" What if I do a boost?" My friend's question took me by surprise. I realized that it was time for me to learn more about this hair procedure. How is the root volume created, what effect do these manipulations have on the quality of the strands and how long does the result last?

What is a boostup?

Bustup is a special perm that is done in the root zone to lift the hair and achieve voluminous styling. To do this, the strands in this zone are twisted onto hairpins and a special chemical composition is applied to them. At the same time, the hair along the entire length is not touched - the volume will appear only at the roots.For this reason, it is not advised to do a boost on short hair - the strands may not lie at all as expected. But for thin hair of medium length or too thick and long strands, boost-up is quite a suitable procedure.

Boost up for hair gives a long-term effect - styling looks more voluminous than the original within 3-6 months.

It is important not to confuse the services: the fact is that the boost is similar to some other hair treatments, such as fleece or bouffant.

For fleece, a vegetable composition and a completely different technology are used to lift the strands. During the procedure, the master makes a bouffant, which gives additional volume, though not as outstanding as boost up allows you to achieve.

Another procedure - buffant - also gives a less pronounced effect, and the result can be enjoyed up to 2 months. At the same time, instead of hairpins, Velcro curlers are used in the salon (they do not leave creases).

Pluses of the boost up procedure

This unusual procedure has many advantages:

  • long-lasting effect that lasts up to 6 months;

  • performance, including on fine hair;

  • ability to lift even heavy thick strands;

  • simplification of the laying procedure;

  • no ammonia in booster products.


It is only natural that such a complex technology has its drawbacks.

  • Not every master knows what a boostup is, so you will have to look for an experienced specialist - the procedure has not yet become super popular.

  • The cost of the procedure often exceeds the price of professional styling products.

  • High risk of failure on short haircuts.

  • There is a possibility of a negative impact on the strands - the hair may begin to break off in the root zone.


Can everyone do a boost up? Care must be taken: all procedures that are more or less aggressive have contraindications.

The main ones include:

  • possible allergy to ingredients,

  • unhe althy or sensitive scalp.

Before the procedure, it is important to clarify how and by what means the boost-up will be carried out in order to minimize possible risks.

Bustap: before and after photos

Looking at the photos of the girls who made the boost, you just want to sign up for a beauty salon. True, it is important to understand that most often we see the result in the photo immediately after the procedure, but it is not known how the hair will look in each case after 2-3 months.

We plan to continue to use proven products (for example, Matrix texturizing powder and L'Oréal Professionnel mousse), which does not prevent us from curiously looking at before and after pictures.

A very indicative example of long strands with graduation. With such a haircut, you can experiment with styling at least every day.

Broken curls, beautiful curls or hair gathered in an actual voluminous ponytail - all these options are great friends with the basal volume.

Volumetric styling looks attractive in combination with complex color options. Shatush, ombre, balayazh - if you like these techniques, know that with the added root volume, the result will be even more spectacular.

A bouffant hairstyle for medium length hair can look edgy if you style the strands using the brushing technique. A round brush and blow dryer will help create beautiful salon styling, especially if you practice following the step by step instructions.

Quite often, girls with long straight hair are chasing volume. It is not always desirable to wind curls, and without this it is not easy to lift the strands at the roots. But as you can see, the boostup copes with this task as well.

execution technique

Beauty, as we know, sometimes really requires sacrifice, and boost-up is the same case. First of all, time will have to be sacrificed. Get ready to spend 2 to 5 hours in the beauty salon, depending on the thickness and length of the strands. Let's describe step by step one of the options for the procedure.

  1. First of all, you need to wash your hair with a special shampoo. Its task is not only to clean the strands, but also to partially degrease them so that the composition works properly during curling.

  2. The hair is divided into zones to make it more convenient to work out the strands at the roots. It is believed that the thinner the strand, the more inconspicuous - the corrugation effect.

  3. Next, you need to fix the hairpins on the selected strands one by one. We remind you that only the root zone is wound up.

  4. The next step is to apply the fixative to the curled hair.

  5. Exposure (exposure) of the composition on the hair will take about 20 minutes, and after this time it is washed off. Then a fixative is applied to the root zone (for 5 minutes) and washed off too.

  6. Immediately after the procedure, you can do any styling, be it evening curls or chaotic beach curls.

Stylists warn that after a boostup, you should not wash your hair for 3 days - this is necessary to prolong the durability of the result of the procedure. You can update your hair color after 2-3 weeks. If you do this earlier, there is a risk of getting the wrong shade that you expected.

Is it possible to neutralize the result of a boostup?

What to do if you don't like your new hairstyle? And walk 3-4 months? Indeed, lush styling is not for everyone, and if this is your case, then the prospect of walking like this for a long time can hardly please.

However, this problem can be solved. The name of the "antidote" of the bustap is easy to remember - "antibustap" . This procedure is also suitable for other purposes, for example, if you want to get rid of the effect of a permed hair, moderate the excessive splendor of the strands, or simply make a fashionable bob or other short haircut.

Of course, equating an anti-bustap with a spa procedure is out of the question. But we do not yet know a less radical way to straighten the strands at the roots.

How to take care of your hair after the procedure?

If you often experiment with styling, the quality of your hair must be monitored very carefully. And after procedures such as boost up, this should be done with a special predilection.Answering your questions, we will tell you what to look for, what products can benefit your hair.

What tools can be used to achieve root volume comparable to the result of a boostup?

Of course, you won’t get a long-term effect, but it’s quite possible to get a lush basal volume for 2–3 days. Wash your hair with a volumizing shampoo and omit oil-based balms or masks for a while. After washing, apply mousse for volume to the root of the hair and dry the curls with a hair dryer (upside down). Then take an iron with a corrugated nozzle and walk along the root zone. Set with a dry shampoo or texturizing spray and you're done! This styling should last 2-3 days.

If I did a boost, how often can I wash my hair?

Washing can affect the durability of the effect only in the first 3 days after the procedure. Therefore, for this period it is better to refrain from water procedures. And then you can stick to your usual schedule.

I did a boost, but after the procedure, one curl is knocked out of the total mass of hair. What to do?

Most likely, it was wound up incorrectly, and now it is fixed in this position for a long time. You can smooth it with a strong hold gel or wax, or sign up for a correction procedure.

I had a boost-up procedure 3 months ago and recently noticed that the volume looks strange on regrown hair. How to be?

Help will be provided either by the master, who will carry out the procedure again, or by an anti-bustap specialist. But we would advise you to take a break - just be patient for 2-3 weeks, smoothing out the inappropriate volume with a special paste.

Is the booster suitable for thick hair? Is there any point in trying?

Thick hair also sometimes lacks volume due to the weight of the strands. And the boost in this case will allow you to expand the styling horizons without limiting you to “sleek” options.