bun or ponytail and let out a few strands around the face for a relaxed look a la French chic.

How can girls with a thin face correct a high forehead with a haircut?

To harmonize the proportions of the face, choose asymmetrical and oblique bangs. They hide the height of the forehead. Another way to hide a too high forehead is a side parting.

I like ultra-short haircuts. Are they suitable for girls with a thin, long face?

Buzzcut haircuts don't rhyme with a thin face at all. The same can be said about trendy hairstyles with shaved temples: they will make a narrow face even narrower. We recommend choosing short hairstyles that allow you to do voluminous styling. These include haircuts such as pixie and garcon.